National Watermelon Day at City Tap House

On Friday August 3rd from 4 to 8 p.m. City Tap House will be celebrating National Watermelon Day. Even if you didn’t know this was a real holiday you can head over and enjoy watermelon beers from various breweries for $4 or house-made cocktails like a watermelon whisky sour or a watermelon mojito for $5.

Participate in a watermelon eating contest for $5 with all proceeds going to the Variety Club or throw some balls at a dunk tank filled with staffers and guests for $5 and three tries. Local band Replay will be performing live as well.

City Tap House [Official Site]

Why Are a Bunch of Philadelphia Chefs Heading to Cooperstown?

If you follow local chefs on Twitter you may have asked yourself the same question poised in this post’s headline. George Sabatinio (Stateside), Scott Schroeder (SPTR and American Sardine Bar), Nic Elmi (Rittenhouse Tavern) and Joe Cicala (Le Virtu) are all heading to Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown to prepare for Hop Chef, a chef competition that uses Ommegang beers. While they’re in Cooperstown they’ll meet the brewers and taste all the Ommegang beers to come up with recipes. On the ride up they’re using the hashtag #HopChef and are doing an excellent job of ribbing each other.

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Handmade Hot Sauce Contest At Tattooed Mom

To start off a summer season full of crazy events that could end very badly the crew at Tattooed Mom is holding their first annual “Hotter Than Hell” Handmade Hot Sauce Contest. The competition, on Tuesday June 12th from 5 to 9 p.m., will feature 20 contestants vying for the ultimate title. The panel of judges for the competition includes Jen Zavala of Interstate Draft House, Collin Thompson of Barcade, Tony Baris the South Street tattoo artist and self-proclaimed hot sauce junkie, and Chubb Rock of Tattooed Mom.

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Last Chance For Free Stuff: Barrio Pop-Up

Late last week we announced a contest to win a pair of free tickets to Wheeler del Torro’s Barrio pop-up, happening this weekend at some undisclosed location in Philly. All you had to do? Come up with two questions to add to the (ridiculous, maddening, polarizing…) questionnaire that Mr. del Torro asks people to fill out before allowing them to purchase tickets for his event(s).

Now, we’re coming down to the wire. I just got word that Wheeler has added a third seating to the event, so while we’ve gotten some good responses, several bitchy ones and a few angry screeds, I’m still hoping to squeeze in a few more entrants before zero-hour. Consider this your 5-hour warning. We’re closing off the contest at 5pm today. Best pair of questions wins the pair of $150 tickets.

Ready? Go.

Free Stuff (For A Price): The Foobooz Barrio Pop-Up Contest [Foobooz]

Philly Needs A (New) Cocktail

In November, we here at Philadelphia magazine are going to be rolling out our drinking issue. There’ll be bars and stories about bars, tales of cocktails past and present, lists and guides and advice on how to drink your way through this lush life like a champ. Philly is a great bar town–a great drinking town–and we’re already hard at work doing all the research necessary to make this issue sing like a vodka-drunk housewife at a karaoke party.

But while plotting our assault on the bars of Love City, it occurred to us that one thing that’s missing from the alcoholic landscape is a true Philadelphian cocktail. Something that just screams Philly with the force of a thousand cheesesteaks. Sure, there’s a couple punches (Schuylkill and Fish House), the ubiquitous shot-and-a-beer in its myriad forms. And while an argument can certainly be made for a pint of Yuengling and a long pour of Jameson whiskey being the ultimate Philly cocktail, we really think the city can do better.

And that’s where you come in.

In the drinking issue, we’re going to be naming a new, official cocktail for the city of Philadelphia. But before we do that, we need to find one. And we are doing that by turning to some of the city’s best bartenders, smartest drink-slingers and drinkiest historians and asking them to invent a brand new cocktail which can stand proudly as Philly’s own. We’re also asking you, our readers, because 1) we know you all like to drink a bit. And 2) none of you are shy about sharing your opinions.

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