Too Busy for Online Dating? New Philly Startup Will Swipe for You

Image courtesy of Wingman

There isn’t a lot that the duo behind Wingman, the dating startup launched this month in Philadelphia, will let their customers know about them.

“It plays into the culture of the service,” they say of their anonymity.

What “J” and “B” will tell you is that during their four years at the University of Pennsylvania (well, they’ll share the name of their alma mater), J was the de facto “smooth talker” amongst their group of friends. And B? B did all right with the ladies in person, but when it came to texting, he’d quickly grow frustrated at his inability to master the nuances of what he saw as an impersonal medium for romantic communication.

Eventually, he’d toss his phone to J, and three minutes later, J had scheduled B a date with the girl he’d been pursuing on a dating app for weeks. And Wingman was born.

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10 Things You Love to Hate if You Live in Philly

Image courtesy of Hokku Public Relations

Image courtesy of Hokku Public Relations

Let’s face it, by default, we as Philly residents are often dubbed an irate group of people. After all, our lovely urban city has been named the angriest city in the nation once or twice. But is it true? Are we really haters? And if so, what is it that we love to hate so much?

Well, while we can’t speak for everyone on the former, we now have some clarity on the latter, because new data just gave us insight on the region’s top ten most hated topics. Before we get into the top ten, though, we have to let you in on one thing: the data was collected by a dating app called Hater, which matches people looking for love based solely on things they hate (yep, this app exists.). Brace yourselves, folks, because the ten are as comical, yet oddly relatable, as you’d expect. Read more »

Report: Penn Students Are Tinder’s Hottest Ivy Leaguers

Photo by temizyurek/iStock

Photo by temizyurek/iStock

The university that touts the most billionaire graduates in the country is also apparently the most attractive.

Dating app Tinder has released information for a Business Insider report claiming that students at the University of Pennsylvania receive more right (“yes”) swipes than those at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Princeton, Yale, or Harvard. Read more »

Kickstarter Campaign Launches for LGBTQ Dating App “Sapiens” Geared at Being All-Inclusive

People bata-testing the Sapiens app.

People bata-testing the Sapiens app. Provided by Icon Photography.

A new queer tech startup based in Philadelphia and New York plans to tackle gender inclusivity, harassment, body positivity, safe sex and feminism with a brand new dating app. Named “Sapiens,” its focus is on respect, empowerment and authenticity in the online LGBTQ dating scene. The creators are launching a Kickstarter campaign that is set for September 1st to fund what they are calling “a revolutionary approach to online dating.”  Read more »