Joe Biden’s Cadillac On Craigslist for $15,000


According to the guy selling this Cadillac STS on Delaware Craigslist for $15,000, the car was leased by now-Vice President Joe Biden from 2005 to 2008. Owner Jeff Finkle told Delaware Online that he first realized who the previous driver was when he discovered the names Beau, Hunter and Jill (aka Biden’s family) programmed into the Bluetooth.

Biden was not immediately available for comment. (Yeah, we called.)

For Those Who Want to Know Ahead of Time What Their Roommates’ Arguments Sound Like…

two women arguingThis Craigslist ad to assemble a friendly crew for a group housing situation includes a lot of information about the couple who are organizing it — including what their fights sound like. They’ve been together five years (at just 21 and 22 years old) and are “basically married” and “don’t do drama.” As proof of this disinclination, the ladies break down a sample argument:

“Did you feed the cats?”
“No, you went to work so I assumed you fed them.”
“I didn’t.”
“Well I’m not a mind reader.”
“THEY’RE GOING TO STARVE BECAUSE- oh wait no, they got into the trash, lousy brats. I take it back, they deserve a late breakfast.”

Be warned, however, that while the fights are brief, they may get repetitive in terms of content as the pair has the two cats, five fancy rats, a guinea pig, and a border collie — all of whose nutritional requirements will need remembering.

Looking for future roommates! (Philadelphia) [CL]

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Floating Condo With Restrained Design for $9,000


This 29 foot houseboat is being kicked to the curb — or should we say, dock. The owners are selling it so they can buy a tuna boat, which, unlike this Nautiline, will be mobile. In theory, the houseboat is mobile as well, but the motor is broken — to which we say, “Who cares?” No one zips around in a houseboat anyway. In fact, in the Craigslist ad, the owners write, “we used it as a floating condo. And loved every minute.”

Not every houseboat with a broken motor gets a mention from us (which is to say: none), but the interior design of this one is strikingly tasteful. So many houseboats suffer from an overenthusiastic employment of boating style notes: the Old Salt lamp, say, or seashell-studded netting over the living room.

Not so, here. And its on-land parking spot is paid until May, as is the transfer-to-water fee.

Houseboat must sell make offer ASAP – $9000 (Lewes )

Seeking a Dude Who’s 420-Friendly and Cool With Cockatoos for Studio Share


The disabled combat veteran looking for a new roommate currently has the six animal roommates above. Other things to know about him, according to his Craigslist ad:

* I swear like a God damn motherf**cking sailor.
* I store firearms in the house, as well as a ready supply of ammunition.
* I am a smoker. Not of cigars, not of cigarettes. Do the math.

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Property’s Morning Obsession: World’s Most Expensive Motor Home, and Greater Philadelphia’s Cheapest

The most expensive recreational vehicle in the world is on sale for $2 million in–where else?–Dubai. From the Daily Mail (rogue capitalization of brand name obviously sic):

The space-age eleMMent Palazzo comes complete with a colossal master bedroom, 40-inch TV, on-board bar, fireplace and even its own rooftop terrace.

But the most impressive piece of luxury is the ‘Sky Lounge’ – at the press of a button the 40ft home transforms into a personal retreat with pop up cocktail bar, underfloor heating and extravagant marble lighting.

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Property’s Morning Obsession: The Worst NYC Rentals You’ve Ever Seen

There’s a new Tumblr in town and it’s called The Worst Room. The person who runs it, Ryan Nethery, explains it simply: “This is a blog created for me to share the craigslist postings I sift through on a daily basis trying to find decent, affordable housing in New York City.” It operates on the so-bad-it’s-good principle of enjoyment–and it’s really, really good.

Here are a couple of our favorite examples:

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“Young Professional Roommate” Needed to Live With VERY Young Professional

This is young professional Justin Waeffler, 10, inventor of the Lampz!, the headboard with a solar-powered reading lamp. He works at a pharma company just outside Media. He lives with three roommates and three cats. He is smiling in this photo but is somewhat resentful that his roommates did not mention him in the ad, especially because he’s the one who cleans the kitty litter:

Three Roommates currently live in the house. Sebastian, Kaitlin, and Georgio. Sebastian and Kaitlin are a 20 year old couple that share a room. They have three very friendly kittens that stay on the top floor. If your OK with cats, you’ll love these guys. Sebastian works full time at Indian Orchards and is an active musician but doesn’t rehearse at the house. He can usually take care of any household problem E.G. blown fuse, plumbing issues, etc. Kaitlin works part-time and attends PSU Brandywine. Georgio is finishing up his senior year at PSU Brandywine. He’s rarely home but if he is he tends to keep to himself. **420 friendly Please**

$600 YOUNG PROFESSIONAL- Roommate Needed (Media) [Craigslist]