American Eagle Is Selling Jeans Made of Recycled Coffee Grounds

Coffee Jeans

Java jeans. | Images via American Eagle Outfitters.

I know, I know: Say the name American Eagle Outfitters and you get flashbacks of junior year of high school and lots of bad graphic t-shirts. All of that aside, I tripped upon one of their new concepts that isn’t just kitsch for kitsch’s sake: They’re selling jeans made out of recycled coffee.

No, the new “Flex/Cafe” line from AEO doesn’t smell like Starbucks (yes, I totally sniffed my denim the minute I took them out of the package to see if they’d have a latte odor), but they do contain 2.25 grams of recycled coffee grounds in each pair. The line is part of their relatively new flex denim collection, which contain a bit of added stretch thanks to a cotton/polyester blend.  Read more »

How To Score A Free Pair of Jeans Today


One of these could be yours for $0. | Images via Frame Denim.

The ultimate humpday pick-me-up just hit our inboxes, and we had to share. Not one, but two of our go-to boutiques are running major sales right now. Read on to see where to shop smart and land some freebies today. Read more »

Market Report: 7 Laundry Hacks You Need to Know Before Washing Your Denim

Keep your jeans looking new. | Image via Shutterstock

  • Maintain your denim’s shape and pigment with these 7 game-changing laundry hacks. (Hint: swap your soap for vinegar.) [She Finds]
  • And while we’re talking denim, here’s how to find the best-fitting pair of jeans for your derriere with tips from the best denim experts in the biz. [Refinery29]
  • Step aside, Kylie Jenner. This easy lipstick layering trick is how Marilyn Monroe scored her full pout. [Town & Country]

The six soothing face mists that are worth purchasing.

We Found the Most Fabulous Way to Save Your Boring Old Denim


Image via Shutterstock

Jeans are garments most susceptible to trends. Last year, it was all about high-waisted, cropped skinnies; this year, we can’t get enough of 70s-inspired super-flares. Even worse is the ever-shifting wash debate (raw or waxed? Destroyed or worn-in?). To ensure you’re getting the most out of your denim collection, we suggest this insanely cool e-service, Denim Refinery. The service will transform your little-worn denim into a closet workhorse. Read more »

Denim 101: How to Keep Black Jeans From Fading In the Wash



Sometimes, fading is good. Take old band tees, for instance. The more worn and faded they are, the better. But not all things look best with a lived-in look. Exhibit A: Your black jeans. These look best when they’re fresh off the hanger, inky black and just soft enough.

But wear and tear inevitably leads to the graying of even the most jet-black jeans. Lucky for you, the jean experts over at Madewell offered five easy tips for maintaining your dark denim. (And clean freaks, don’t worry. They didn’t recommend never washing them.) Read more »

Would You Monogram Your … Jeans?


Photo via Anthropologie.

About six years ago, I went through a period I call my Monogram Years. It was around the time of my wedding, and my husband and I were registering for gifts. But not just any gifts! Monogrammed gifts. Our towels from Bed, Bath & Beyond? Monogrammed! Our sheets and pillowcases? Monogrammed! I remember feeling an intense wave of nausea when I realized that if I used my personal monogram (not our joint monogram) it would be EGG. As in scrambled. Needless to say, we proceeded with our joint initials—EGJ, the ‘G’ large in the center, a typographical symbol of our love. When my best friend got married, I rattled off the list of things I could get monogrammed for her. “I have a contact,” I told her cryptically. If you overheard our conversation,  you’d probably have thought we were discussing where to score meth. It took her weeks to finally spit it out, in a fit of desperation: “I don’t like monograms!”  


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