Charlotte Olympia’s Latest Shoe Collection Is Totally Customizable!

Image via Net-a-Porter

Image via Net-a-Porter

Smoking loafers are a bit of a favorite here at Shoppist HQ (see here and here). And with good reason: They’re a playful spin on a luxe classic. There are tons of iterations of the style out there, but none with the customizability of Charlotte Olympia‘s (yep, the brains behind the kitty flat) new ABC capsule collection.  Read more »

5 Incredibly Cool DIY Home Projects to Try Right Now

Images via Design*Sponge, Honestly Yum, And Christina and A Beautiful Mess

Now that it’s March, it’s time to start spring cleaning. And because we can’t bring ourselves to start purging our junk drawers, we’ve decided a fun home-refreshing DIY is the way to go. We combed through the cheesy, button-emblazoned crafts to find you the chicest, boutique-worthy DIYs around. Craft away, friends.  Read more »

Market Report: 7 DIY Alterations You Can Do for Perfect-Fitting Clothes



  • Hem your pants or taper a pair of jeans with these 7 easy alternation tutorials found on YouTube. [WhoWhatWear]
  • Justice! Lupita Nyong’o’s pearl-covered Oscars dress has been recovered. [Elle]
  • This is a mani game-changer. Here are 5 scented nail polish removers to make refreshing your polish a breeze. (Psst: One even smells like chocolate!) [InSyle]

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The $3 Hack to Make Your Bike Tires Skid-Proof for Snowy Winter Rides



Man, the gals over that the Women Bike PHL Facebook group are killing it lately with useful tidbits for bike commuters. First, they alerted us to this weird yet ingenious trick for keeping your hands warm during cold winter rides, and now they’ve left a trail of breadcrumbs for a $3 hack that could make snowy winter rides a whole heck of a lot safer.

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The Weird But Effective Way to Keep Your Hands Warm During Winter Bike Rides



I consider myself a pretty dedicated, all-seasons bike commuter, but I have to admit that the bitter wind and cold of late have been enough force even me to opt out of my daily bike rides in favor of taking the subway (or begging a ride from my very gracious husband). So this post is less for me, and more for those of you who are actually insanely hard-core bike commuters. (Kudos, by the way.)
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Your Fall Just Got a Whole Lot More Crafty: Occasionette’s Workshop is Open

Images via Instagram

Images via Instagram

It’s hard to believe, but gift-giving season is right around the corner. And whether you’ve already pounded out your first round of knitted goods or are still doling out apologies about last year’s gifts, this can bring on emotions ranging from glee to anxiety. For those that hover around the anxiety end, we’ve found relief: Occasionette’s workshops are now in session. Not only are you guaranteed to find (or make!) stellar gifts for family and friends, but you’ll also be way ahead of the gift-giving curve. Like, before Thanksgiving early. So, relax and put the glue gun down. You’re working with pros now.

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The DIY King of South Philadelphia

Photo by Zach Robbin.

Photo by Zach Robbin.

The 2000 block of Washington Avenue is not where you would expect to find one of the biggest startup hotbeds in all of Philadelphia. Tile and building supply stores are crammed into nearly every available inch, filling the air with a must that threatens to choke you any given second.

But a well-hidden doorway leads you inside the 21,000-square-foot “gym for innovators” best known as NextFab, a DIY nirvana for metalworkers, 3-D printers, and everyone in between.

Peterson Goodwyn is inside, perpetually hard at work crafting the building blocks for the next generation of DIY-ers to enter the world of audio recording.

Treading along a path that NextFab has installed for guided tours, Goodwyn points out a massive lathe in the corner, and a water jet that operates at mach 4, all of which he has access to as a full-time member.

But the people Goodwyn is most intent on reaching are those who may not even know how to handle a soldering iron. Goodwyn wants to capture the largest untapped market in the DIY industry—the beginner.

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Sours Galore at Devil’s Den

2686Swap your summer pilsners and pale ales for something with a little more tang. Devil’s Den will soon be serving beers that are sour, tart, bitter and sharp. Beginning Saturday, August 16th until Friday, August 22nd, the gastropub will be celebrating their 5th Annual Sourfest. For seven days one draft tower will be completely devoted to sour beers. That’s a total of 8 lines and plenty of sours to try throughout the week.

In keeping with the celebration, Tuesday August 19th, Don Russell, better known as Joe Sixpack, will be hosting a sour tasting and brewing class. Devil’s Den will serve as your classroom as you learn the fine techniques behind preparing a pucker worthy brew. All students will also enjoy appetizers and a tasting of six different sour beers such as Free Will Peach Lambic, Bruery Oude Tart, Barren Hill Berliner Weisse, Bom Wild & Funky #1, Allagash Confluence and Tilquin Gueze. The class is $35 per person and tickets can be purchased at the bar or online.

Devil’s Den [Foobooz]



DIY Down the Shore: Paul MacDonald’s Quasimohido


For today’s installment of the DIY recipe round-up we’re finishing up with a classic. A mojito. Paul McDonald of Society Hill Society shared his spin on the summer classic. We’re not only fans of the name, Quasimohido, but the cucumber syrup which offers a fresh flavor that isn’t typical to this summertime favorite. The prep time for this drink might be a little longer than you’re used to, but you won’t regret it when you’re down the shore with drink in hand.

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DIY Taco Night at Lolita

Prepare to get your hands a little messy.

But you can lick them clean afterwards, because Lolita is holding a DIY Taco Night this Sunday, July 6th and Monday, July 7th.

Each person of your party will choose a primary taco filler, served family style, from a list which includes korean style flank steak w/ jicama kimchi and cornflake crusted mahi w/ chipotle mayonesa, just to name a couple. You can dress up your taco with mexican street corn a bit of queso de oaxaca or some avocado-tomatillo salsa if you prefer. Remember to leave room to finish your hands on dining experience with some Mexican spiced chocolate pot de crème. See the flyer below for more details.

The price of the event is $35 per person.

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