Corbett Tries to Save Voter ID Requirements

Gov. Tom Corbett has asked Commonwealth Court to reconsider its ruling that state’s controversial Voter ID law unconstitutionally restricts voting rights. “Gov. Tom Corbett’s general counsel, James Schultz, said in a statement Monday that the administration disagrees with the ruling and that Mr. Corbett has always favored encouraging people to exercise their right to vote,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. “‘The requirement of a photo ID in no way infringes upon this right, especially in today’s environment where an ID is essential to do just about anything,’ Mr. Schultz said. ‘The administration has gone to great lengths to ensure that citizens are afforded the opportunity to get an ID in the unlikely event they do not have one.'”

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WATCH: Everybody Piles on Corbett in Philly

Two things were immediately apparent Saturday night at Temple University’s Performing Arts Center, where five of the leading Democratic gubernatorial candidates participated in a forum. One, they all think Corbett SUCKS. Two, there’s a pretty good chance our next governor is from the Philly area. Katie McGinty’s from the Northeast and lives in Wayne, Allyson Schwartz resides in Jenkintown, and Rob McCord makes his home in Bryn Mawr.

Here’s the video: 

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State Police Stops Protecting Lt. Gov’s Wife

State police crunched some numbers and figured out they were spending more to protect Suzanne Cawley than–get this–than they were for Jim Cawley! Wait, who and who? Exactly.

From July through the end of September, the state police paid $81,000 in travel expenses to protect Suzanne Cawley, or $20,000 more than for her husband’s detail. The reason: Suzanne Cawley resumed working in May as a full-time real estate agent in New York City, a job that required her to spend several days at a time out of state.

Nobody really knows who the Lieutenant Governor is, let alone what he does, so it makes sense that protection of his more-anonymous wife would be relaxed. In fairness, it was the Cawleys themselves who requested this relaxed treatment, citing their own fiscal responsibility. Now, if only the Corbetts themselves were more conscious of the problematic trips they were taking. [Inquirer]

Governor Corbett’s Incest Comment Was Not Homophobic

Tom Corbett

On Friday morning, I saw the unsurprising headlines exploding all over social media: “Governor Corbett compared gay marriage to incest!!!

I was about to share one such story on Facebook, along with a comment to the effect of: “Just one more reason for us to hate on Governor Corbett.” I’m not a fan of the 46th leader of our state.

But then I decided to watch the video for myself. And it’s just not that simple. Read more »

A Leading Contender for PA Governor Was Born in Kenya

Kenya: Training ground for all our most successful political leaders. Former Rendell DEP Secretary John Hanger has just been profiled in the Inky, where it was revealed that–gasp!–he was born in Kenya. (“Hanger was born in Kenya, immigrated to the United States from Ireland at age 12 in 1970, and became an American citizen in 1977.”) In all seriousness, this man actually was born in Kenya. Which means the inevitable truthers will have to pretend he was actually born in America and is lying about his birthplace to secure Pennsylvania’s communist/anti-colonialist vote.


Report: Corbett Will Accept Medicaid Expansion…Basically

Corbett must really be worried about his re-election chances (if not the uninsured of Pennsylvania). Several outlets are reporting that he will go ahead with the expansion of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion (more on that here) which he’s been dithering/changing his mind about for months. EXCEPT: He’s pretty much refusing to call it an actual “expansion” and vows that significant reforms have to be made to Medicaid before implementing said Obama policy that must not be named. Since the initial reports came out, his administration has said that he’s not actually going for the expansion, but instead, seek some sort of a private sector solution that would achieve some of the same goals (ostensibly).

One option could be to utilize private-sector health plans, rather than increase Medicaid enrollment. Iowa and Arkansas are considering such an approach. That would enable the states to get federal money for backing expansion and buy private insurance for low-income residents.

So, to recap: It looks like Corbett will expand Medicaid in some way to cover more low-income people who are uninsured. But he won’t call it that and will try to do it in a more private sectory-way. Stay tuned.



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