Too Busy for Online Dating? New Philly Startup Will Swipe for You

Image courtesy of Wingman

There isn’t a lot that the duo behind Wingman, the dating startup launched this month in Philadelphia, will let their customers know about them.

“It plays into the culture of the service,” they say of their anonymity.

What “J” and “B” will tell you is that during their four years at the University of Pennsylvania (well, they’ll share the name of their alma mater), J was the de facto “smooth talker” amongst their group of friends. And B? B did all right with the ladies in person, but when it came to texting, he’d quickly grow frustrated at his inability to master the nuances of what he saw as an impersonal medium for romantic communication.

Eventually, he’d toss his phone to J, and three minutes later, J had scheduled B a date with the girl he’d been pursuing on a dating app for weeks. And Wingman was born.

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Single and Looking for Love in Philly? You’re In Luck

If you fear your impending “singleness” this upcoming Valentine’s Day, stop it right now. You’re not alone – apparently a large portion of your fellow Philadelphians are single too.

According to a new report by Trulia (and yes, we’re referring to the online residential real estate site and not some sketchy online dating service), about 58.4 percent of men and 65 percent of women are single in Philadelphia. What’s more, these percentages are higher than any other city in the country.

The report, entitled Where to Live and Let Love Find You, examined U.S. Census data and the dating pool in 100 of the largest metro areas in America. “Single,” as Trulia uses it, refers to anyone age 21 or older who has never been married or was formerly married.

But the report doesn’t just stop at the total number of singles in each city – it gets even more specific and looks at the age range of these singles, how many hours they usually work, how much education they have, and if they have ever been married. Here’s what it found for Philadelphia: Read more »

Report: Penn Students Are Tinder’s Hottest Ivy Leaguers

Photo by temizyurek/iStock

Photo by temizyurek/iStock

The university that touts the most billionaire graduates in the country is also apparently the most attractive.

Dating app Tinder has released information for a Business Insider report claiming that students at the University of Pennsylvania receive more right (“yes”) swipes than those at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale, or Harvard. Read more »

Kickstarter Campaign Launches for LGBTQ Dating App “Sapiens” Geared at Being All-Inclusive

People bata-testing the Sapiens app.

People bata-testing the Sapiens app. Provided by Icon Photography.

A new queer tech startup based in Philadelphia and New York plans to tackle gender inclusivity, harassment, body positivity, safe sex and feminism with a brand new dating app. Named “Sapiens,” its focus is on respect, empowerment and authenticity in the online LGBTQ dating scene. The creators are launching a Kickstarter campaign that is set for September 1st to fund what they are calling “a revolutionary approach to online dating.”  Read more »

LOCAL NEWS: Philly Queer Woman to Launch Inclusive Dating App

Dating Sapiens is a new app that is trying to provide more inclusion for LGBTQ users.

Dating Sapiens is a new app that is trying to provide more inclusion for LGBTQ users.

Tara Taylor is the co-founder of a new dating app geared toward redefining LGBTQ matchmaking.

Two queer women of color have just launched the beta testing submissions for a new dating app focused on inclusive gender identity and expression. “Dating Sapiens is LGBTQIA, feminist, polyamorous, differently abled, and for all people of all colors and all intersections – we’re tired of people feeling like a piece of meat online,” says Philly-based co-founder Tara Taylor. The idea for the project started in April 2015 and has gathered support and promotion here in the city and in New York. At a time in which many LGBTQ dating apps are being criticized for being cisgender male focused, Sapiens has programming that accommodates gender pronoun choice, a proper metric for gender expression, and a deliberate void of direct labels on sexual orientation. “Sapiens is about empowerment … it’s about creating a welcoming dating environment online that doesn’t predicate itself on marginalizing and alienating you,” Taylor says. The company plans to host promotional events in March, followed by a Kickstarter campaign in May, leading up to a full launch in June. Read more »

ADVICE: 5 Ways to Avoid Awkward Ex Encounters

We’ve all been there.

You’re out at one of these fabulous events in the Gayborhood and you spot your ex. “It was bound to happen … but not so soon,” you tell yourself. How do you make this situation as normal as possible without being the center of gossip in the room?

Here are smart ways that could help avoid the awkward encounters of spotting your ex in the Gayborhood. Read more »

Singles Running Groups in Philly: Where Are They? 

I’m not entirely sure how this question popped into my head, but a few weeks back, I began wondering: Where are the singles running groups in Philly? It would seem to me that a running group — where you meet up with other people who are also into running miles upon miles at a time, often in freezing cold weather or rain, for no other reason besides they enjoy it (a hobby some would find all kinds of strange) — would be a great place to meet like-minded humans worthy of a date or two. ALL while getting a run in! Talk about killing two birds with one stone and a win-win situation and all that jazz, right? Read more »

Gay Sex in the Philly City: Bragging About Money on a First Date is a Major Turn-Off

Via Shutterstock.

“Well, to be honest, I’m still sucking on my mother’s tit. … Oh, and I think I’m older than you.” That’s how my date described himself during our first face-to-face encounter at a restaurant along Walnut Street.

Is it any wonder I didn’t feel a magnetic attraction, that I didn’t beg for date two?! There was something utterly gross going on—tit-sucking mom talk aside. (I had seen pictures of his mother on Facebook, and it was not pretty). Don’t get me wrong: He was handsome. But he spent half the evening bragging about how much money he had.

It started with him making it very, very, very clear that he lived in an upscale Rittenhouse condo and that he was a “big boss” at a corporate office on Market Street. I could barely get in a word as we nursed our cocktails: He pontificated about how he purchased an $8,000 camel-hair couch and asked me where my last vacation was. When I told him Las Vegas, he rolled his eyes.

“I could never go there,” he said. “It’s tacky, and with all the work I’ve had done on my face, there is no way I could just sit at a pool and lay in the sun.” Read more »

Gay Sex and the Philly City: It’s Not Me, It’s You

gay couple

I had a therapist about a year ago tell me, “You need to let your hair down when it comes to sex. You need to let loose”

I, quite frankly, took offense to that. I mean, I have been out since I was 16, and if the back seat of my first car (my late grandfather’s white clunker) could talk, well, I’d be labeled a big old whore. (God, the things that happened in the parking lot of the Best Buy store about 20 minutes from my parents’ house …) Yet, my therapist thought I needed to be more playful with the people I dated, or that I needed to show other guys that I could be a fun-loving sexual being.

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STUDY: Gay Men Spend More on First Dates Than Straight Men—But Not in Philly

I'm gonna pay so much for this salad. |

I’m gonna pay so much for this salad. |

From the hall of funny studies comes this one from date auction site, which shows that gay bachelors in the U.S. spend quite a bit more on a first date than their heterosexual counterparts

WhatsYourPrice, which boasts 87,000 gay users, pulled member data to determine how much single men are spending on a first date. Turns out gay men spend a none-too-shabby average of $184, while straight dudes pay about $120.

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