Best of Philly: Get a Hangover

Do This Now: Get a Hangover | Photo by Nell Hoving

Do This Now: Get a Hangover | Photo by Nell Hoving

But make sure it’s worth it. Thanks to Philly’s booze boom, a slew of local distilleries and breweries are turning out home-grown sips well worth the Advil.

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Tonight: Rum Happy Hour at Martha

cooper river rums 400w

Martha at 2113 East York Street is adding some shine to your Monday with a series of Monday night events that are designed to be free, fun and even educational as Jon Medlinsky’s bar invites in the people behind the local food and beverages served at Martha.

Up first is James Yoakum, founder, chief distiller and president of Cooper River Distillers in Camden, New Jersey. Cooper River did particularly well on our Best Local Spirits list from last year. Yoakum will be pouring samples of his spirits and discussing the product and process. Martha will also be offering half-off of Cooper River cocktails plus some complimentary snacks inspired by the rums.

The happy hour event runs from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. tonight, February 29th.

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Philadelphia’s Best Local Spirits [Foobooz]

Philadelphia’s Best Local Spirits


From left: Different Drum Pennsylvania rum, Rowhouse Spirits gin and Bluecoat Barrel Finished gin | Photo by Claudia Gavin

Philadelphia’s booming distilling scene is ridiculously young (thanks to only recently changed licensing laws), and yet we’ve already got spirits on the shelves that can hold their own against some of the most recognizable global brands. Here are seven worth adding to your liquor cabinet.

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Cooper River Whiskey Heads into the Wild

cooper-river-single-run-whiskey-400Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 1st, Cooper River Distillers is going to be distributing its Single Run Series Whiskey outside of the distillery for the first time. 22 bottles of the whiskey will make their way to Benash Liquors in Cherry Hill (2405 Route 38).

It is the third run Cooper River has done of whiskey and it is distilled from a base of locally brewed beer. In this case, the whiskey is distilled from Saint Benjamin’s Foul Weather Jack English Mild. We were lucky to get a taster of an earlier Single Run whiskey (made with Saint Benjamin’s IPA) and were very impressed with the results. 

Cooper River’s Single Run Whiskey is the first whiskey that has been distilled, aged, and sold in New Jersey in a long time, perhaps even since Prohibition.

But with just 22 bottles in this run, it won’t last long.

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Taste Illustrated: Whiskey Business


  1. Pollyodd, South Philly: Limoncello and other flavored aperitifs.
  2. Philadelphia Distilling, Northeast Philly: Vodka, gin, whiskey, absinthe.
  3. New Liberty Distillery, Kensington: Bourbon, rye, whiskey.
  4. Hewn Spirits, Pipersville: Rum, whiskey.
  5. Jersey Artisan Distilling, Fairfield: Rum.
  6. La Colombe Distillery, Fishtown, Rum.
  7. Manatawny Still Works, Pottstown, Vodka, rum whiskey.
  8. Rowhouse SpiritsKensington: Irish moonshine, gin, herabal liqueuer.
  9. Cooper River DistillersCamden: Rum.
  10. Dock Street Spirits, West Philly: Mezcal.

Originally published in the November, 2014 issue of Philadelphia magazine

Want To Learn How To Be A Distiller? Talk To A Distiller


Cooper River Distillers is the first legal distillery in New Jersey since prohibition. They have their distillery up and running and have been producing their first spirit–Petty Island Rum–since April of 2014.

Yes, that basically means they’ve got six months behind them. And in this area, in this day and age, that kinda makes them experts. Which is maybe why the first time the Cooper River crew held an Aspiring Distillers Workshop, it completely filled up with folks who wanted to learn how to turn corn into delicious, delicious alcohol (without killing themselves in the process).

Matter of fact, it was SO popular, that Cooper River is now planning on doing a second workshop. It’s currently scheduled for November 22nd, but the reason we’re giving you so much notice is because there are only 15 seats available and they’re likely to go fast. You can get more details (and reserve your spot) by emailing Ben Donia at

Tonight: Drinking Rum In Camden


It’s about f-ing time.

After waiting for more than a year to receive a blessing from the City of Camden, Philadelphia homebrewer and Kentucky native James Yoakum is finally opening his distillery to the public tonight. Cooper River Distillers, located in an industrial building in (safe) downtown Camden, is the second distillery to open in New Jersey since before Prohibition.

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Camden’s Cooper River Distillers Gets Go Ahead


After months of waiting and delays Cooper River Distillers have finally received permission to legally operate their distillery. Production on their first product, Petty’s Island Rum will begin this week. It won’t be long before the made-in-Camden spirit will be available to drink and this Thursday will be the last chance for awhile to tour the about-to-rock distillery. Tours are being offered at 6:30, 7, and 7:30 p.m. The distillery is located at 34 N. 4th St.
Camden, New Jersey.

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