University of Delaware “Nooses” Turn Out to Be Lantern Remnants


What began as trepidation about a possible hate crime on the University of Delaware campus has transformed into a debate about political correctness — and all because of a mistake. Read more »

Delaware Losing Favor as Corporate Haven, Report



(Wilmington, Del./Wikimedia Commons)

Delaware, long known as a corporation-friendly state, could be falling out of favor with companies who believe it makes them vulnerable to shareholder lawsuits.

Dole Foods Co. has been shipping its fruit products from countries in Central America to Wilmington, Del. since the 1980s — and in 2001, the company was so attracted by Delaware’s friendly attitude towards businesses that it moved its corporate headquarters from tropical Hawaii to Wilmington, the Wall Street Journal reports. Read more »

Hate Crime Charges Possible in Delaware Confederate Flag Theft?

Last week, a University of Massachusetts professor advocated in Salon for making it a hate crime to fly the Confederate Flag. This week, New Castle County Police will take another look at the case of three teenagers who are accused of stealing the Stars and Bars from a home in Delaware to determine if the theft of the Confederate flag qualifies as a hate crime.

Last week, Barry Binkley awoke to discover that the Confederate flag he had been flying for 15 years was missing. Not only that, his truck had been vandalized and his boat had “(expletive) u racist” spray-painted on the side. Binkley told the Delaware News Journal that he is not a racist and displayed the flag because it is a symbol that ties him to friends and family in the South, including cousins in North Carolina.

The teenagers arrested for the crime were charged with trespassing, criminal mischief and theft — but not a hate crime. New Castle County Police Officer First Class Tracey Duffy told the News Journal that it doesn’t qualify because a racial slur was not used. Read more »

What If You Could Get from Philly to D.C. on Public Transit?

Septa regional rail train

There are a few ways to get from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.: You can shell out the dough for Amtrak (expensive!), sit in traffic on I-95 (exhausting!), take the bus (slow!) or fly (bank-breaking!). That could change in the coming years, making travel between the two cities much easier and cheaper.

MARC and DART, Maryland and Delaware’s respective public transportation agencies, are currently discussing the possibility of bridging a long-time gap between Newark — a DART bus hub and SEPTA’s southern terminus — and Perryville, Maryland, MARC’s northernmost commuter rail stop, 20 miles away. Right now, that stretch has no commuter transportation, save for Amtrak and regional bus lines.  Read more »

NJ’s Economic Growth Near Worst; PA Just Average

GDP chartNew data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis finds that New Jersey had poor economic growth in 2014. Compared to other states, New Jersey ranked 46th, with its gross domestic product growing just 0.4 percent over the course of the year.

Pennsylvania saw about average growth with a 1.8 percent uptick, while Delaware was at 1.2 percent. Read more »

Beau Biden: What They’re Saying

Beau Biden speaks at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. The former Delaware attorney general died over the weekend. (AP Photo.)

Beau Biden, the former Delaware attorney general and son of Vice President Joe Biden, passed over the weekend after a battle with brain cancer. Flags are flying at half-staff in Delaware today. What they’re saying about Biden and his death: Read more »

Navy Yard-Like Makeover Envisioned for Former Steel Mill Site in Claymont

Once a noisy, 425-acre industrial site in Claymont, Delaware (it’s less than an hour from Philly), the former Evraz Steel Mill property said goodbye to its last tenant right before the start of 2014. “It marked the end of nearly 100 years of steel manufacturing in Claymont,” wrote Delaware Online’s Xerces Wilson back in April. Now, the property has the potential for a new lease on life, one akin to Philadelphia’s relatively successful Navy Yard if things go accordingly.

The group with the plan? St. Louis-based Commercial Development Co., who bought the tract earlier this year. CDC has made a name for itself thanks to their work transforming “large, shuttered heavy manufacturing sites” into new usable spaces, reports Wilson.

Read more »

Wilmington Blue Rocks Announce Krispy Kreme Donut Dog

The Wilmington Blue Rocks are a Class A Advanced affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. The team plays just off of I-95 and can be a bargain night out for friends and family. But today they are getting all sorts of attention because of the above creation. That my friends is the Wilmington Blue Rocks Krispy Kreme Donut Dog, complete with raspberry jelly, bacon and enough sugary glaze to send you into shock.

The donut will be available at Blue Rocks home games and right now, the team is looking for a name for the Frankenstein-ian creation.

How to name the creation »

How Is F. Scott Fitzgerald Tied to This $2.22 Million Delaware House?

Home image via Long & Foster Co. | F. Scott Fitzgerald image via Wikimedia Commons

Home image via Long & Foster Co. | F. Scott Fitzgerald image via Wikimedia Commons

It is possible that in its younger and more vulnerable years this Delaware home nestled in Greenville’s Wooddale neighborhood was part of the Underground Railroad. That rumor has never been confirmed, but it would certainly add another defining characteristic to its story. The one we know for sure, though? The Fitzgeralds, as in the former Miss Zelda Sayre and her writer husband Francis Scott, used to visit with the family who once lived here.

According to current owner and agent Kathi Trapnell, Judge John Biggs, the home’s former resident, and F. Scott had been roommates and friends at Princeton University, so, naturally, Biggs would invite his old buddy over with his lady. After Fitzgerald’s death, Biggs reportedly helped the Fitzgeralds’ only daughter, Scottie, negotiate a contract for the screen rights for the Great Gatsby. (Hey, the more you know.)

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