5 New York Subway Pick-Up Tips That Will Never Work on SEPTA


I can’t imagine what drove Brian Robinson to look for dates on the subway. In the age of Tinder and Match.com — when anything from a hook-up to a minivan is a click away — he prefers to meet women on New York’s subway.

In an aggressively weird profile in the New York Post, Robinson claims to have gone out with “about 500” women thanks to his “smooth” pick-up lines (which, in reality, seem to be plucked from Saved by the Bell drafts). He’s writing an advice book, How to Meet Women on the Subway, despite the fact that most reactions The Post witnessed during a ride-along were somewhere between almost pleasant and politely annoyed — although he did walk away with at least one business card.

Salon is not amused, and neither is Hollaback!, a nonprofit that works to end street harassment. I can see why, as Robinson — who mostly seems like a harmless nerd — comes off a little predatory when he says things like, “There’s always beautiful women down there — tons.”

But I live in Philadelphia, where I don’t have the luxury of being outraged by the Brian Robinsons of the world.

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Survey: Penn, Princeton Grads Are Hard to Date

Alumni from the University of Pennsylvania are among the 10 least-dateable alums of any college in the United States, according to a survey.

Matchmaking site The Dating Ring surveyed 1,600 users about 7,500 dates and came up with the 10-best and 10-worst alumni to date. Penn came in at No. 8, and Princeton No. 9. Babson College (it’s near Boston) had the worst alums to date in the survey, while Rutgers was third-worst.

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RANK YOUR EX: Is BeenRanked.com a Brillant or a Horrible Idea?

Wish I Had Known Pic

Imagine meeting a guy on Grindr or at Woody’s and before you go on a single date with him, you are able to check out a Yelp-like profile that compiles reviews of your potential future boyfriend by a series of his exes.

No, this isn’t a scene from a knock-off of the Another Gay Movie franchise but the brainchild of local entrepreneur Jason Beschen, who launched his new website BeenRanked.com as a way to screen potential mates before you even make an OpenTable reservation for a first date dinner. Read more »

Philadelphia Named 6th Best City for Singles

Pat yourself on the back, single people. According to rent.com, Philadelphia is the sixth-best city for singles in the country. Before you get too excited, please note that the list includes Jersey City (Jersey City!) at No. 9 and the usual suspects (Seattle, Boston, D.C., New York, San Francisco) in the top five. But, hey, sixth-best is pretty good!

Per the site, 26 percent of Philadelphia’s population is single (and the median one-bedroom rent is $1,295 — and, yeah, you can live for much cheaper than that if you look around a bit).

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Would You Pick Up a Date While Running?



So, here are a few more reasons to lace up your running shoes and squeeze in an evening sweat session today: According to a survey conducted by Brooks Running, 76 percent of respondents thought that other people look sexy while running and a whopping 51 percent said they’ve used the topic of running in a pick-up line. Whether the pick-up lines worked, we’ll never know. But it looks like the Schuylkill River Trail might just be better than OKCupid when it comes to finding a date—just sayin’.

And if getting picked up on your running route serves as more of a deterrent than a motivation, here’s one more neat statistic from the survey: 83 percent of the folks surveyed claimed they come up with their best ideas while running. So lace up those kicks and watch the brilliant ideas pour in. Happy trails, friends!

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Five Observations About Trying to Find a Date on the Internet in 2014


When I was in my 20s, and stinging after a break-up, I would sometimes place a personal ad on Craigslist. I did so half seriously, half on a lark — I know a couple who met on Craigslist and who are now happily married with two children. So why not?

The answers were often entertaining, and sometimes random: once an ex-boyfriend replied (no, you’re really not a nice guy). And I actually met two men there: One was a former Navy Seal who occupied my time for a summer; the other was an environmentalist who showed up in a pleather duster and talked in a way that made me consider shimmying out of the bar’s bathroom window.

I find myself on the single side of things again, and even though I’ve vowed to not date until April, I placed an ad in Philadelphia and South Jersey anyway, just to see what would come of it.

In two weeks, I got about 60 responses (some of them were doubles, obviously guys sending the same response to anyone who posted). I noticed five things in those 60 replies. What I’ve quoted here has not been altered, except to redact the names of the not necessarily innocent.

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Philadelphia a Top City for Dating, Somehow Worse Than Richmond

Congratulations, Philadelphians! We made it on to some stupid list again, and now I’m blogging about it. This time it’s from Zillow, who we last saw telling us 10 strange reasons to move to Philly. Now little ol’ Philadelphia is ranked 10th on the list of 10 Best Metros for Meeting Your Valentine.

The list was restricted to U.S. cities with a metro area population over 750,000 and was calculated by “areas with (1) a large proportion of singles, (2) a high average income after rent for those singles and (3) a large number of possible date spots in the area.” The “possible date spots” were “restaurants, bars and entertainment (museums, parks, zoos, etc.).” (There’s no word on what the “etc.” can include. Are the Magic Gardens included? Now that’s a good Philadelphia date spot.) San Francisco took the top spot.

But look who we’re behind:

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5 Healthy Date Ideas in Philly

Yoga on the Steps

Yoga at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

If planning the perfect date night gives you agita—because, let’s face it, being the mastermind behind a flawless evening is not an easy gig—we’re here to help. We’ve come up with five healthy, ready-made date ideas for you. And don’t worry: They’re not all baking kale chips and watching Food Inc. Promise. Just scroll through the list and find a date that suits your fancy, or feel free to mix and match. And be thankful that you’ll never have to eat a dinner of over-buttered popcorn and Buncha Crunch again. Amen to that!

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Confessions: I Write the Online Dating Profiles of Wealthy Men


As I sit here alone in my bedroom with my dog, I have a community of 1,077 Facebook “friends” and a combined total of some 700 Twitter and Instagram followers. I know because I can see their faces on my laptop and iPhone. I can read their thoughts, see pictures of their dinner and interact with them through likes, comments, emojis and tweets. We all exist as serif typography on a bright screen, and yet we are still alone, and if less lucky, lonely.

But how can we all not be lonesome when we’re substituting online relationships for real ones? When we’re creating digital communities that inherently are neighborhoods with no people? When we are paying writers to act as modern day Cyranos, crafting online dating profiles and messages for men who have no time to meet and get to know a woman, let alone make their own Match.com profiles?

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The Millennial Revolution: Singlehood Is Better Than Ever

Dan mcquade, 30

Dan mcquade, 30

I went on 38 first dates last year.

I’d like to say I had some sort of grand plan to get out of a rut, like the charming main character in a romantic comedy. But it just sort of happened. I met people in bars. I met people through social media sites. And I met people on sites designed explicitly for dating. I was 29. A little old, a little lonely.

I primarily went out with people around my age. Their attitudes toward dating (okay, dating me) ran the gamut—some wanted to jump into a relationship immediately. Some just wanted to hook up. Some weren’t sure.

It seems like every day I read a new piece about how millennials are only interested in anonymous, no-strings-attached sex, how we’re never getting married and we’re never going to have children. But as my year of dates revealed, people around my age are a diverse group. Plenty of my friends—many much younger than I am—are already married with children.
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