BeWOW: The CrossFit Games Workout



Did any of you guys catch the CrossFit Games this weekend? I stumbled onto them on ESPN2 the other night, and for the next three hours I watched the most insanely fit people on the planet do unthinkable things with their bodies in the name of fitness. It. Was. Awesome.

The point of CrossFit is to train in every aspect of fitness to create a well-rounded athlete. This keeps the body guessing and working hard, plus you wind up pushing your body to places you never thought possible. What a great fitness philosophy, right?

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New CrossFit Gym Opening in Pennsport This Weekend with a Free Workout

crossfitCrossFit 2 St. (Get it? Like, Second Street?) will celebrate its grand opening this weekend in Pennsport at 1323 South 2nd Street. The box is a second location for co-owner David Lee, who also own CrossFit Manayunk; his business partner on the Pennsport box is  George Caroulis.

On Saturday, CF2ST will host an opening party with eats, drinks and a free W.O.D. (that’s Workout of the Day for you CrossFit newbies) at 11. This will also be your chance to get all your CrossFit questions answered. Like, finally.

Get more info about CF2ST here.