Sold: Dick Clark’s Flintstones House Is Yabba-Dabba-Gone


No word on if Dino came with the property. (Image from MLS via Coldwell Banker)

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, we were going to get all nostalgic on you and feature some of our favorite posts from 2014. What better time of year than to circle back on the in-cred-ible Malibu home of Dick Clark?  We’re sure you adored the 360-degree views of the Pacific Ocean, Channel Islands and Boney Mountain. More likely, you probably flipped through the gallery more than once because you had never–ever–seen a house like this in your life.

Not to crush your dreams into, ahem, rubble, but it was sold last week for the handsome sum of $1,777,777.

Originally listed for a cool $3.5M, the 1-bed, 1.5-bath “magical retreat” saw a series of price cuts– dipping below the 3 million dollar mark before finally being sold for just over half of the original list price. We’ve included the previous gallery after the jump, you know, for old time’s sake.

Here’s the gallery

Flintstones Furniture to Match Dick Clark’s Unbelievable Flintstones House

livingstone with child

A small child enjoys Stéphanie Marin’s Livingstones. Photo via the designer’s website.

This week Web Urbanist published “Flintstones Furniture: 15 Designs Made of Stone and Lava,” and while I can’t be sure they were thinking of the late Dick Clark’s unbelievable Flintstones house, each of these designs is a lovely complement to his home’s interior. In fact, the gallery offers prospective buyers some decor ideas, should they be overwhelmed by the possibilities.

My favorite pick is the Livingstones, which I’ve long been obsessed with because I’m basically a cat and I just want to sleep all the time. In fact, I love all of Stéphanie Marin‘s work because so much of it caters to the high-end beanbag audience — and you know who you are. Below, a slideshow of Marin’s “stone” work, which would soften the hard edges of Clark’s home, both inside and out.

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Dick Clark’s Unbelievable Flintstones House Dips Below $3 Million


Dick Clark, god rest his soul, was as treasured a Philadelphian (temporary or otherwise) as they come. But was he eccentric? He was. Did he have idiosyncratic taste in home design. Oh boy. DID HE EVER.

His Malibu property — dubbed the Flintstones home for obvious reasons — has not yet sold despite incredible 360 degree views of the Channel Islands, Boney Mountains and the Pacific. On 23 acres, the home is a nature-lover’s dream, with almost equally easy access to woodsy trails and the beach. And the price has been cut from the original asking price of $3.5 million to $2,995,000.

Beyond that, there’s little to say that can’t be said by the slideshow. Please, if you do nothing else today, view this slideshow.

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