Around the Web: Classics Edition

Food photographer Jason Varney has been photographing some classic Philadelphia dishes. Above is his photo of a Sarcone’s Italian hoagie. Boy we could go for one of them now. [Fussing with Forks]

Philly Phoodie makes a cheesesteak pilgrimage to Chink’s Steaks and comes away impressed. And now we really want a cheesesteak. [Philly Phoodie]

Hawk Krall heads to Blue Bell for a “damned good” zep and hoagies at Pudge’s. [Drawing for Food]

Hawk also gets tomato pie at Corropolese as part of his dad’s East Norriton birthday. [Drawing for Food]

Two Eat Philly discovers that Vic Sushi still can make a tasty specialty roll. [Two Eat Philly]

Scissors and Spice¬†discovers the vegetarian cheesesteak at Monk’s Cafe. [Scissors and Spice]

The New Normal: Obama Administration To Reveal New Food Chart Tomorrow

Everyone with a mouth will recognize the above image. It is, of course, the official USDA “Improved American Food Guide Pyramid”–that charming graphic which, since 1992, has stood as the gold standard for healthy eating.


Actually, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the food pyramid. Before that, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the USDA’s “Basic Four Food Groups” (which guided us in our eating from 1956 until 1992). There was even more controversy when a fifth basic food group was added in the 1970’s that included sugars, fats and alcohol, thereby making two Twinkies, a spoonful of lard and a martini a perfectly acceptable breakfast.

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The Humble Tomato Pie

De Lorenzo's Tomato Pie
Is their a type of pizza that Philadelphia can call its own? Of course there is, the Philadelphia area is home to the tomato pie. For much of the region a tomato pie is a large rectangular sheet of crust topped with thick, chunky tomato sauce and often a sprinkling of grated cheese on top. Served at room temperature the tomato pie is a staple of tailgaters and party throwers around the region.

Among the top purveyors of the tomato pie are Marchiano’s Italian Bakery, in Manayunk, Conshohocken Italian Bakery on Jones Street in Conshohocken and Norristown’s Corropolese Bakery.

In the Northeast along a sliver of Frankford Avenue another tomato pie has become famous. This one, served at Tony’s Place is a round crust topped with first cheese and then sauce. Across the street the esteemed Grey Lodge has paid hommage to this classic with their own version.

Trenton’s tomato pies get great praise from Craig LaBan to the common man. De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies have been an institution since opening in 1936 and is considered by many to be the best pizza in the area.

The Pizza Place [Daily News]
Photo via Slice.