Expelled Swarthmore Student Sues College Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Courtesy of Swarthmore

Parrish Hall, Swarthmore College

Last April, Swarthmore students Mia Ferguson and Hope Brinn helped bring two very public complaints against their college, alleging that the prestigious liberal arts institution was in violation of federal law for misreporting and mishandling sexual misconduct cases.

In July, the Department of Education deemed those complaints serious enough that it opened an investigation of the school, which is still ongoing. Behind the scenes, as an increasing number of survivors of sexual assault came forward and reported their experiences to the school, Swarthmore took what many in the college community believe to be unprecedented disciplinary action against alleged perpetrators. Now, one student who was found guilty of sexual misconduct is retaliating.

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Swarthmore Punishing Frat for Racy Flyer

For several years, Swarthmore fraternity Phi Psi (one of two on campus) has been recruiting members using a flyer composed of little teeny pictures of naked women. This year, amid a set of ongoing controversies regarding the school’s alleged “rape culture,” that flyer’s generating more controversy than usual.

Earlier this week, a petition was started in response to the flyer, demanding that the college pull funding for frat parties (the school funds frat parties?) until ten percent of all campus members were women. The school’s not going that far, but they announced certain punitive measures yesterday.

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Chester Hasn’t Had a Single Grocery Store For 10 Years. Now it Does.


The impoverished city of Chester has been trying for more than a decade to get a supermarket to feed its 37,000 residents, many of whom are impoverished. Bust since the last one closed in 2001, there have only been false starts. The highest profile came when the Philadelphia Union soccer stadium was built; the deal was supposed to include mixed-use retail development, featuring a supermarket. Now, thanks to local anti-hunger non-profit Philabundance (and $7 million in financial backing from local governments and foundations), it’s finally happening.
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Professional Thieves Robbing Work Trucks in Delco

Usually, when you steal a car, you’re stealing it because it’s a car. It can go places. There’s drink holders. You can put stuff in it.

But in Delco, you steal a car because of what’s already inside it. The car is simply a bonus, like getting to play with all those cool boxes from your toys on Christmas morning.

Upper Darby is discovering this firsthand, thanks to a spate of tool robberies the township has been dealing with. Seems some wily thieves are robbing everything from wrenches to tile saws from area utility and contractor trucks, and have already netted a half million dollars worth of gear.

CBS has some dirt on the rapscallions behind the recent thefts thanks to superintendent Michael Chitwood:

“The thieves break into the lock, and then they’re able to start the trucks and take off,” Chitwood says. “A couple of the trucks had GPS systems on them, and they were able to find them and get rid of them so you couldn’t track where the trucks were.”

Dastardly, sure. And these guys are robbing everything from PECO trucks to plumbers’ vans, making them the hottest professional thieves in Delco right now. So, you know, look out.

Philly, though, should also take note. After all, cops have been finding the stolen vans empty in Southwest Philly. Which, of course, means those tools probably haven’t stayed in Delco—unlike the majority of my graduating class. [CBS]

It Was a Deadly Weekend for Non-Traditional Swimming in PA

At least two men are dead in water-related accidents this weekend, marking a morbid end to summer as students start in on the school year.

One man, Izydor Poplawski, 46, of Connecticut, died during a scuba expedition at a former eastern PA rock quarry. Friends reported the man missing Saturday night to Dutch Springs employees, with emergency crews responding only to find his body around 3:15 a.m. Sunday.

Robert Miller, 23, of Glen Mills, met a similar fate when he jumped off a dock at 3:30 a.m. Sunday at the Golden Point Marina & Yacht Club in Delaware County—just 15 minutes after authorities discovered Poplawski’s body in Bethlehem. Unfortunately, he didn’t surface again. Chester police reportedly discovered Miller’s body at 11 a.m. Sunday, just 75 feet from where he plunged into the Delaware.

The cause of Miller’s death is currently not confirmed, but Poplawski’s demise was ruled an accidental drowning. Be careful out there, guys. [Philly.com]

Police Investigating Whether Alcohol Played Role in ‘Nova Student Death

18-year-old sophomore Villanova business student Kinara Patel, from North Jersey, was found dead in Sullivan Hall, a residence hall, on Thursday morning. Police have all but ruled out foul play, but are investigating whether alcohol played a role.

Radnor Township Police Lt. Andy Block says investigators believe Patel died overnight after spending a night out with friends in Bryn Mawr, Pa. Her body was discovered by a friend. Police are investigating whether alcohol played a role in Patel’s death. When asked if police believed she was drinking in a bar Wednesday night, Lt. Block said that was one possibility police were looking into.

An autopsy is being performed this morning. [NBC 10]

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