Dog Found in Trash Bag Gets Wheels

Dog with wheels

Photo via Pennsylvania SPCA

A dog found in the trash in the Summerdale section of Philadelphia recently got a new pair of wheels.

The Pennsylvania SPCA reports that Frances, the dachshund found in a trash bag last month, went to Penn Vet for a doggy wheelchair. When the puppy was found, she had a broken spine — necessitating a wheelchair for her to get around. Read more »

How HUP’s Pups Help Hospital Patients, Caregivers

Tugger, a dog with HUP’s Pups, rests while dressed as Frosty the Snowman

Image courtesy Penn Medicine

It’s not fun to be in the hospital on a holiday. But there are some four-legged friends who are helping to boost everyone’s mood this Christmas.

In truth, the therapy dogs at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania work year-round, but Tugger (the dog in the image above) dressed up as a snowman for the winter holiday season earlier this month. So cute! Read more »

Ocean City May Allow Dogs on Its Beaches

dog in the ocean with a tennis ball

Photo by Tim Buss (license)

Ocean City, the town with a history of restrictive laws, could be loosening its leash a little. City Councilman Keith Hartzell has proposed a law that would allow dogs on beaches between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Hartzell told Ocean City Daily the success of his plan would rely on most dog owners picking up their dogs’ poop, which he believes would happen. His proposal, still in the planning stages, would impose a $500 fine on owners who don’t.

“Obviously, it’s something people have to self-police,” he told the publication. “You have to be responsible.” Read more »

Grab a Pint (or Two) At The Dog Wash

DogWash-2016This weekend grab a drink with your true best friend, your dog. The Trestle Inn and Philly Pet Hotel are pairing up to host the “At The Dog Wash” event for the third year.

From 2 to 7 p.m., this Saturday, July 30th, stop by the corner of 11th and Callowhill Street to get a drink and a bath for your dog. Bombay Local Food Truck and a DJ will be there. And plenty of pet-based fun will be happening.

Read more »

Pets: I Hate Your Dog

Illustration by James Boyle

Illustration by James Boyle

It was one of the first warm Saturdays of spring, and I couldn’t wait to get outside for a run. As is always the case when good weather finally sets in, the city was a beehive of activity; a palpable feeling of neighborliness hung in the air. It was one of those perfect Philly days when you can’t imagine living anywhere else.

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Philly One of Worst Cities for Dog Attacks, Says U.S. Postal Service | SVPhilon | SVPhilon

Though most of us have only seen a dog biting or otherwise attacking a letter carrier in the movies, the fact is that these things happen more frequently than you might think: Last year across the country, some 6,549 postal workers were attacked by dogs. The United States Postal Service just released its annual ranking of dog attack incidents by city, and Philadelphia lands in the top 10. Read more »

11 Things You Might Not Know About the Founding Fathers’ Dogs

Admiral Penn from Violet Oakley's mural series at the Pennsylvania State Capitol. Photo used courtesy of the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee and Brian Hunt

Admiral Penn from Violet Oakley’s mural series at the Pennsylvania State Capitol. Photo used courtesy of the Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee and Brian Hunt

Today is National Puppy Day, which is proof, we guess, that every dog has its day, seeing as every dog in the world was once a puppy. We hope you have a pup with which to celebrate. If not, you should adopt one! Meantime, here are stories — some shaggier than others — about our founding fathers and their faithful canine friends. Read more »

These Are the Top 10 Dog Breeds in Philadelphia

The Labrador retriever may be the No. 1 dog in the country, but in Philadelphia another breed is top dog.

Yesterday, the American Kennel Club released its annual list of the top dog breeds in the United States. The labrador retriever was first, the 25th straight year the dog has claimed the honor.

Things are different in Philadelphia, however. According to figures provided by the American Kennel Club to Philadelphia magazine, the German shepherd dog is the top breed in the city. The Labrador retriever falls all the way to fifth! The lists are generated by the number of purebred dogs registered with the AKC; the group does not release the number of dogs registered, only the rankings. Read more »

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