Trevor Noah and the Never-Ending Cycle of Twitter Shame

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The thing about people is that they’re fallible; they do bad things, both intentionally and unintentionally. As we were all taught as children, people make mistakes.

The Internet, as we know, is less forgiving. And it makes discerning the offender’s intent a bit more of a dubious undertaking. Who knows if anyone’s lapse of judgement is really that or indicative of something more sinister in their character. Mistakes? Well, they become more than that. They become moments, and then they live beyond.

The latest example of this phenomenon, of course, is Trevor Noah, the comedian tapped by Comedy Central to replace long-standing host Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Read more »

Amazon Home Services Has Arrived in Philadelphia


It’s not enough that you can have anything under the sun delivered to your front door. Now, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, you can pay Amazon to find someone in Philadelphia to put together a bookshelf or grill, configure your wireless printer, or hang your new 52-inch plasma TV in time for the start of Phillies season. OK, so maybe not Phillies season, but you get the point. Read more »

Union: Three Sticking Points in Inquirer/Newspaper Guild Negotiations

The company that owns Philly’s biggest daily newspapers is seeking a mediator to help resolve contract negotiations with the union that represents most of its journalists.

Howard Gensler and Bill Ross, president and executive director of the Newspaper Guild, said in a Tuesday memorandum to their constituents that negotiations with Interstate General Media — the company that owns the Inquirer, Daily News, and — were foundering over several issues: Read more »

Mo’ne Davis Just Wrote the Book on Twitter Trolls

Mo'ne Davis attends the 2015 Sprint NBA All-Star Celebrity Game at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Mo’ne Davis attends the 2015 Sprint NBA All-Star Celebrity Game at Madison Square Garden in New York.

By now, I’m used to Mo’ne Davis making me feel bad about myself.

At 13, she throws a 70 miles-per-hour fastball, has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated,” wrote a memoir and designed a line of sneakers, the proceeds of which benefit impoverished girls. (At 13, my only goal was for Brian McKenna to like my hair. It went unrealized.) Read more »

Apple to Go After Comcast With Web TV Offering

Apple logo FooTToo / | Comcast Center, Jeff Fusco

Apple logo, FooTToo / | Comcast Center, Jeff Fusco

Apple and Comcast are about to start competing head-to-head.

The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that Apple is planning a “Web TV” service — basically a stripped-down cable offering, delivered via the Internet — that would feature 25 channels. It’s a Comcast cable competitor that, as of now, will carry no channels actually owned by Comcast.

That means no NBC. No Bravo. No SyFy. Read more »

Council Committee Approves Digital Ads

A rendering of a digital display on South Broad Street

A rendering of a digital display on South Broad Street

Center City is one step closer to looking like Times Square.

A City Council Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved a bill that will allow “urban experiential displays” — 3D digital billboards — to be built at a few select locations in Philadelphia’s downtown district.

KYW reports that the bill was supported by Thadeus Bartkowski, founder of Catalyst Outdoors, which wants to build three of the digital displays — 30 to 50 feet in height — at three locations in Center City.

Bartkowski says, “It’s about creating a multi-faceted communication platform, that’s able to add vibrancy in unique commercial corridors.”

Bartkowski proposes three locations — outside the Convention Center, across from the Reading Terminal Market, and on the facade of the Bellevue Hotel garage on South Broad Street.

He says 70-percent of the content displayed would be ads, the rest would be PSAs and other material — including promotions for local non-profits: “What’s trying to be created here is a pedestrian-viewer experience, not just a simple single form of technology.”

Read more »

PlanPhilly Moving to WHYY


PlanPhilly, the website that covers planning and development news in Philadelphia, is moving from its longtime home under the PennPraxis umbrella to become part of WHYY’s news operations.

A move of some sort had been expected since August, when Harris Steinberg, director of PennPraxis, left the university to become executive director of the Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation at Drexel University. PlanPhilly  was “initiated and nurtured” at PennPraxis starting 2006. The site was originally funded by the William Penn Foundation, but currently operates on funding from the Wyncote Foundation.
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The Three Questions I’m Never Asking Anybody Ever Again

Okay, so the first question you should never ask anyone is pretty obvious, because almost all of us have done it anyway. The question is, “When are you due?” And the reason you should never ask it of anyone is in case they’re not.

Theoretically you could safely ask this of men, but given the increasingly tenuous boundaries of gender, better to play it safe and just zip your lip. Because, really, if you’re a woman and you’ve ever been asked this when you weren’t, you remember. The moment burns in your memory even if (as in my case) it was decades ago. Pregnancy is a joyous occasion. Having a gut is not. Being reminded that you have a gut really is not. So, don’t ask this question. Even if you’re pretty damned sure she’s due any minute and she’s carrying twins.

The second question you should never ask anyone is, perhaps, less obvious, because sociologically, it’s a more recent development. Read more »

Philly Tweeter Shows NYT How to Put That in Their Pipe and Smoke It

You’ve probably heard by now about the New York Times’ huffy, snark-filled appraisal of Philadelphia after Philly beat out Brooklyn to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention. There’ve been a number of responses, but Allie Ilagan produced our favorite.

It’s been through several iterations now, actually, but here’s the latest and most definitive version of her reply:

The original version of that has been retweeted more than 240 times so far.
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