City Council Spending $20K on Ads Defending Delay on PGW Sale

In February, Mayor Michael Nutter announced the sale of PGW for $1.86 billion. But City Council has questions, and didn’t review the sale before the summer recess. That delay matters: Since Council hasn’t taken any action yet, UIL Holdings can back out of the proposed sale after July 15.

Now, of course, the latest twist: City Council is spending $20,000 on radio ads defending the delay. Wait, what?

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Council Will Consider PGW Sale on Its Timeline — Not the Mayor’s

CBS Philly reports that the City Council will adjourn for the summer on June 19th without deciding whether to approve the sale of Philaelphia Gas Works to a Connecticut company — even though the company can, under contract, walk away from the deal if it’s not finalized before July 15.

Council President Darrell Clarke said that deadline was agreed to by Mayor Nutter and the company, UIL Holdings. The council had no input. And that’s not the only problem, he says.

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Clarke, Butkovitz Lead Mayoral Field

A poll featuring likely Philly mayoral candidates puts City Council President Darrell Clarke at the head of the field with 14 percent, followed closely by City Controller Alan Butkovitz at 12 percent. But many, many Philadelphians still haven’t found a candidate to back — the election isn’t until next year after all — 41 percent are undecided.

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Morning Headlines: Twenty Shuttered School Buildings To Be Listed for Immediate Sale

School District of Philadelphia

When it comes to the sale of shuttered school buildings, no one has been more about picking up the pace than City Council President Darrell Clarke. Last fall, the School District put up 28 buildings for sale on their website. Only 7 were listed as expedited sales and open to bidding; the rest were there to get “expressions of interest”. Needless to say, Clarke was not a fan of the slow-moving approach.

Now, however, the District is facing fiscal troubles once more and, as the Inquirer’s Troy Graham reports, appears to finally be taking Clarke’s advice. Twenty school buildings will be listed for immediate sale, one of which is North Broad’s William Penn High School, one of the schools that appeared on last year’s list. More from the Inquirer:
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Morning Headlines: Nutter and Clarke Make Plan for LOVE Park

After months of discussion, an accord has finally been reached for how to refurbish of JFK Plaza. According to the Inquirer’s Troy Graham, Mayor Nutter and City Council President Darrell Clarke signed a document “that outlines their ‘shared vision'” for the park. Compromise from both parties is evident in the new plan, which includes information about what would be retained, what would be added, and how it would all be funded.

To avoid dipping into the city’s reserves, the renovation project would funded by the sale of the garage beneath the plaza, and Liberty Property Trust would offer free planning and design services.

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