Think You Can Guess The Next Chef At Talula’s Garden?

Photo courtesy Danya Henninger

Yesterday, we posted an update on the revolving-chef action at Talula’s Garden, with a quote from corporate overlord Stephen Starr claiming that there’d be a new white jacket bossing the line “in five days.”

This, of course, began the speculation about who he and partner Aimee Olexy had in mind for the suicide mission honor of being the restaurant’s third exec in four months. People were searching Foobooz’s roster of Sideline Chefs for likely replacements. And here at the home office, we killed a good part of our afternoon proposing various possibilities and conspiracy theories for who would step into the vacancy in Olexy’s kitchen.

At some point, it occurred to us that if we were having so much fun trying to read the minds of Starr and Olexy, you folks might also enjoy the challenge. You might be able to think of some potential replacements that we couldn’t. Hell, you might even know something that we hadn’t yet heard. So we decided to turn it into a game. And yes, there will be prizes.

So here’s how we’re going to play…

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Quick Bites, Goodbye Django

The former restaurant of Bryan Sikora and Aimee Olexy, Django has closed for good just three years after the couple sold it to Ross Essner. [The Insider]

The Clog has pics inside the new El Fuego at 21st and Chestnut Streets (Oh no, those uncomfortable stools are going to be at this location too). [The Clog]

Philly Chit Chat was at 13, the new restaurant in the Marriott last night for a Concierge Party and has the pics to prove it. [Philly Chit Chat]

Django Extends Restaurant Week

Due to the overwhelming success of restaurant week, Django will be continuing to offer a three course meal for $30 for the next few weeks.


We digest the reviews so you don’t have to, here’s Philadelphia Magazine’s take on the new Django.

Eight months after taking over at Django, it “continues to be a satisfying destination.”
Although more rustic than it once was, the food still hits the spot. And reservations are easier to come by.

Django, Remastered
Craig LaBan: Django

Buy Fresh, Buy Local Week

Buy Fresh Buy Local
From July 15-22, celebrate locally grown food with Buy Fresh, Buy Local Week.
The Kick Off Event will be hosted at Yards Brewery on Sunday June 16th, Noon – 4:30 PM. The kickoff will get you in gear with local food, music and ales.
Other highlights of the week will include a local foods dinner featuring artisinal cheeses at Django. A Happy hour and Blue Coat Gin tasting at the Standard Tap on Tuesday July 18th. A free Tasting event at the Reading Terminal on July 20th and Good Food, Good Beer, and The Rest is History fund raiser for Slow Food.

White Dog Cafe Foundation
Buy Fresh Buy Local [Official Site]