PA Turnpike Introduces Cashless Tolling at Delaware River Bridge

PA Turnpike - Delaware River bridge map

Map courtesy of the Pennsylvania Turnpike

You don’t have to stop to pay tolls on the Delaware River-Turnpike Bridge.

That doesn’t mean you won’t be paying them, though. In a change that went into effect on January 3rd, there are no more cash tolls on the bridge that connects the eastern end of the Pennsylvania Turnpike with the New Jersey Turnpike. Motorists who cross over the bridge headed into Pennsylvania will pay $5 if they have E-ZPass. Those without EZ Pass will receive a bill in the mail for $6.75. Read more »

Holy Sea Cow! Manatee Spotted in Delaware River

The manatee spotted in the Delaware. Photo | New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

The manatee spotted in the Delaware. Photo | New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

The waters of the Delaware River received an unexpected guest this past week.

A manatee, the large marine mammal known to thrive in warmer waters, found its way into the northern Delaware River next to Bordentown City, New Jersey, the Burlington County Times reported yesterday.

The creature, often referred to as a “sea cow” because of its docile manner, was spotted at the mouth of the Crosswicks Creek on Tuesday, but has not been seen since, the paper reports. Read more »

61-Foot, 11-Ton Duck Coming to Philadelphia Waterfront

World's Largest Rubber Duck

Photo courtesy of Craig Samborski

A 61-foot tall, 11-ton duck is coming to Philadelphia next month.

As part of the 2015 Tall Ships Philadelphia/Camden festival, being held from June 25th to the 28th, Draw Events is bringing the World’s Largest Rubber Duck to the Delaware River.

Based on a the plans for an installation called Rubber Duck originally made by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, this version of the giant rubber duck — actually made of an inflatable vinyl covering — also appeared at last year’s Tall Ships Festival Los Angeles. Hofman unveiled the first version of the rubber duck in his native Amsterdam in 2007; the first North American appearance was in Pittsburgh in 2013.

“In my estimation, you need to go big or go home,” says Draw Events president Craig Samborski. “Then someone floated the idea of the duck past us.” Yes, a six-story high duck floating by is big enough. Samborski’s company bought the plans from Hofman, modified the specs — the version coming to Philadelphia is larger than what was indicated in the plans provided — and set out on building an 11-ton vinyl duck that sits on a 10-ton steel pontoon. Read more »

Headlines: Is Trump-ish Tower Back in Play on the Delaware?

Pier 35 & 1/2 | via Google Street View

Pier 35 & 1/2 | via Google Street View

The development process of Pier 35 & 1/2 is in its infancy, but is it possible that the previous Trump Tower Philadelphia proposal is being used as the “template” for the site? Jacob Adelman of The Inquirer, who first reported the sale of the pier, talked with a spokesman for the new owners, who say they’re “pursuing the highest and best use of the property” and that Trump-ish tower development is among the options. Read more »

U.S. Army Will Detonate the Delaware River This Year

Mark it down: 2015 is the year that the crack of explosions will be heard and the ground will tremble on the banks of the Delaware River near Chester and across the way in New Jersey. The river itself will rise and bubble.

The End of Days?

Nope. It is all part of the massive Army Corps of Engineers Delaware River dredging project. They are deepening the Delaware from 40 to 45 feet along a 102-mile stretch so that bigger cargo ships can make it to the ports of Philadelphia and Wilmington.

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Mayfair Man Who Intentionally Drove Corvette into Delaware: “What’s the Charge?”

A Philadelphia man is on the run from police after he intentionally drove his Corvette into the Delaware River on Monday afternoon. Cops have a warrant out for John Kramer, a 50-year-old Mayfair man who drove his 1990 red Corvette into the Delaware River.

Cops haven’t found him yet. But Kramer, on the run out of state, did give an interview to Fox 29’s Dave Schratweiser where he defended himself for driving a Corvette into the river. “I didn’t want to put the car in the river, but everybody’s fighting over this damn car that I paid $3,600 for two years ago,” he told Fox 29. For three years, Kramer has been going through a contentious divorce with his estranged wife.

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Man Drives Corvette into Delaware River in Northeast Philly

Update: Police have pulled a red Corvette from the Delaware River in the Tacony section of Northeast Philadelphia.

No one was hurt. Police say the Corvette was dumped by a husband who is going through a divorce with his wife. The driver, whose name has not been released, fled the car. He’s wanted on reckless endangerment and other charges.


Police are currently searching the Delaware River after reports that a Corvette drove into the river.

Police first received reports of the Corvette’s dive into the Delaware at about a quarter to 4. Callers told cops the red ’Vette went into the river at Magee Avenue in the Tacony section of Northeast Philadelphia.

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Driver Plunges into Delaware River Fleeing Scene of Crash

A man fleeing the scene of a car crash at Fourth and Arch streets drove his car into the Delaware River, police say. He sped down a bridge connecting the Chestnut Street Bridge to Columbus Boulevard, went over a barrier and flipped into the river. The incident happened last night at around 6 p.m.

Bystanders who live in the Pier 3 condominiums dove into the river in an attempt to rescue the man. The driver, later identified as 25-year-old Marc Oliverio, of South Philadelphia, was pronounced dead an hour later.

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