Tales From The Cupcake Wars: Crumbs Bake Shop Goes Dark In Rittenhouse


Remember what a big deal it was when Crumbs Bake Shop came to town? We reported on the announcement, tracked the location in Rittenhouse Square and it even made the news when their awning went up. Cupcake aficionados were honestly excited about this publicly-traded, bi-coastal operation coming to Philly.

Well, now the Rittenhouse location is closed. It lasted just over a year in its space, and such a rapid departure for a proven operation like Crumbs has us thinking: Does this closure say something about us as a city?

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Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Joey Vento, Fried Chicken, Jose Garces and Lots and Lots of Gin

Yes, there was some other big news this week, but we here at Foobooz World HQ have never let little things like floods, earthquakes and hurricanes get in the way of our reporting the news. And between the critical ass-kickings, Labor Day picnicking, tribute sandwiches and drinkable history lessons offered up this week, there was plenty to talk about that had nothing at all to do with the weather. Here are some of the highlights:

The Wrath of Irene Not quite a Michael Bay-quality disaster, but it’s what we had
The Fair Fare at Fare Trey Popp weeps dandelion-scented tears while kneecapping this place
Joey Vento, A Tribute In Meat And irony…
Your Guide to the Gin Universe An annotated cocktail guide to drinking juniper consomme
Crumbs Coming to 18th Street Diabetes to follow
Some Pig 79-cent roast pork at Shanks!
Fried Chicken Cometh, Fried Chicken Leaveth And we standeth waiting
Garces Does Labor Day A picnic basket to make you the King of Meat

And that’s the news, folks. Have a happy Labor Day weekend and we’ll see y’all on Tuesday.

Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Worst of Philly, Jose Garces, Milkshakes and Soylent Jell-O

So this was a big week. What with the Best of Philly hitting the stands (along with Worst of Philly), the competing reviews of Talula’s Garden, the big news rumors from Jose Garces and more openings than you can shake a stick at (Crumbs! Nomad! Aksum and Milkboy!), I can understand how you might’ve let a few things slip past you here at Foobooz.

But that’s cool. We’ve got you covered. Check out the mix-tape of this week’s greatest hits.

Adsum Shuffle: Meet the New Boss Not quite the same as the old boss…
Jose Garces Goes On A Spree The rumors say 5 new restaurants in two new towns.
News For People Who Like Bad News Fires, closures and a shipwreck
Milkshakes at Village Whiskey They’re better (but no less embarassing) than you think
Human Jell-O No, really. HUMAN JELL-O