Quick Bites: Center City Falafel, American Sardine Delays and Kitchen Returns

Falafel makes a triumphant return to 18th and Ranstead. Crisp is the name of the New York-based falafel operation. There’s an odd density of falafel options in that area of Center City with Mama’s, Pita Pit, Falafel Barand the falafel carts at 16th and JFK and 20th and Market.  [The Insider]

Ro-Zu has been reborn Big Eyes Sushi. The 7th and Bainbridge spot’s new life as a sushi spot is decidedly more affordable and less exotic. [Meal Ticket]

The latest on American Sardine Bar? Sounds like late May as the anticipated bar is awaiting a May 18th zoning hearing regarding its upstairs kitchen and commercial operations. [Meal Ticket]

Fare has an opening date and a menu. The Insider has both. [The Insider]

Ali Waks who has been sending us press releases for a couple years is giving up the pen for a whisk as she is now in the kitchen at Delicatessen. [Grub Street]

Former Flying Monkey owner Rebecca Torpie is getting back in the food biz. She hopes to open Wedge & Fig by June’s First Friday in the former Old City Cheese on 3rd Street. [Meal Ticket]

It’s National Pastrami Day

It is National Pastrami Day and Delicatessen is offering Pastrami on Rye with mustard for only $5 today through January 20th.

And although not kosher, the deli is also offering up pastrami mac and cheese in whole and half orders.

Delicatessen [Official Site]

Quick Bites

At long last, Agiato has opened in Manayunk. Chef Joe Scarpone who owned Sovalo in Northern Liberties is at the helm. [The Insider]

Longtime Rouge chef Michael Yeamans has returned to the Rittenhouse spot and is serving a truffle-centric menu through the end of the year. [Grub Street]

The original Brown Betty’s on Liberties Walk is moving to a bigger, bi-level spot at 722 N 2nd Street. [Restaurant Club]

Speck Food and Wine passed its health inspection Saturday. [Facebook]

Leila Cafe has resurfaced at 1356 South Street. If all goes well the Middle Eastern restaurant could open today. [The Insider]

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Quick Bites

Restaurant Club gets Tria’s Jon Myerow to expound upon his forthcoming Biba. [Restaurant Club]

Alex Capasso’s West Side Gravy is open in Collingswood and An Empty Fridge has the menus and a firsthand report. [An Empty Fridge]

Collin Keefe will be the new editor of Grub Street Philadelphia. Keefe comes at the job with a wide range of experience from public relations to sausage stuffing. [Meal Ticket]

Delicatessen has added dinner service at 703 Chestnut Street. Look for comfort food like chicken in a pot pie, brisket and “Pop Pop’s Pastrami Mac and Cheese. [Grub Street]

Le Cochon Noir is navigating the usual tangle of paperwork and hopes to be serving barbecue and live music by the end of June. [Meal Ticket]

A third Brown Betty Dessert Boutique is in the works, this one set for the Shops at Liberty Place. [Restaurant Club]

The Crocodile is coming to Old City on June 3rd with a neat hook, each beer will get you a free slice of pizza. [Meal Ticket]

Around the Web: New Spots Edition

Unbreaded chows down on the SHAME burger at the Wishing Well. [Unbreaded]

Mac & Cheese skips the hooves and fins at Hoof + Fin but finds enjoyment in the vegetarian options. [Mac & Cheese]

The creamy green salsa is the key to the tacos at Mexico on the Square. [Drawing for Food]

Two Eat Philly visit Ladder 15 to try out the new menu from David Ansill and after a couple of disappointing appetizers, they find the Korean tacos to be the real winners. [Two Eat Philly]

Fidel Gastro recommends you go to Delicatessen “hungry, very hungry.” [Fidel Gastro]

Quick Bites: Openings

You take a day off and fall hopelessly behind the RSS Reader, email and we don’t even want to think about what we’ve missed on Twitter.

So without further ado, our Quick Bites focusing just on upcoming and recent openings.

Stephen Starr’s beer garden concept got the approval of the neighborhood 158-11 despite a hard-of-hearing gentleman worrying about the noise. With indoor and outdoor options we’re really intrigued how this turns out.

500°, the burger place from Rouge’s Rob and Maggie Wasserman is looking to open by March 17th. [The Insider]

Delicatessen has opened at 7th and Chestnut. They feature classic Jewish deli staples and nouveau takes like Sephardic Ceviche, citrus cured salmon with red onion and capers. [Meal Ticket]

Michael Klein has a bit more on Hoof + Fin which has opened on 3rd Street in the former Gayle address. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Brown Betty Dessert Boutique is opening its third location. This one in the re-imaging itself Shops at Liberty Place. [Grub Street]

Ro-Zu will be soft opening at 7th and Bainbridge this weekend. The grand opening for the Japanese restaurant will be Monday, March 15th. [Meal Ticket]

Wishing Well is aiming for a mid-March opening. Grub Street has the details on their S.H.A.M.E. burger. [Grub Street]

Meal Ticket has more details including an early look at the menu at Cooperage, the wine bar coming this April to the Curtis Center. [Meal Ticket]

Franco’s Osteria looks to open this weekend at the Presidential on City Avenue. [The Insider]

Quick Bites

Grub Street has the lowdown on Mac’s Tavern in Old City including how to get your name on the wall. [Grub Street]

East Passyunk has arrived, starting today four restaurants have banded together to offer valet parking. A respectable $8 per car. [The Insider]

Zama adds lunch Monday through Friday. Bento lunch boxes offer main dishes, miso soup and rice for $12 to $17. [Zama]

Thrillist has more on the grill-centric menu at Hoof + Fin. [Thrillist]

Delicatessen, the modern Jewish Deli at 7th and Chestnut is set to open this Sunday. [The Insider]

Jennifer Carroll of 10 Arts is the 2010 chair to Taste of the Nation. Taste of the Nation is set for June, 21st at the Loews Hotel. [Taste of the Nation]

Melange Cafe closes in Cherry Hill. [The Insider]

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