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What better way to spend your Saturday than doing a Philly bar crawl? And what better way to do a pub crawl than to have you and your friends chauffeured by the Craft Beer Express? This Saturday, November 8th, The Craft Beer Express will be hitting up a slew of beer bars from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Bus tickets are $10 each, or you can start at the bar of your choice and pay as you go. Each participating bar is hosting a different theme, so check the list out below to decide where to begin your crawl:

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Get On Board the Craft Beer Express

Craft Beer Express

This Saturday, March 8th is another edition of the Craft Beer Express. Twelve Philadelphia craft beer bars are throwing special events and they are all connected by a series of hop-on-hop-off buses. It’s pay-as-you-go for the events, $10 for the bus. You can buy your bus tickets at any participating bar or purchase them online. Just make sure you click the link for the bar from which you will be boarding the bus. Check out each bar’s special event.

On the day of the event, make sure you follow @CraftBeerXpress for updates on bus locations and more.

Craft Beer Express [Official]

All Aboard the Craft Beer Express

cbx_logo-whiteThis Saturday, November 9th twelve beer bars around the city are participating in the Craft Beer Express. From 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. buses will be running in a loop across the city with stops at each bar. A pass to the bus is $10 and allows participants unlimited rides.

Each bar is making the day extra special with awesome events.

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Craft Beer Express Is Set for this Saturday

The beer buses are ready to roll for what has become one of the biggest beer events in the city. The Craft Beer Express is set for Saturday, November 10th, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and it’s making all the right stops.

Participating bars include Kraftwork, Johnny Brenda’s, Standard Tap, The Institute, Bishop’s Collar, Kite & Key, Jose Pistola’s, The Sidecar, P.O.P.E., Devil’s Den, Brauhaus Schmitz, and Race Street Cafe. An all day pass to the buses will only set you back $10 (you can buy tickets from the CBX website), they run every 25 minutes, and from there, the libations are pay as you go.

Each participating bar is offering its own special event.

Craft Beer Express [Official Site]

Weekend: Where You Gonna Eat?

For most of you reading this, the only real question this weekend is which of the several new restaurants scheduled to open over the next couple days you’re actually going to be able to get into. Though you’ll have to wait a few more days for the debut of Starr’s Route 6 (scheduled for Thursday the 17th), and things still appear to be up in the air at Ulivo (which Grub Street reported did not make its scheduled opening yesterday due to “situations beyond their control”), there’s still Birra (which opened last week), the new Percy Street BBQ (running smoothly since Monday in the Comcast Center) and Ela, which is scheduled to throw wide the doors in about an hour.

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The Agenda: The Week in Openings

Percy Street Combo: Sandwich, side, soda – $10

A look at the week ahead:

That great smell coming from the Comcast Center is Percy Street Barbecue’s sandwich shop. It opens today.

Jessie Prawlucki’s (FondBelle Cakery is just days away. Place your Thanksgiving orders now.

Wegmans is opening its Wegmans Wines, Liquor and Beer in Cherry Hill this Friday, 11/11. It’ll be big, really big.

Chip Roman tells us that he and Jason Cichonski will be opening Ela to the public this Friday.

The Craft Beer Express might just mark the opening of the upstairs at Sidecar Bar & Grille.

All Aboard the Craft Beer Express

The semi-annual Craft Beer Express (CBX) is set for Saturday, November 12th. Twelve bars are participating as stops on the day long bus route. Buses run to all the participating bars and tickets to ride are $10. Buy tickets online or at the participating bars.

Each bar on the tour is hosting a special event.

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Craft Beer Express

The Craft Beer Express is set for Saturday, March 12th. This bus service will circulate participants among events at twelve bars from 11am to 9pm and there won’t be a green beer at any of them.

Purchase your $10 tickets online at the Craft Beer Express web site or at any of the participating bars.

The buses will run every 25-minutes and tickets include unlimited rides among the bars.

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