Pete McAndrews Wins Food Porn Award at Eagles Chiefs Game

On Thursday night, the Eagles and the Chiefs squared off at Lincoln Financial Field. I’ll let the people who know something about the sport opine about the future of the Eagles. I was there for the food and left before the end of the first quarter.

Below, some photos of what you’re going to be eating at the next Eagles home game at the Linc. Hats off to Aramark — the folks actually making and serving the food — for running a pretty tight operation.

Paesano’s Pete McAndrews wins the coveted food porn award for his namesake Paesano brisket sandwich:

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This is What Happens When You Let Scott Schroeder Touch Your Wiener


Yesterday, Scott Schroeder (SPTR, American Sardine Bar) was out at Love Park, slinging tube-shaped meat with the guys from Dapper Dog. His “Super Mexican Hot Dog” (a Dearborn dog, wrapped in bacon, then topped with pinto bean sauce, avocado, tomato-arbol sauce, Mexican crema, queso fresco and red onion) was totally sold out by 1:30–but luckily, Yoni Nimrod was able to get in and snap this picture before they were all gone.

Scott Schroeder Making Lunch at Love Park Today

Dapper Dog

Today, chef Scott Schroeder of American Sardine Bar and South Philadelphia Taproom will be serving up a special hot dog from the Dapper Dog food truck today. Schroeder is keeping exactly what he’s serving a bit of a secret. All we could find out was that it is “Mexican inspired.” Meal Ticket is thinking it is a bacon-wrapped dog piled high with all sorts of Mexican toppings.

Whatever it is, we’ll hazard to guess it will make for a great lunch today.

The Dapper Dog [Official Site]

Manayunk StrEAT Food Festival

To kick off Manayunk’s Restaurant Week – September 30th-October 5 – Manayunk is holding its first StrEAT Food Festival on Main Street on Saturday September 29th from 10am-5pm. Over 20 vendors from the Philadelphia area will attend the event, the only day of the year that street vendors are allowed to sell food in Manayunk due to district regulations.

Read on for details and a list of participating vendors.
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Late Night Gotcha for Food Vendors

On Saturday night Dapper Dog was doing what it has been doing for the better part of the year at 2nd and Poplar, feeding the masses. But this week shortly after midnight the hot dog cart was approached by police officers who told Dapper Dog they had to immediately stop vending as it is illegal to do so between midnight and 7am.

A quick scan of the Philadelphia code shows that late night vending is indeed prohibited.

(7) Prohibited Conduct. No vendor or person shall:
(l) engage in the business of vending between twelve midnight and seven A.M.

We contacted Dapper Dog’s Seth Russell today for more information. Russell says he has been vending across from the Standard Tap for close to the year without incident and “never heard any negative feedback from the community.” He sees that his success has brought other vendors to the area (most notably Jose Garces’ Guapos Tacos) and these vendors have raised community ire as they “simply showed up, even parking in no parking zones.” Russell says he’s working on a plan for this weekend but “sadly, our spot may have been ruined.”

We’ll be updating this latest chapter in Food Truck Woe as the week goes on.

Food Trucks Save the Day

PAWS, Philadelphia’s largest animal rescue and only non-kill shelter is hosting their annual Mutt Strut tomorrow in FDR Park. Yesterday their only food vendor cancelled leaving them with an expected crowd of 1,000+ and nothing more than dog biscuits to feed them.

So PAWS contacted a bunch of Philadelphia food trucks and will now have a lineup of tacos, hot dogs and coffee to share with walkers.

So hurray for Coup de Taco, Dapper Dog and Mojo Gourmet Coffee for coming up big and saving the day.

For more information on the mutt strutt, check out the official site and perhaps bring your pooch down to South Philadelphia tomorrow.

Mutt Strut [Official Site]

Wiener Revolution

Drew Lazor spots a trend, new places to enjoy hot dogs and sausages and he introduces us to several we had never heard of.

  • Renaissance Sausage
  • The Dapper Dog
  • Starvin Marvin’s Super Dogs
  • Nicky and Pete’s
  • Wunder Dog

Wiener Take All [City Paper]

Late Night Dogs Come to Philadelphia


Photo via The Somers Blog

We’ve had drunken hot dogs at the Wieners Circle in Chicago, we’ve gotten back in line at Gray’s Papaya for seconds at 3am in New York. But our late-night hot dog craving has never been satisfied in our home town. But that looks to be changing as Dapper Dog is setting up post-bar hours at 2nd and Poplar in Northern Liberties.

The hot dog cart keeps late night hours on Friday and Saturday nights and today offers lunch hours from 11am to 3pm.

Complete hours after the jump.

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