9 Can’t-Miss Cyber Monday Deals from Philly Fitness Studios, Shops and Spas



What better way to bounce back from a turkey-and-pie-filled Thanksgiving weekend than with a few Flywheel sessions, a new pair of running shoes or a sweet deal on yoga classes? Or, if you were slaving away in the kitchen for days on end, a massage—because you totally deserve it. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or crossing a few folks off your holiday gift list, we’ve got some great Cyber Monday deals, courtesy of local fitness studios, shops and spas that you won’t want to miss. And you won’t have to fight anyone for these deals, either. Praise the Internet, am I right?

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Your Ultimate Cyber Monday Shopping Guide


Time to get clicking. | Shutterstock.

Today is the Superbowl of online shopping, and we’re here to help you navigate today’s sale-filled cyberworld.

Here are the best lists of every single sale (at least the ones worth knowing) going on today, for whichever sort of shopper you may be, all gathered in one helpful guide. Go forth and SHOP.

First up: Shoppist’s list of (mostly) local online sales, including Duke & Winston, Moon + Arrow, Toggery and Trove General Store. Start local and work your way out.

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20 Must-Shop Cyber Monday Deals


She’s not actually working. | Shutterstock.

Without further ado, here are the best online deals — at both national companies and fab local spots — you’ll find on Cyber Monday, otherwise known as the day on which everyone pretends to work but actually only sits online filling up tiny virtual carts and frantically entering in credit card information. May the force of the online shopping gods be with you.

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