Blackfish Brings Back Downton Abbey Dinner

Downton-Abbey-Dinner-940Blackfish’s Downton Abbey themed dinner is back on Sunday, March 8th. Inspired by the popular British TV show, chef and owner Chip Roman and his team are creating a meal fit for the Crawleys.

Highlights from Mrs. Patmore’s Roman’s menu include:

  • Smoked Salmon Rillettes with stone ground mustard, crostini
  • Royal Miyagi Oysters with champagne vinegar mignonette
  • Mrs. Patmore’s London Particular with petite pois, smoked ham hock, yorkshire pudding
  • Escargot A La Mrs. Hughes with fermented garlic, parsley, oyster mushroom, grilled bread
  • Downton Estates Wild Boar with stewed barley, madeira, green peppercorn
  • English Eccles Cake with black currant, sweetened yogurt

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WATCH: Bros Love Downton Abbey, Too

Thanks to Philly singing comedic duo Dave and Brian, all you Downton Abbey-loving dudes can stop pretending you’re not tripping over yourself every Sunday night to see what quippy thing Granny says next. 

In their latest video, the comedians sing boy-band style about bonding with their bros over the much-loved PBS series. To Butch it up, they play drinking games (with tea, of course) and work out a Fantasy Football-esque chart of all the characters. 

Check it out above.

Day Tripper: Go Castle-Hopping in Doylestown


I know what you’re thinking: A getaway? To Doylestown?

It sounds absurd, like I’m advising you take a Caribbean vacation to Haiti. But I promise there’s substance here—particularly in the Bucks County enclave’s collection of out-of-Philly museums you might actually care about, and some faux-medieval castles and forts.

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Market Report: All the Details on the Fashion You Saw on Downton Abbey This Season

Market Report

  • Get inside the mind of Downton Abbey‘s costume designer. Here she dishes on the early Jazz Age costumes you saw this season, and why Edith is showing so much skin. [The Cut]
  • Do you have proper makeup counter etiquette? (Probably not.) [Huffington Post]
  • All you need to know about high fashion right now: Moschino designer Jeremy Scott sent McDonalds, Fritos and SpongeBob SquarePants down the runway. [Fashion Bomb Daily]

Mondays stink. Shoppist doesn’t. More ahead!

Blackfish Is Hosting a Downton Abbey Dinner in 2014


The search term Downton Abbey regularly brings Googlers to Foobooz. It’s all because of a Downton Abbey dinner party that chef/owner Chip Roman threw last February at Blackfish in Conshohocken. On  Sunday nights the traffic to the page skyrockets, often pushing the story back into the Most Popular Foobooz  stories box. It even tricked our Social Media team, which posted the Downton Abbey dinner post this past Monday as if it were new. People immediately started calling Blackfish looking to book their table.

There was enough of a groundswell that Roman has decided to bring back the event. On Monday, February 24th. The dinner will be similar to last year and the price will be $100 per head.

To reserve your table, call Blackfish promptly at 610-397-0888.

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COMING SOON: “Costumes of
Downton Abbey” at Winterthur

downton abbey lady sybil lady mary lady edith

Lady Edith’s wedding gown will be among the 40 costume pieces on display starting next month in Winterthur’s “Costumes of Downton Abbey” exhibit.

Wilmington’s sprawling Winterthur museum is known for its collection of Americana decorative arts, but starting next month the 175-room former estate of Henry Frances du Pont will tip a hat to British high-living when it opens a display of original threads from Downton Abbey.

See photos of some of the costumes on display after the jump

Downton Abbey Comes To Blackfish


You a fan of Downton Abbey? Or maybe just enamored of turn-of-the-last-century England with all its frills, stately manors and crippling class system? Or perhaps you just really have a taste for sweet pea veloute and a floating island for dessert.

In any event, if any of those descriptions apply to you, you’re gonna want to mark off Sunday, February 24 on your calendar because that’s the day that Blackfish in Conshohocken will be hosting an ambitious 7-course Downton Abbey-themed dinner that’s being pitched as a haute 1920’s garden party. According to chef Chip Roman: ““I want a guest to feel like an invitee to a Crawley garden party, to expect haute-service and cuisine reflective of that time, and to dine like a wealthy patron who frequented gatherings at estates like Downton Abbey. It’s about capturing the spirit of such a feast. The music, the dress of our staff, and the plating will harken back to the ‘20s, when prosperity in technology, industry and lifestyle reigned.”

Okay, that actually sounds just bonkers enough to be cool. And the menu is pretty killer, too, with at least a couple dishes represented that you might never see cooked again in your lifetime. Check out the full board after the jump.

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