Meet 6 (OK, Maybe 5) Reasons Why Tom Wolf Is Right About the Death Penalty

The death penalty debate has flared up again in Pennsylvania, thanks to the death penalty moratorium issued by Governor Tom Wolf on February 13th. And there are many arguments against state-sponsored execution: It’s barbaric; it unfairly targets minorities; it’s not actually a deterrent to crime; and it can cost more than life imprisonment. But the single most convincing argument I’ve heard is this:

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The Brief: Will Crime Be an Issue in the Mayor’s Race?

Matt Rourke | AP

Matt Rourke | AP

This is Michael Nutter‘s final year as mayor, a/k/a legacy time. He’s talked up everything from his urban planning record to Philadelphia’s recent drop in homicides to its population growth.

But on Thursday, he delivered a speech at Temple University about youth violence that highlighted just how much work remains unfinished:

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String of Robberies Near Penn, Drexel Appear to Be Connected

Police are warning that a string of robberies in West Philadelphia near the campuses of Penn and Drexel appear to be connected. Cops yesterday released surveillance footage (above) of a robbery on the 3100 block of Hamilton Street that showed three men confronting a 20-year-old Drexel student in the foyer of her apartment.

One of the robbers, armed with a gun, took her cell phone, backpack and $200.

But cops say the suspects are also responsible for three other robberies on the outskirts of the two campuses. On February 12th, a woman entering her home was held up at gunpoint on the 4400 block of Pine Street. On February 16th, a man who went to 41st and Spring Garden to buy a paintball gun was robbed. Fox 29 flagged a fourth robbery, that of a Jimmy John’s delivery driver at 32nd and Baring. Read more »

FBI Renews Focus on “Cold” Imbo-Petrone Case

The FBI today observed the 10th anniversary of the disappearance of Richard Petrone Jr. and Danielle Imbo; the pair were last seen on Feb. 19th, 2005 on South Street.

A $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the resolution of the mystery.

AP reports on today’s FBI press conference:
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Nicki Minaj Crew Member Killed in Philly Bar Fight

UPDATE: $20,000 reward.


An overnight stabbing at a Philadelphia bar injured one member of Nicki Minaj’s crew and killed another. The musician confirmed the death and connection on her Twitter feed today.

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Black Madam Butt-Injection Murder Trial Begins


More than two years since she was charged with murdering a 20-year-old woman in a botched butt-injection procedure, Padge Victoria Windslowe, 33, aka “Black Madam,” is going to trial in Philadelphia, with opening arguments scheduled to begin as early as Wednesday afternoon. Windslowe has pleaded not guilty. Read more »

Seth Williams, Risa Ferman Slam Tom Wolf Over PA Death Penalty Moratorium

Gov. Wolf. | Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Gov. Wolf. | Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

On Friday, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf — less than a month into his new job — issued a moratorium on the death penalty in Pennsylvania, saying that it is “error prone, expensive and anything but infallible.” (You can read the full memorandum below.) The Philadelphia and Montgomery County district attorneys were quick to issue statements condemning Wolf’s decision. Read more »

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