Pier Finally Replaces Coaster Destroyed During Sandy

Coaster Sandy - Seaside Heights

AP Photo/Mel Evans

A new roller coaster is coming to Seaside Heights — finally.

In what was perhaps the most iconic image from Superstorm Sandy, the former Jet Star roller coaster at Casino Pier sat in the ocean, its underpinnings destroyed by the storm. It was in the surf for months before it was removed.

Now, the Hydrus, which includes a 72-foot vertical drop, will likely open sometime around April 8th. Read more »

Here’s How You Can (Legally) Get a Drink in Dry Ocean City

Ocean City beach and boardwalk

Ocean City | Photo: Dan McQuade

Everyone who goes down the Shore knows Ocean City is a dry town. It’s part of the reason why it bills itself as “America’s Greatest Family Resort: It’s quieter and calmer than most of its neighbors.

But you can get served a drink there if you know the right person. Events at the Flanders Hotel and the Ocean City Yacht Club often have open bars. And thanks to Claire Lowe’s story in the Press of Atlantic City, we now know of another way: joining a private club. Read more »

North Wildwood Considers Changing Name to Anglesea

a shot of the rocky shoreline at the northern tip of North Wildwood

Photo: Dan McQuade

North Wildwood may not be North Wildwood for much longer.

Residents yesterday submitted a petition with more than 100 signatures on it asking for the city’s name to be changed to Anglesea. There are about 3,200 registered voters in North Wildwood.

Anglesea was the original borough on the northern end of the island that contains the Wildwoods. Anglesea Borough was incorporated in 1885, but was eliminated when the Borough of North Wildwood was created in 1906 (the borough became a city 11 years later).

The Press of Atlantic City says residents now consider it a neighborhood on the city’s inlet; the best-known place with the name is probably the Anglesea Pub on West 1st Avenue. Read more »

Atlantic City Union Reaches Deal With Three Casinos

Atlantic City beach at night

Photo | Dan McQuade

UPDATE, 4:45 p.m.: Per The Press of Atlantic City, workers at the Tropicana Casino have reached a tentative agreement with management. Only the Trump Taj Mahal remains without an agreement with Local 54 UNITE-HERE.

EARLIER: The union that represents nearly all uniformed Atlantic City workers has reached a deal with three casinos before a Friday deadline.

UNITE-HERE Local 54 President Bob McDevitt confirmed Thursday morning the union had reached a deal with Caesars Entertainment, which owns Caesars, Bally’s and Harrah’s casinos in Atlantic City. McDevitt declined interview requests and did not release details of the contract. Read more »

Ocean City Wins Best Beach in America Bracket

Ocean City beach

Photo | Dan McQuade

It may not feel like it today, but New Jersey’s shore towns are quickly waking up from their winter slumber. It’s only 47 days until Memorial Day!

Last month, we told you about Wildwood being named a top-10 beach town. Now, it’s Ocean City’s turn for an accolade: It recently won the 2016 Best Beach in America bracket — beating out Huntington Beach, California, in the finals. Read more »

South Jersey Shore Town Residents Slam Christie Over Storm Response


We got a lot of snow over the weekend. But the Winter Storm of 2010 was just as big. It dropped between 12 and 32 inches in the Northeast. New Jersey got slammed with snow.

Chris Christie was in Disney World. It was his first year in office; he had planned a vacation with his family and said he wasn’t coming back for a snowstorm. Critics lambasted Christie. He made no apologies. “I wanted to be there with my kids,” Christie said. “I had a great five days with my children.”

As Matt Katz writes in his new book, American Governor, “Christie would not put himself at risk of falling again.” He got nationwide attention for his spiel before Hurricane Irene: “Get the hell off the beach in Asbury Park and get out. You’re done. It’s four-thirty. You’ve maximized your tan.” He spoke to the media several times before Superstorm Sandy in 2012. At his final press conference, he spoke to the children of New Jersey directly: “Remain calm. The adults are taking care of business. Don’t be scared.”

Christie and his aids viewed the devastation with horror. Christie, then Mitt Romney‘s chief surrogate on the campaign trail, said he wasn’t concerned about the election anymore. “I will tell you this administration, at the moment, could give a damn less about Election Day,” he said. “If you hear the things that I just talked about and the devastation that’s been visited upon this state, I am sure that while the national election is obviously very important, that the people of New Jersey at this moment would really be unhappy with me if they thought for a second I would occupy my time thinking about how I was going to get people to vote a week from today.”

The governor changed his tune now that he’s running for office himself. Read more »

North Wildwood Cops Looking for Driver in Hit-and-Run That Killed Dog

Dodge Stratus Wildwood dog killed

An example of a dark-colored 2004 Dodge Stratus released by North Wildwood Police. It is similar to the one that reportedly killed a dog in a hit-and-run crash yesterday.

A car struck a dog and killed it in a hit-and-run crash in North Wildwood yesterday, police in that city say.

Last night, North Wildwood cops responded to an incident at 6th and Surf avenues where a caller reported that a car hit his dog and drove away. The dog, a rare Irish Water Spaniel, died as a result of the crash. Read more »

The Wine Beneath My Wings


The Garden State Wine Growers Association is switching things up for its annual Cape May Wine Festival this year by holding it at the Naval Aviation Station-Wildwood Museum. For the first time this Saturday and Sunday (from noon to 5 pm), 19 of the state’s wineries will be pouring their wares among vintage private and decommissioned military aircraft in Hangar #1 at the Cape May airport.

So what we’re saying is, good for airplane nerds and for wine drinkers. A double win.

Read more »

Lobster, Chocolate and Fish Stories In Cape May

CapeMayChocolateThe event programmers at the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities in Cape May have got it going on. While other non-profit organizations struggle to create themes for their one big annual fundraiser (or repeat the same public activities all the time), these folks are constantly coming up with unique programming. Coming up in early October: an exploratory lesson on local seafood and fishing history on October 3 and a chocolate-tasting tour through a series of historic lodgings on Oct. 10.

Read more »

How to Not Lose Your Mind When You’re Stuck in Shore Traffic This Weekend

In our area, beach-bound Labor Day weekend traffic is, well, a given. It’s as inevitable as the sun burn you’ll get when you forget to reapply lotion, or the ice cream headache you’ll suffer when you scarf down a cone of Kohr Bros. custard too quickly, or the nausea you’ll endure if you ride the Sea Serpent one too many times at Morey’s Piers. (Guilty on all three.)

My husband will be the first to tell you that I’ve never been one to take traffic in stride. I’m one of those people who obsessively checks Google Maps for accidents or blockages and demands a re-route, even if such a move requires stop-and-go surface streets that will take as much time as staying the course on the traffic-ridden highway. My theory: I’d rather be moving than staring at someone’s taillights.  Read more »

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