Crawfish Back at the Corner Foodery

Boiled Crawfish

I popped into Corner Foodery today for lunch and ran into chef John Taus who told me he received another delivery of crawfish today. That means tonight he’ll be offering another crawfish boil (should have some tomorrow as well).

$25 gets you crawfish, shrimp and sausage. Grab a beer or two from the cases and have a seafood feast.

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The Corner and Corner Foodery Are Doing Crawfish

Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 3.35.30 PM

So, The Corner on 13th Street is doing a little trial run for the upcoming Philly Beer Week celebrations being held at their satellite location—Corner Foodery on Sansom Street. What celebrations, you ask?

These celebrations.

So tonight at The Corner, from 6-9pm, chef John Taus is hosting a crawfish boil, where $15 gets you crawfish, shrimp and sausage. They have a rooftop, people. Don’t miss out.

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Corner Foodery in Pictures (and the Menu Too)


The Corner Foodery opened today at 1710 Sansom Street. Tony Rim was behind the counter and John Taus was in the kitchen when we stopped by  to take a look and lunch on  a porchetta sandwich. Like all the Foodery locations, beer is a big part of the operation with coolers galore lining one wall. At the back of Corner Foodery is a deli counter where customers can order a sandwich for eat-in or takeout. There are also six beers available on tap for those staying. The other half of the building is a restaurant filled with two-tops, booths and a communal table. Overall 40 people can sit comfortably in the restaurant side.

The menu is made up of charcuterie and specialty sandwiches plus sides. Hours will have the business open to 10 p.m. weekdays and later on weekends.

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Pssst, Corner Foodery Is Now Open


The long awaited Corner Foodery is finally opening its doors on the morning of Thursday, February 7th at 1710-12 Sansom Street. The collaboration brings together Tony Rim (The Corner, Raw), The Corner chef John Taus and the Foodery’s vast beer selection.

This afternoon we spotted workers stocking the beer shelves and arranging glassware. Like the other Foodery locations, Corner Foodery will have row upon row of beer by the bottle. Unlike the Corner, this location will not be on a corner. Expect charcuterie and sandwiches to dominate the food side of things. The space also features extensive seating, fun video-game inspired paintings and a very welcoming vibe. We could totally see a Foobooz satellite office sprouting at one of the tables.

And a prediction, this becomes the most confused name since Whiskey Village Village Whiskey.

Corner Foodery
1710-12 Sansom Street

Cease and Desist at Corner/Foodery Spot on Sansom

This morning when we were heading over to Federal Donuts, we snapped the above photo through a scratch in the window at the forthcoming Corner/Foodery build-out at 1710 Sansom Street.

As we took the photo a big burly guy bellowed at us, asking what we were doing. When we responded we were checking out the progress he told us that he was protesting the construction.

When we returned to Federal Donuts a couple of hours later, a couple of Cease and Desist placards were taped to the doors.

Cease and Desist Poster »

The Corner and Foodery Form Voltron, Offer Beer, Cured Meats for Center City

Tucked inside HughE Dillon’s roundup of Feastival is this nugget:

Tony [Rim] are just about a month away from opening their new project, the Corner Foodery at 1710 Sansom Street. They’ll carry over 800 gourmet beers from around the country and serve simple sandwiches with cured meats by Corner chef John Taus.

This collaboration was first mentioned back in May of 2007 but no one has been talking about it since. We’re intrigued to say the least and imagine our lunch hours will soon be taken up by staring at the rows of beers wooing us from their coolers.

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