Your Answer to Online Shopping: Fishbox, Philly’s New Package Delivery Service

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Here at Philly Mag HQ, it’s commonplace for staffers to have packages delivered to the office in lieu of their homes. Reasons for such include: It’s where we’re stationed between 9am and 5pm (UPS’s preferred delivery period) and it’s safer than having parcels waiting out on the stoop all day. And after far too many ‘Sorry we missed you!’ notices completely negating that $20.95 overnight shipping fee we shelled out, we think our precautions are justified. That is, until the debut of Fishtown’s newest delivery service, Fishbox.

Brainchild of local entrepreneur Napolean Suarez, Fishbox is a hassle-free delivery service that gets you your packages exactly when you want them (i.e. not ‘maaaaybe between 10am and 2pm). Simply sign up for Fishbox via their site, use the specified address and box number and your packages will be delivered to their secure facility. Then, you’ll receive a text indicating its arrival and all you have to do is set up a time and place to procure your package. Philadelphia Business Journal writes: “Payment is automatic, as they will have already entered their credit card information, and no tip is necessary.” It’ll cost you either “$5 per delivery or $50 per month for unlimited delivery.” Fishbox, feeding your Amazon addiction one delivery at a time.
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Deliver Me! Inside Philadelphia’s New Convenience Economy

Photograph by Dale May

Photograph by Dale May

A couple of years back, a city-dwelling friend of mine made a bet with her husband over who would correctly predict the most Oscar winners. The loser, they decided, would be forced to do the winner’s bidding in one specific arena: The victor could demand any sort of food run at any time. Which is how, minutes after arriving home from a weeklong vacation, my friend found herself back outside, tromping testily through piles of snow on a quest for her husband’s favorite apple pie from a bakery several blocks away. It goes without saying that she regretted ever agreeing to such inconvenient stakes. Read more »

Philadelphia Delivery Services: Our A-to-Z Guide

Babies, Kids and Parents

MO-delivery-meds-dom-savini-400x400What: Prescription and over-the-counter medication
From: Fishtown Pharmacy, Fishtown,
How to Order: Text, email, phone
Delivery Zone: Within five miles of Fishtown during regular business hours; call for other inquiries.
The Scoop: This pharmacy is a ray of sunshine when you have a sick, crying kid on your hands. They deliver emergency prescriptions like antibiotics plus over-the-counter necessities like baby aspirin to your home, usually within two hours, free of charge.

What: Hospital-grade breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories
From: My Fabulous Mama, Grad Hospital,
How to Order: Phone
Delivery Zones: Center City and South Philly
The Scoop: Because new moms are busy enough, owner Marisa Piccarreto takes her breastfeeding expertise on the road by hand-delivering Medela Symphony pumps and accessories like pumping bras and nipple shields. Delivery is free for concierge-service clients or else $25; pump rental is $85 for one month, $240 for three months, $440 for six months and $780 for 12 months. Read more »

Hawthornes Quick Sip Delivery Is Set to Begin

Quick_Sip2_logoTomorrow, Friday, March 6th, Hawthornes will kick off its Quick Sip delivery service. The service, which was made legal by a recent PLCB ruling, will allow the beer cafe to deliver beer to customers via a fleet of bikes. The service requires ID upon delivery and is subject to the same restrictions that takeout beer is, namely no more than three six packs of beer.

The service will allow users in Most Center City and South Philadelphia neighborhoods to order growlers, local, imported and even some macro beers as well as cider and variety packs. Delivery times are expected to be within an hour.

A twelve-pack of something like Bud or Bud Light is $18.95, a craft six-pack of Sly Fox Pils is listed at $16.95. Those prices include the tax and delivery fees. Gratuity is extra.

Hawthornes [Foobooz]

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