Police: Suspect in Sexual Assault of Temple Student in Custody


Philadelphia Police today announced the suspect in the sexual assault and robbery of a Temple student has been apprehended. He was taken into custody sometime late last night or early morning by federal agents, a police spokeswoman said. The suspect’s name has not yet been released, nor were other details of the arrest available.

Police had released surveillance footage of the suspect on Friday of last week. Read more »

Obama’s DOJ to Release 6,000 Prisoners

The NAACP's Annual Convention is here in Philly this week, and features dozens of speakers, including President Obama, former President Clinton, Mayor Nutter, and many more. There's also a host of panels, discussions, workshops, and celebrations throughout the multi-day event. Through July 15th, various times and prices, Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street

The NAACP’s Annual Convention is here in Philly in July featured dozens of speakers, including President Obama.

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here is what you need to know today.

Last July, President Obama visited Philly and called for transformation of the criminal justice system. Now he’s following through — by releasing 6,000 federal prisoners.

“Mass incarceration makes our country worse off, and we’ve got to do something about it,” Obama said in Philly. Now, the Washington Post reports, his Justice Department is going to release 6,000 prisoners “to reduce overcrowding and provide relief to drug offenders who received harsh sentences over the past three decades.” A change in sentencing guidelines could result in early releases for 46,000 of the nation’s drug offenders.

Prison will be increasingly reserved for violent offenders, instead. “I think you can send the correct message which is – illegal drug use won’t be tolerated,” Sen. Bob Casey told the Sinclair Broadcast Group. “But at the same time we’ve got to make sure we have the resources to track down and to incarcerate the most violent members in our society.” Read more »

Suspect in Custody, No Injuries, After Germantown’s MLK High Locked Down This Morning

Martin Luther King High School. Image via Google street view.

Martin Luther King High School. Image via Google street view.

This morning, for the third day in a row, class at an educational institution in Philadelphia was disrupted by the specter of gun violence.

Today’s scare: Martin Luther King High School on Stenton Avenue in Germantown.

The school was locked down just before 9 a.m. following a report that an unidentified male student may have had a gun in or in the vicinity of the school, according to a statement released by Philadelphia Police.

District officials said there was never any gun found inside the school and the lockdown was out of an abundance of caution, 6 ABC reports. Read more »

North Philly Killing Draws National Attention

Kiesha Jenkins | Facebook

Kiesha Jenkins | Facebook

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today.

The killing of Kiesha Jenkins has quickly become a national story.

Jenkins, a 22-year-old trans woman, was shot and killed early Tuesday in North Philadelphia. Police have said they don’t know if her identity was the reason for her killing, but news outlets like BuzzFeed, Heavy, and the Advocate note her death comes during a year that has seen what they call an “epidemic” of killings of trans people.

“Jenkins becomes the 20th transgender woman confirmed murdered in the U.S. in 2015, highlighting why trans advocates continue to decry an ‘epidemic’ of transphobic violence,” the Advocate reports. “The vast majority of the women killed this year have been transgender women of color. By comparison, 12 transgender women were murdered in all of 2014.” Read more »

22-Year-Old Trans Woman Shot, Killed in North Philadelphia



A 22-year-old Philadelphia trans woman was shot and killed early this morning in North Philadelphia, according to police.

Kiesha Jenkins was attacked by five or six unidentified men at the corner of 13th and Wingohocking Streets according to Sergeant Eric Gripp. The men shot Jenkins in the back. Police were notified of the attack at 2:33 am and Jenkins was pronounced dead at Einstein Hospital at 2:53 am. Read more »

Police: Male in Custody in CCP Incident

Community College of Philadelphia freshman Matthew Liu makes a phone call as students and staff gather on Spring Garden Street. Photo | Jared Shelly

Community College of Philadelphia freshman engineering student Matthew Liu makes a phone call home as students and staff gather on Spring Garden Street. “I just hope she’s not in there,” he says about his sister, a senior. “I was on my way in there and got a bunch of messages from the school and 6ABC. That’s what got me worried.” Photo | Jared Shelly

[UPDATE: 11:39 A.M.] According to police radio, a male is in custody. A police wagon was summoned to 17th street. All parents of students are being directed to 15th and Spring Garden.

[ORIGINAL] The Philadelphia Police Department confirms a report of an armed man at Community College of Philadelphia. Shortly after 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning, police responded to a call regarding the armed man inside the school’s Bonnell Building at 17th and Spring Garden streets.

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