Ten Tunes to Get You In the Holiday Spirit



I’ve been dying to share this list with you, but that also involved me stopping for a few minutes to tell you about each song. I occasionally get in my own way, and sometimes music is the only thing that keeps me moving.

Let these ten sublime tracks power you through the holiday season. They are alternately fun and brooding, joyous and thoughtful. This is honestly my favorite top ten to date. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to subscribe to the play list on Spotify!

Happy Holidays!

Jess Glynne – You Gave Me Something

Every once in a while there’s a vocalist that emanates undeniable joy, and along came Jess Glynne. Her breakout anthem “Rather Be” (with Clean Bandit) propelled her to stardom, and her solo efforts continue spreading church-like joy, perfect for the holidays – or to pick you up from a hard day. Watch the video if you want to turn into a puddle.

White Sea – Future Husbands, Past Lives

White Sea is the newest project from Alaska’s Morgan Kibby, who has spent a ton of her career touring with and writing for the much celebrated band M83. I was initially struck by how the progressions and the pretty vocal, then realized the lyrics are about stalking. I love the juxtaposition. Read more »

Soundtrack to a Gay Halloween Horror Story

Via Shutterstock

Via Shutterstock

Halloween (otherwise known as Gay Christmas), especially out at the bar, is a cross between Eyes Wide Shut and the portal to John Malkovich’s brain. With little irony, people you know walk up and say hello without acknowledging that you clearly aren’t able to tell who they are.

I’m lousy at planning costumes, so I get into the spirit by pretending that I am the innocent guy in some twisted horror movie, and I’ve woken up as the only person who didn’t turn into some other character. In this sordid tale, I will be stuck talking to wasted, attention starved queens for the rest of my existence. Read more »

DJ Carl Michaels Presents Pool Party Classics

pool party

Via Shutterstock.

Have you ever seen wanted to recreate Ibiza by your pool? Do you long for fabulous days spent in a lounge chair somewhere on South Beach with $22 drinks and beautiful people? Whether your answer is yes or no, there’s no mistaking the sublime feeling that house music can create while sunning, swimming, or just lounging poolside with an umbrella drink…whether you are in a Mediterranean paradise or Voorhees, New Jersey.

Don’t believe me? I’ll attempt to convince you with a definitive playlist of 70 songs for your pool parties, just in time to wind up your summer with some sublime, uplifting, laid-back beats to satisfy your crankiest party guest. Sit back and relax!

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DJ Carl Michaels Presents: 10 Songs That Inspire Lust on My Dancefloors

Photo by icanteachyouhowtodoit on Flickr.

Photo by icanteachyouhowtodoit on Flickr.

The cold is on its way out, and soon enough you’ll be flailing around our fair city, smiling in your sunglasses and maybe even checking out some hot tail to help you get out of that crap mood you’ve been in all winter.

Well, since we all need a soundtrack for life, I am back with music that’s going to be hitting my dancefloors. I like to see people fall in love while I spin. But more often than not, I see them falling in lust (3 am and a bunch of drinks tends to do that to people).

Here’s a list of tunes to help you fall in love—or lust—this spring. Check it out in the videos below, and follow it on Spotify so you can blast it in your earbuds. (Just watch out for random woodies.) Find that here.

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DJ Carl Michaels Presents: 10 Songs to Get You Through This Winter Stretch

Have the winter blues? It's nothing a little music from Kelly Ann, Kylie and JHud can't fix.

Have the winter blues? It’s nothing a little music from Kim Ann, Kylie and JHud can’t fix.

I know I always crow about the weather, but this winter thing is for the birds. Every winter I do the same thing to myself: fall into a funk and then scramble to find ways to push through it without hiding under my covers for three months. This year’s formula is plenty of vitamin D, the occasional trip to the tanning bed, working out (sort of), and the healing power of music.

So today I bring to you a list of tunes that are helping me kick up a spark through these last few weeks of winter—a healthy dose of underground house and dance pop featuring folks like Kylie, Jennifer Hudson and up-and-comer Kim Ann Foxman.

Check out the playlist in the videos below, and follow it on Spotify so you can blast it while you’re working out or bopping around the city. Find that here.

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DJ Carl Michaels Presents: 10 Anthems to Take You Bopping Into the New Year



Here we are again kids: another year. I have heard some people say 2014 was a great year, some said it sucked, some were indifferent. Well, part of my job as a DJ is to make sure you have a good soundtrack to start things out on a positive note. Have fun, be safe and crank up this list of tunes that will keep you boppin’ around all night!

Check out the playlist in the videos below, or follow it on Spotify so you can play the songs straight through, here.

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DJ Carl Michael Presents: 10 Spooky Songs For Your Gay Halloween Shenanigans



For years, I have had the honor of DJing on Gay Christmas (aka Halloween, aka the holiday that gives masculine fellas the excuse to put on heels). The most fun part for me is bringing out some of my favorite classic spooky tunes to create the perfect soundtrack for the night of all nights.

Here are just a few of the songs to add to your Halloween party playlist, or to blare in the car on your way to your favorite nightclub or party. Merry Gay Christmas!

You can find the playlist on Spotify, or enjoy each track in the videos and playlist after the jump.

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Man Crush Monday: DJ Carl Michaels

Every week, Philly gay gents share their local picks for Man Crush Monday. This week: legendary Gayborhood DJ—and one of G Philly‘s monthly columnists—Carl Michaels. 

Last Five Man Crush Mondays:

DJ Carl Michaels Presents: 10 Tracks On My Radar This Fall


Just as the leaves are changing on the trees outside, so does my music when fall starts to rear its fresh, crisp, pumpkin-latte-buzzed head.

When choosing tracks for the season, I tend to gravitate toward sexy, cozy and mysterious tunes—something to keep the dancefloors warm as it starts to cool down outside. With that in mind, here are some of the tracks that will be moving me—and hopefully you—over the next few months.

You can find the playlist on Spotify, or enjoy each track in the videos and playlist after the jump.

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DJ Carl Michaels Presents: 10 Contenders for Song of Summer 2014

song of summer 2014

“Where’s the song of the summer?!”

That is what I keep hearing from people lately, people who say there just isn’t that one song that’s defining summer 2014.

While I’ll admit the season hasn’t been quite as rife with the arsenal of catchy hits we had last year, there are probably about 30 new “song of summer 2014” contenders I could rattle off for you. I have managed to keep dancefloors full with a variety of under- and above-ground tracks that have become my summer anthems.

I’ve taken a few minutes to list both the pop anthems and some more off-kilter choices that have been moving me. Now take this list and run to the beach, the pool, the nightclub—anywhere you plan to enjoy the rest of your summer. Now you’ve got some great tunes to close out the season.

You can find the playlist on Spotify, or enjoy each track in the videos and playlist after the jump. I’m interested to hear your picks for song of summer 2014. Leave some suggestions in the comment section below. 

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