What Republicans Could Learn About Free Speech From Philly’s Hebrew Israelites

Photograph by Denise Clay

I’ve always been a big fan of spring.

We as Americans tend to talk reverently about spring because it’s seen as a time of renewal. Flowers bloom. It’s baseball season. Heavy coats give way to jean jackets and cardigan sweaters. Everything feels new.

Now, every city has it’s signs of spring. In Washington, D.C., it’s the cherry blossoms. You can smell the magnolias in Charleston, South Carolina. In my family’s home state of Kentucky, spring means shopping for just the right hat to wear to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby. Read more »

Forget Trump and Macron — We All Suck at Handshakes

President Donald Trump shakes hands with French President Emmanuel Macron during a meeting at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels on May 25th. Photo by Evan Vucci/AP

If you’re honest with yourself, you know this: You suck at handshakes. I totally do. And so does Donald Trump. I sympathize.

Trump had a few, very type-A handshakes with French president Emmanuel Macron this week that caught the world’s attention for their comic vigor. And this wasn’t our president’s first handshake drama: He famously avoided shaking hands with Angela Merkel at a White House meeting in March, and had a bizarre yank-and-move interaction with Canadian prime minster Justin Trudeau in February. Read more »

Monday Morning TL;DR: Olive Garden Knife Fight

Here we are again. Another weekend done. Another Monday morning upon us. And if you’ve found yourself here, it’s probably because you want to see some sneakers made of sushi or know the truth about what Trump eats at the White House. Because that’s the news that really matters on a Monday morning.

But we’re going to start with something else this week. Today, we’re beginning with an important piece of investigative (Twitter) journalism: The truth behind what goes on at the Times Square Olive Garden.

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It Took Toomey 19 Hours to Comment on Comey’s Firing

UPDATE [1:20 p.m.]: Toomey has released the following statement:

ORIGINAL: It’s been more than 17 hours since news broke that President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, who was, of course, investigating whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia in its alleged attempts to influence the election.

Congressional members across the country jumped to weigh in on the news. Here in Pennsylvania, Sen. Pat Toomey did not. His Twitter feed, Facebook profile and website don’t say anything about the firing. We asked Toomey’s spokesman, Steve Kelly, for comment, but haven’t heard back since we reached out this morning.  Read more »

David Magerman Sues Breitbart Billionaire and Donald Trump Pal Bob Mercer

Main Line businessman David Magerman is suing New York hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer.

Main Line businessman David Magerman is suing New York hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer.

Much has been written about Robert Mercer, the secretive New York hedge fund billionaire who has thrown lots of money at right-wing news outlet Breitbart as well as Donald Trump, and who was behind Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway getting such prominent roles in the White House. Well, now a prominent Main Line resident is taking him to court. Read more »

Monday Morning TL;DR: Caffeinated Bagels? Pickle Juice Soda?!


Einstein Bros./Facebook

Happy Monday, everyone! If you’ve found your way here this morning it’s probably because you’re wondering about caffeinated bagels, what’s wrong with the English (this week), what the man on the airplane was supposed to do with the banana, or how Donald Trump is going to make your children fat.

But let’s start this week with something simpler: Pickle Juice soda and where to get it.

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25 Foods We’d Want If We Had Donald Trump’s Bring-Me-A-Coke Button


On Monday, I told you about the button that Donald Trump has on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. He presses it and someone brings him a Coca-Cola. It’s the President’s Bring-Me-A-Coke button. And it got me thinking… What if I had that kind of power? What if my job afforded me the opportunity to have a button installed on my desk which, when pressed, could bring me anything I wanted?

Now sure, we’ve got a lot of delivery services in this town. But that’s not really what we’re talking about here — we’re not talking about making a call or clicking some buttons on a website then waiting X number of minutes for some overworked delivery person to schlep a cheesesteak to your door. No, we’re essentially talking about magic. Push a button, get a Coke. That’s the wonder of the Bring-Me-A-Coke button. It doesn’t matter where it comes from or how. It doesn’t matter who brings it. What matters is, you press the button and the Coke arrives.

What would you do with a button like that? What would it bring you? I decided to make a list of my choices, in order. I limited myself (mostly) to foods and drinks. Like the President, I tried to show a little uncharacteristic restraint. Here’s what I came up with.

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This Is Why You Should Respect the People Who Voted for Trump

Photo by ginosphotos/iStock

Photo by ginosphotos/iStock

“The first 100 days used to be a honeymoon period for presidents, but not for him. Everybody’s hammering him, especially the news media, but he’s doing the best he can.”

That was said by Jack Bednarksi in this recent Philly.com article. Bednarski is a small-business owner in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. I don’t know him. But I’m going to bet, like most people, he’s a pretty good guy. And yes, for Pete’s sake, he’s a Trump supporter.

Can you still respect him? Of course you can. Read more »

Monday Morning TL;DR: Just Another Story About a Vegan Strip Club

Photo via Grubstreet

Photo via Grubstreet

Happy Monday, everyone? If you’ve found yourself here yet again, that means you’re wondering what that special button on Donald Trump‘s desk does. No, not that button. The other one. And also maybe what Stephen Starr had to do with the Fyre Festival (nothing) or how to get into the artisanal candy business (hint: you’ll need a briefcase and a bicycle).

Well don’t worry. We’ve got all the answers for you right here. But this week, let’s begin with an opening for what some people (not me) are calling the greatest job in the world: Michelin Guide inspector.

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I Love My Job: Robert Costa, From Pennsbury High to WashPo’s Donald Trump Guy

Robert Costa, Washington Week, WETA-TV

Robert Costa‘s trajectory has been nothing if not impressive. At just 31, he’s a national political reporter for the Washington Post who has interviewed Donald Trump many times. (He’s the guy Trump called to say that the health care bill was dead.) And less than two weeks ago, he was named Gwen Ifill’s replacement on Washington Week on PBS. We caught up with Costa to find out how he got there.

I grew up in… Yardley, in Lower Bucks County. I went to Pennsbury High, class of 2004. I did whatever kids in Bucks County did growing up: soccer, baseball, hiked the trails near the Delaware. And I still go back all the time. Read more »

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