VIDEO: 3 Men Rob Fishtown Clothing Store

The Philadelphia Police are looking for three men who robbed a Fishtown clothing store. The robbery happened on July 11th at Tri State clothing at 120 W. Girard Ave. Three men entered the store, and one of them brandished a handgun. Employees were tied with zip ties. Police say the men then took “various clothing, watches, sun glasses, a cell phone and Gucci bag.”

According to employees at the store, the robbers communicated with walkie talkies.

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Police Have Arrested Jeremiah Jakson for the Murder of Laura Araujo

Jeremiah_Jakson[UPDATE: 5:54 p.m.] Police have released a photo of the man they have arrested for the murder of 23-year-old recent Art Institute graduate Laura Araujo. Araujo’s body was found Monday morning with her hands and feet bound, wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a duffel bag on the 2200 block of North Third Street. According to a police statement, Jeremiah Jakson (left) from the 800 block of North 40th Street was arrested today and charged with murder, robbery, theft and related offenses.

[UPDATE] Police have reportedly arrested a man in the killing. Law enforcement sources tell the Inquirer that the suspect is Jerry Jackson, 22, and that he confessed to police. Police Public Affairs has not yet confirmed this.

[UPDATE] Police Public Affairs just issued a statement: “There is a person of interest in custody for the murder of Laura Araujo.  Charges are expected later today. When additional information becomes available you will be updated.”

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Princeton Professor Charged with Stealing 21 Lawn Signs

Princeton professor John Mulvey is facing theft charges for allegedly stealing 21 signs for a computer repair business from private lawns in the town. Ted Horodynsky — the owner of the Princeton Computer Repairs, Tutoring and Digital Services — had set up a surveillance camera on a lawn. Horodynsky says he turned the video over to police.

Horodynsky says the signs started to disappear after he had a traffic indicent with Mulvey. He set up a camera that caught part of Mulvey’s license plate during one of the five thefts captured on video, which led police to find 21 of Horodynsky’s signs in Mulvey’s garage.

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Man Who Tampered with Meters Must Pay PECO $350K

A judge ordered a Port Richmond man to pay $346,750 in restitution to PECO after he pleaded guilty to helping 25 businesses and residential properties tamper with their meters in order to get lower electric bills. He’ll also receive 7 years probation and has to perform 60 hours of community service.

Like when a rogue cable guy is busted, the reaction to these types of scams is generally: Hey! Why didn’t I know about that? (Note: Don’t actually tamper with your meter.) The scam ran from 2009 to 2012, when state police finally arrested 47-year-old Marcelino Cuadra. He was paid monthly by each of the 25 people he was altering meters for. PECO first got wind of the plan when it noticed unusual usage patterns in the five-county area. Cuadra tampered with meters in all five Southeastern Pennsylvania counties, including five in Philadelphia.

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‘Sovereign Citizen’ Convicted in Philly Home Invasion Case

Kevin Green, a 57-year-old Philadelphia man who has been committing crimes in this city since 1975, was convicted Thursday in a home invasion case. Although Green only got seven to 15 years in the 1989 killing of software expert Donald Branch in West Oak Lane, he could face life in prison under the state’s three strikes law.

Green and 26-year-old Charda Martin Gilyard posed as prospective tenants for a rental property in Kensington. They terrorized a family of people before eventually fleeing with $7,713 in cash. But they didn’t last long: Gilyard was caught five blocks away; Green about 10.

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Alleged Main Line Drug Leader Waives Hearing

Nineteen-year-old Timothy Brooks, the last alleged member of the “Main Line Takeover Project,” has waived a preliminary hearing and will be arraigned on August 27th.

The Inky’s Carolyn Davis reports:

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Why Wilmington Is So Dangerous


Bobby Cummings seems like a great guy, quick with a smile, easy to talk with, a full-grown Boy Scout. Honest, courteous, kind, the whole package.

And that’s why I feel so bad for him. He just accepted the nearly impossible task of turning around the most dangerous city in AmericaWilmington, Delaware. Recently it passed Camden and every other city in the country in per capita murders, shooting and violent crimes.

It’s not that I don’t think Cummings can make a difference. He can, if the City of Wilmington will let him.

I didn’t realize how much Cummings is handicapped by bureaucratic idiocy until I sat down with him for a TV interview on MeTV, Channel 2. Within the first three minutes of the interview I was stunned.

I asked an obvious question, “Do you need more police officers?” And I got the obvious answer, “Yes.” Like any police chief in the history of police chiefs would say no.

“How many do you need?”

It was the answer to that question was the stunner. Cummings said, “If I could get 50 more police officers, I could start a homicide unit.”

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Ex-Philly Cop to Stand Trial in Bizarre Imprisonment Case

Former Philadelphia Police Officer Kevin Corcoran has been ordered to stand trial on charges of false imprisonment, stemming from an incident in Center City in March.

The bizarre tale began, appropriately enough, outside the food market that’s also known as the “Cop Shop.” Roderick King was walking with three friends around 2 a.m. near 13th and Lombard when he says Corcoran almost hit them with his car after making an illegal turn. One of his friends yelled something.

That’s probably where the story should have ended, and King and his friends would have forgotten it by now. Instead, King and another friend testified, Corcoran got out of his car and started getting aggressive. When King began filming the altercation, he says Corcoran cuffed him, threw him in an SUV and took him to a dark alley. He says he wasn’t told he was under arrest.

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VIDEO: Police Looking for Cross-Dressing Robber, Accomplice

Police are on the lookout for two men who they say robbed a Family Dollar store in the Glenwood section of North Philadelphia. The one was dressed in “dark female Muslim attire” and pulled a gun on the employee working the cash register. The surveillance footage is terrifying, with a robber holding a gun to an employee’s neck as he forces her to open the safe.

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