The Checkup: What to Know About Infrared Saunas Before Sweating In One

Infrared saunas, which use infrared light to heat the body from within rather than warming it from the outside in, have become quite the craze in the health and wellness world, thanks in part to some hefty health-boosting claims. (The word detoxification comes up a LOT.) But some digging done by the Atlantic’s Kelly Conaboy shows that, while infrared saunas are certainly a lovely experience, from a health perspective, you may not be getting all you’re promised. [The Atlantic]

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Field Guide: 8 Ways to Declutter and Detox Your Life



Inspired yet? | Photo via IKEA.

Forget surface-level spring cleaning. To really start the season out on the right foot, it’s time to consider everything else in your life that might need detoxing (your greasy winter diet and maxed-out budget, perhaps?).

To help you detox, declutter and decompress, we’ve sleuthed out eight easy tips, tricks, pros to know and places to visit to purify, purge, and banish toxins for good. Welcome to spring.  Read more »

6 Ways to Detox That Don’t Involve Going on a Juice Cleanse

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good green juice. But juice alone for days on end? No, thank you. But ’tis the season for lifestyle makeovers which inevitably means it’s the season of the detox. And with this season comes the resurgence of the juice cleanse. My Instagram feed is currently filled with folks bragging about how refreshed they feel below photos of mason jar upon mason jar of juiced beets. Then there are the photos posted by local juice shops with discount codes for cleanses in the captions. Clearly, with all the juice cleanse-mania that comes with January, it’s easy to get sucked in.

So if you are currently holding a bottle of liquid vegetables in your hand, having ingested no solids for longer than you’d like to believe, wondering “How did I get here?” you are not alone. But we’re here to tell you, there are plenty of ways to give your body and mind a good reboot without surviving on liquified kale for longer than anyone should ever have to survive on liquified kale. We promise.

To detox, by definition, simply means to rid the body of or to abstain from toxic or unhealthy stuff for a period of time. Below, six ways to do just that while still maintaining your sanity. Read more »

What to Eat This Week: Thanksgiving Detox Dinners

detox dinners

If you’re anything like us, you did a bang-up job stuffing yourself silly on Thanksgiving. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, of course. We wholeheartedly endorse the occasional calorie splurge, especially on days when family and friends come together to share a meal. I mean, you don’t want to be the sour puss in the corner shoveling a plateful of undressed lettuce, do you?

But as with all good things, the splurge must come to an end, and when it does, it’s time to return to your regularly scheduled program. If you’re feeling like you need a little jolt to, um, reset your system, we’ve got you covered. This week, your meal plan is full of foods that will help you detox and digest all that fat and sugar from your Thanksgiving feast. We’re talking light, veggie-loaded meals that’ll make you feel clean from the inside out. Check out our recipe picks below.

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What to Eat This Week: Detox Dinners

what to eat
After a weekend like the one we just had—a long weekend filled with burgers, buns, and let’s be honest, probably some beer—eating yet another big meal can feel more like a burden than something to look forward to. Which is why, for this week’s recipes, we’ve rounded up five light meals that are loaded with vitamin-packed, detoxifying goodies like beets, kale, avocado and asparagus. Not only do these foods taste delicious, they also each pack a body-cleansing punch: Beets help to clean out the liver, kale is high in antioxidants, avocado boasts tons of heart-healthy fats and fiber and asparagus cleanses the kidneys and works as a natural anti-inflammatory. Meaning, not only will these meals taste good, they’ll make you feel good, too. Happy cooking!

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5 Things to Remember Next Time You Decide to Detox



It’s the phrase heard round the world come Monday morning, usually after a weekend spent downing a few too many margaritas and “recuperating” with greasy egg-and-cheese bagels and bacon-infused Bloody Marys: Man, I really need to detox. These words are usually followed up with a quick trip to our favorite juice shop and a pledge to never eat processed food again, and voila: like magic, the detox process has commenced. Right?

Well, not so much. And this misunderstanding of the term “detox” is exactly why Refinery29 decided to break it down for us. Because, while a good chunk of folks have uttered these exact words, it’s doubtful many could explain what they actually mean. Here, five key points from Refinery29’s piece to remember about the ubiquitous detox:

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5 Ways to Detox Without Ditching Food



The never-ending “detox” talk throughout the month of the January can be a bit much. I mean, I get it—everyone wants to lose the five pounds they gained during the month-long booze-cruise better known as The Holidays. I’m with you on that one. And I’m totally on board with a nutritional detox after weeks of consuming mostly vodka and sugar cookies. But shouldn’t we also be talking about cleansing a few other areas of our lives? I mean, who else has been living on a hearty diet of Netflix and On Demand for the past two weeks? I can’t be the only one.

There are enough juice-cleanses out there to last you until next century. So instead of adding to that very long list, we’ve thought of a few lifestyle cleanses to help you start the new year off right. Read up, choose one (or a few), and hop on the detox bandwagon without sacrificing your morning muffin. (Although, you probably should ditch the morning muffin because, really, it’s just cake.)

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Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Post-Detox Dining, Frankford Hall, Snail Day and Catering the Zombie Apocalypse

Provided we all survive Saturday’s scheduled apocalypse, Tuesday, May 24 is National Escargot Day. And at Foobooz, we had you covered with all the snail-day happenings.

Bibou has a dinner planned. So does Bistrot La Minette and Matyson and Southwark. Want more information? You can find it all right here…

Celebrating With Snails For Supper at Bibou

More Escargot Day Happenings

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