Sours Galore at Devil’s Den

2686Swap your summer pilsners and pale ales for something with a little more tang. Devil’s Den will soon be serving beers that are sour, tart, bitter and sharp. Beginning Saturday, August 16th until Friday, August 22nd, the gastropub will be celebrating their 5th Annual Sourfest. For seven days one draft tower will be completely devoted to sour beers. That’s a total of 8 lines and plenty of sours to try throughout the week.

In keeping with the celebration, Tuesday August 19th, Don Russell, better known as Joe Sixpack, will be hosting a sour tasting and brewing class. Devil’s Den will serve as your classroom as you learn the fine techniques behind preparing a pucker worthy brew. All students will also enjoy appetizers and a tasting of six different sour beers such as Free Will Peach Lambic, Bruery Oude Tart, Barren Hill Berliner Weisse, Bom Wild & Funky #1, Allagash Confluence and Tilquin Gueze. The class is $35 per person and tickets can be purchased at the bar or online.

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Tria Taproom’s High Tech Tap System


Don Russell gets into the details about Tria Taproom’s high-tech web-based beer auditing system. And Russell has a suggestion for where this is all heading.

I see a single app that alerts me when my favorite IPA goes on tap. Then it automatically sends a car to pick me up, invites my Facebook friends to belly up to the bar with me, Instagrams a photo of my pint, signals the Internet jukebox to play “Gimme Shelter,” tweets my Yelp! review, calculates the bartender’s tip, and texts my wife with some lame excuse for missing dinner with the in-laws.

Nerds, get to work on this, now.

Check that beer at Tria Taproom [Philadelphia Daily News]
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UPDATED: Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal Organizing Drinkers (And Bartenders) For Sandy Relief

Ever since they left The Farmer’s Cabinet, things have been relatively quiet on the Phistian (that’s Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal to us non-celeb types) front, as they’ve flitted around the city and the country these past few months, gypsy bartending, writing cocktail menus and spending time with Esmon’s family in North Carolina. But now they’re back, at least for the moment, and they’ve arrived with a purpose: to harness their considerable bar cred to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

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