Petition Started to Turn Divine Lorraine Into an “Interactive Museum of Contemporary Art”

Portrait of the Divine Lorraine by Caryn Kunkle

Portrait of the Divine Lorraine by Caryn Kunkle

“Do people want something that provides more jobs and connects communities, or would you rather have a gentrification spaceship land here with more condos?” Caryn Kunkle, executive director at The Philadelphia Salon, brings up a valid point. Kunkle is working to turn the beloved Divine Lorraine into an art museum — scratch that, an all-around art and performance space/haven — rather than let the poor old girl become condos. “We have enough apartments,” says Kunkle, “but we don’t have enough art spaces.”

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Divine Lorraine Is One of Google Street View’s Scariest Places

hall9The Daily Dot names North Broad’s Divine Lorraine—beautiful but abandoned—as one of its 10 scariest places on Google Street View. “Smack in the middle of downtown Philadelphia’s busy Broad Street sits the towering Divine Lorraine. When night falls and the rest of the city’s skyscrapers are illuminated, the former hotel and religious compound remains forebodingly dark and lifeless. Like Philadelphia wasn’t scary enough.”

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Exquisite: Laura Kicey’s Photos of Former Lace Factory

“Get out of town,” said Cole Porter. “Don’t fence me in,” he said, also. The guy had serious wanderlust, and when it’s nice out, so do we. This weekend Property photographer Laura Kicey went to the former Scranton Lace Factory for another Abandoned America photo workshop. The photographs she got are absolutely gorgeous, but she also learned a bit about what’s happening to the building–which is more than to the SS United States, the subject of her last extensive photo gallery of this sort.

Though it looks abandoned, the building–which was featured on National Geographic’s Abandoned program–has had some recent good fortune: The current owners, Lace Building Affiliates, who purchased it in 2007, have been granted permission to repurpose it, and they have seriously grand plans.

Speaking of the Divine Lorraine, Eric Blumenfeld Channels ’80s Band Starship

Divine Lorraine Featured on Web Urbanist As Abandoned and Apparently Hopeless

Of course, it’s not supposed to be “visited” by urban explorers anymore, but given that its conversion remains stalled, it may only be a matter of time before people find their way inside again. The issue seems to be funding. Blumenfeld has applied for a $7.5 million Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program matching fund from the state, but didn’t get it in the first round. We put a call in to see if he wants to talk about the latest. Read more »