Mass Discovered in Beau Biden’s Brain

Beau Biden, Delaware AG, has a mass in his brain according to doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He is being held for observation tonight to determine if it’s cancerous. For more on Biden, who took a detour last week through Jefferson University hospital after first experiencing symptoms, see our piece from yesterday. Biden suffered a mild stroke in 2010; his father, VP Joe Biden suffered a serious aneurysm in 1988. [NBC News]

Beau Biden Was Hospitalized at Jefferson Last Week

Last Wednesday, Delaware A.G. Beau Biden, VP fils, was driving with his family to Indiana for a family vacation when he became disoriented and felt that something “wasn’t right” with his arm. (He suffered a mild stroke in 2010.) The next day he visited his doctor at Jefferson University hospital in Philly before spending the weekend taking it easy at home in Wilmington.

Since then, however, he’s flown to some undisclosed location in Houston, where he’s undergoing medical tests to determine exactly what went wrong. Next family vacation, I’ve got a feeling Beau’s taking Amtrak.

Wilmington Teen Caught with 3,500 (!) Bags of Heroin

3,582 bags to be precise. That sounds like a lot, but as the above photo demonstrates, one could probably fit this into a backpack. Because the value of the heroin being hoarded by this Wilmington 16-year-old was listed at $35,820, I have deduced that these bags are in fact dime bags. The boy has been charged with possession with intent to deliver in “Tier 4 Quantity.” There are only 5 tiers. [Delaware Online]

Photo: Delaware Police

University of Delaware Hack Affects 72,000 People

6ABC reports:

The University of Delaware says the employee records of 72,000 people, which includes social security numbers, were breached by criminal hacking.

In a letter dated Monday, the university officials said it experienced a cyber attack which targeted the personal records of both current and former employees, including student workers.

Along with social security numbers, the files also included names, addresses and university ID numbers.

No commentary possible. Just: Ugh.

So Forbes Just Ranked Swarthmore Higher Than Harvard

Forbes is out with its 6th annual college rankings, which are calculated in a unique way. Rather than judge by SAT scores and selectivity, like U.S. News and World Report, Forbes has a more ROI-based metric that looks at what the schools did for students, after graduation. It measured student debt, academic success (scholarships, Ph.D.s), financial success, student satisfaction, and graduation rate. Coming in 6th, ahead of 11th place Penn–and ahead of Harvard–was Swarthmore College. (Forbes, it appears, did not factor Title IX sexual misconduct lawsuits into its rankings.) Bryn Mawr and Haverford were ranked 40th and 43rd, respsectively. Penn State came in 93rd.

Delaware Man Throws Semen on Wal-Mart Customer

Delaware State Police/The Smoking Gun

“Because she was hot,” is no excuse for what you’re about to read, boys and girls. Yet that was the purported excuse of this New Castle, Delaware Wal-Mart frequenter.

The 20-year-old victim says she was standing in an aisle texting when a man she later identified as 22-year-old Frank J. Short, Jr., walked by and “said excuse me.” That’s when she ” suddenly felt something wet on her buttocks, thigh and leg,” according to the official police report. Initially believing the suspect had sneezed or spat on her, the woman looked down to find…

“A GLOB OF SEMEN ON HER LEG.” He’s also been observed doing some fake-spanking in the past, but was only charged with “offensive touching with bodily fluid,” and other less bizarre crimes. Whatever you choose to do with him, Delaware police, just don’t send him to this strange upcoming gathering in which 300 local mothers will be breastfeeding en masse, in public. [Gawker]

Most Unusual: Wilmington Home With Bomb Shelter Built During Cuban Missile Crisis

This redwood home on a woodsy acre has an outbuilding whose historic context beats that of most other Wilmington real estate, to be sure. In October of 1962, the country was brought to what seemed to be the brink of nuclear war. By this time, children had been crouching beneath their desks–”Duck and Cover!”–for civil defense test raids for a decade. But the Cuban Missile Crisis provoked the kind of fear that would lead a homeowner to speedily erect a stone bunker on his property.

What is the shelter good for now? Perhaps 21st-century end-of-days folks who want a place to preserve their potable water will find it appealing. Do such people live in Wilmington, Del.? If not, the listing suggests a wine cellar, which is much more fun.

As for the other aspects of the house, given the number of pine and oak walls, the decor may be responsible for the Delaware Wooden Wall Crisis of 1952.

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So a Tornado Actually Landed in Delaware Last Night

The National Weather Service reported that an EF-0 tornado (the weakest category) landed in Newark, Delaware last night. And judging by the video below, it may have been the most exciting thing ever to happen in Delaware. Notable quote: “Oh my God.” Also, check out the top left corner of the screen about ten seconds in. The twister itself?

Unlike the one in the video, there were homes in New Castle County that were considerably damaged by the storm. []

Delaware Becomes 11th State to Legalize Gay Marriage

Wow, Pennsylvania. You’re starting to look increasingly alone when you look at map of states that have legalized gay marriage. Now that Delaware passed such a measure on Tuesday, we’re virtually surrounded by gay marriage in the Keystone State: It joins Maryland and New York among the mostly northeastern states that have passed marriage equality, and even New Jersey allows for civil unions. We don’t have even that here.

And why would we want such heart-warming scenes as this?

(Democratic Sen. Karen) Peterson came out publicly for the first time on the Senate floor during debate, referencing her 24-year relationship with her partner.

“Neither of us chose to be gay, any more than heterosexual people chose to be straight,” Peterson said. “Nobody gets to make those decisions any more than we decide to be tall, short, black or white. We are what God made us. We don’t need to be fixed. We’re not broken.”

Drawing laughter from the gallery, Peterson added, “If my happiness somehow demeans or diminishes your marriage, then you need to work on your marriage.”

Or this?

Scott Forrest, 50, of Newark said he and his partner of almost 21 years, Kevin Fenimore, look forward to having the civil union they entered into last year converted to marriage.

“I am elated,” he said.

Anyway, congrats to Delaware. And Pennsylvania? Try to catch up, OK?


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