Will Dems Oust DNC Chair Over Sanders Feud?

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz., Sen. Bernie Sanders at University of Pittsburgh campus, Monday, April 25, 2016 (AP).

DNC Chairwoman and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Sen. Bernie Sanders at University of Pittsburgh campus, Monday, April 25, 2016 (AP).

Democrats on Capitol Hill are discussing the possible removal of current Democratic National Convention chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The Hill reports that Florida Rep. Wasserman Schultz’s ongoing squabbles with Vermont senator Bernie Sanders (in which she uses Internet acronyms) have made her a controversial a figure to some Democrats who worry she may divide voters at the convention to be held in Philly this July.

“There have been a lot of meetings over the past 48 hours about what color plate do we deliver Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s head on,” one anonymous pro-Clinton Democratic senator reportedly told The HillRead more »

WATCH: Sanders Says Democratic Convention in Philadelphia Could Get “Messy”

Bernie Sanders is expecting Philly to Bern, baby, Bern.

The Vermont senator said Monday that he expects the Democratic National Convention to get “messy” and that “democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle.”

In an interview with the Associated Press, Sanders said he hopes to see a strong showing of inclusive and progressive platforms at the Democratic National Convention scheduled for July 25th-28th at the Wells Fargo Center (a location that protestors claim is, ew, much too corporate)

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Ed Rendell: I Didn’t Say Bernie Sanders Supporters Need to Behave Themselves


Ed Rendell took to Facebook on Monday to say his comments on a Sunday radio show, saying that Bernie Sanders supporters need to “behave” at this summer’s Democratic National Convention, had been misconstrued.

But Rendell did say the thing he says he didn’t say. More or less, anyway — skip to 11:40 in the National Edition of “The Cats Roundtable” for the pertinent quotes below: Read more »

Philly Company Wins Contract to Provide DNC Knick-Knacks

Supporters waiting to greet Democratic National Committee (DNC) representatives in August in Philadelphia.

Supporters waiting to greet Democratic National Committee (DNC) representatives in August in Philadelphia.

The Democratic National Convention is coming to town in July — and that means Philly will not only be Ground Zero for politics, it’ll also be Ground Zero for DNC merchandise. And that’s big business for Luis Liceaga.

On Tuesday, the DNC Host Committee announced that Liceaga’s company, Impact Dimensions, will be its official merchandise provider and manager. That means the 22-employee shop will manufacture, market and sell promotional materials with the host committee’s official, trademarked logo. Think hats, buttons, polo shirts, coffee mugs and plenty of other knick-knacks. Read more »

DNC Will House Student Interns at Temple This Summer!

Morgan Hall. Photo | Temple.edu

Morgan Hall. Photo | Temple.edu

If you’re young, hot and wonky, Temple’s main campus will be the place to be this July. The university has announced that Morgan Hall, the swanky new dorm at Broad and Cecil B. Moore (it has, among other amenities, a 30,000-square-foot landscaped courtyard, flat-screen TVs and killer views of the city), will be home to 200 student interns attending the Democratic National Convention. Read more »

DNC Host Committee Encouraging Diverse Businesses to Enroll in Convention Registry

Via Shutterstock

Via Shutterstock

“Our goal is to make this Convention the most inclusive yet, and we encourage any businesses and suppliers interested in participating to register,” said Kevin Washo, Executive Director of the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention. “We are excited to work with a diverse group of organizations to make this a historic and memorable event.”

Indeed, the DNC Host Committee is pulling out all of the stops to ensure that local, diverse businesses sign up to be part of the 2016 Democratic National Convention registry. This year, the Host Committee is placing a strong emphasis on businesses owned and operated by minorities, women, veterans, and members of the LGBT and disabled communities, to register for contract consideration. Read more »