Sneak Preview: October Classes at COOK

Tomorrow, the October schedule for classes at COOK goes live. And they’ve got another packed month, with everyone from Bistro La Minette’s Kenny Bush and Damon Menapace from Kensington Quarters to the crews from Stockyard, Scarpetta and Fork.

As always, the best classes fill up fast. But you folks are getting an early look. So plan your schedule, make your choices and be ready to hit COOK’s website at 2 p.m. tomorrow with your credit card in hand.

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Sneak Preview: August Classes at COOK

It’s that time again. Tickets for August classes at COOK are going on sale today at 2pm, but we just got an early look at the schedule. So for those of you who knows how this goes (the best classes sell out super-fast, those who want in need an advantage), we’re here to help with a sneak preview of the schedule. So whether you’re looking for a Hawaiian luau with the Poi Dog crew, a night of Sicilian summer treats from Michael Vincent Ferreri or a crash course on cooking tomatoes from Joncarl Lachman, take a look through this list, make your picks, and be ready to start clicking when the schedule goes live at 2pm.

So without further ado, here’s what August looks like at COOK.

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Sneak Preview: July Classes at COOK

You guys got plans yet for July? I mean, the 4th, sure. Fireworks and hot dogs and whatever. But there are plenty of other days left in the month, so if you’re looking to gain a little cooking knowledge, learn about regional Asian BBQ or Greek food, meet some local chefs (like Joncarl Lachman or Lou Boquila), or maybe just hang out with the Foobooz team for an extra-special Foobooz Open Stove Night, you should pay attention.

Tickets for July classes at COOK are going on sale Monday, June 5th. But because you’re all such dedicated fans, we’re giving you a special early look. The full class schedule is below, so make your plans, and be ready to get online at 2pm to make sure you get your spot.

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Sneak Preview: June Classes at COOK


It’s that time again. COOK is going to be releasing its list of June classes to the public on Monday, May 8th at 2pm. But you’re getting an early look so that you can be first in (virtual) line when they go on sale.

So whether you’re looking for a summer cookout with the crew from Revolution Taco, some vegan food from Jon Cichon of Lacroix, seafood from Aldine‘s George Sabatino or learning how to savor Suriname with Joncarl Lachman, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the whole schedule after the jump, pick the classes that interest you, and be ready to get your tickets on Monday before anyone else.

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Sneak Preview: COOK’s May Schedule


It’s that time again, folks. COOK is putting tickets for its May classes up for sale, and you’re getting a special, early look. So whether you’re looking to learn about bread with Jonnathan Yacashin of Noord, drink some local beer, have a Mother’s Day Pie Party, or dig into the differences between Old and New World wines from the experts, this is your chance.

You can check out the full May schedule after the jump. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, April 6, at 6pm.

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Sneak Preview: COOK’s March Schedule


It’s that time again. COOK is releasing their March class schedule and we’ve got a sneak preview for Foobooz readers looking to get ahead of the game and scout out their seats before they all sell out.

Slight complication this month? Owing to the vagaries of email and last-minute changes, THIS schedule is going on sale today at 2pm. So you’ve got less lead-time than usual. But still, if you’re interested in hanging out with George Sabatino or Peter Woolsey, if you want to learn about baking pies with the Hungry Pigeon’s Pat O’Malley or Jewish/Asian cuisine with Yehuda Sichel from Abe Fisher, then you know what to do.

Check out the schedule, pick your spot, and be ready at 2pm to get what’s yours. Full list of classes after the jump.

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Sneak Preview: February At COOK


So here we are again, another month gone by and it is time again for the new class schedule to be released at COOK.

So what’s on tap this time around? How about an evening of Basque cuisine with the crew from Tinto? Or desserts from the crew at Oyster House and Mission Taqueria? Ned Maddock from Brigantessa is coming in. As is Angelina Branca from Sate Kampar, who’ll be doing a class on sambal and cheeses. And tickets for all of these go on sale this Thursday, January 5, at 2pm.

So take a look at the full schedule below, plan your attack, and be ready to click when the schedule goes live. Because as always, these classes sell out fast and you don’t want to get left out in the cold.

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Sneak Preview: COOK’s December Classes


Okay, folks. For those of you looking to score a perfect gift for the gastronaut in your life, we have good news. Tickets for COOK’s December classes will be going on sale on Monday, November 7 at 2pm, and we’ve got a special early peek at the list just for you.

December has everything from a pasta making class with Damon Menapace from Kensington Quarters to an evening spent learning how to cook with (and drink) sparkling wine with Joncarl Lachman.

You know what to do, right? Check out the schedule, plan your attack, and be ready on Monday at 2pm to make with the clickety-clicks to get tickets to the class of your choices before it sells out.

So let’s take a look, shall we?

COOK’s December class schedule

About Last Night: The Oyster And The Taco


We have done a LOT of Open Stove nights at COOK. The official count is 46, but that number seems low to me. But even if we accept that figure, that means four years of Open Stove. 184 cooks in our Thunderdome. 92 winners and 92 losers and 368 courses and countless numbers of shots.

In all that time, we have had some great dishes. We have had some terrible dishes, too, but most of them have been better than they had any right to be, considering we were making the chefs work with Swedish Fish, Fruity Pebbles, with their hands tied behind their backs, or blindfolded. We have screwed with our contestants mercilessly because I firmly believe that chefs possess some of the greatest, most creative minds on earth, but that their unique version of greatness and creativity is only brought out under stress. The greater the stress, the greater the genius. And these past four years of Open Stove have been like our own private laboratory in which we prove that every month.

Last night’s contest? In a way, it was no different than 45 that have come before. Four rounds, multiple courses, tricks, booze, shenanigans–it had all the requisite pieces. In one way, it was very different: We had bartenders competing instead of chefs. And in one way, it was the most surprising ever because last night’s Open Stove came about as close as I think we’re ever going to get to the perfect contest.

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Sneak Preview: October At COOK


And here we are again, staring down another new month of classes at COOK. Want to see what they’ve got goin in October? We have an early sneak peek at the list just for you, and it has everything from gourmet mac and cheese to brunch with the crew from The Dutch.

You ready? Here we go.

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