One Bizarre Theory About Shane Montgomery’s Disappearance


UPDATE: The sad news came over the weekend that Shane Montgomery’s body had been found in the Schuylkill river.

ORIGINAL: “Saw your post check this out,” the email was headed, so of course I clicked — and found a link, and then this:

i’ve been following this for about 7 years now with the smiley face killers  there is plenty on the internet but this is a start there was kid booth who was found in ridley and another Guevera who was found in a Wachtung NJ lake with the same MO

I used to work for the Trentonian I believe there to be some kind of religious connection and or a native american one as well with the name sinsinawa used often

And there I went, down the rabbit hole.

The post my emailer referred to was a short piece I’d written on the disappearance of Shane Montgomery, the West Chester University student who on Thanksgiving Eve vanished off the streets of Manayunk following an evening of drinking at Kildare’s Irish Pub. My interest in the case was personal — I have kids Shane’s age, and they’d been out drinking on Thanksgiving Eve — and professional: What journalist isn’t intrigued by a disappearance like that?

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Vince Salandria: The JFK Conspiracy Theorist

WHODUNIT?  JFK Conspiracy Theorist Vince Salandria photographed on January 29, 2014

Vince Salandria photographed on January 29, 2014.
Photo by Gene Smirnov

THREE YEARS AGO, Vince Salandria got a phone call from Arlen Specter, a man he didn’t know. Salandria had been in the Senator’s company only once before, but that was almost a half-century earlier, at a public event. When he called, Specter wasn’t running for anything—he had recently been voted out of office. All he had was a simple request of Salandria, who was 83 years old, a retired Philadelphia school-system lawyer: Would you have lunch with me? They eventually met at the Oyster House, on Sansom Street in Philadelphia. The lunch would turn out to be one of strangest meetings of Salandria’s life.
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Someone Wake Me When the JFK Assassination Anniversary Is Over

JFK word cloud

Every year, on November 22nd, I break out my trusty cone of silence to avoid the ridiculous overhyping of the JFK assassination anniversary. But this year, which, in case you somehow don’t know, marks the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, there’s no avoiding it. There’s nowhere to run. There’s nowhere to hide. No grassy knoll or book depository in which to seek shelter. The JFK assassination anniversary is everywhere. Read more »

Can HAARP, Chemtrails or Cecily Tynan Explain Those Giant Streaks in Philly Sky?

photo (17)

On Monday afternoon, I was doing some reporting in West Philadelphia when I noticed this pair of huge streaks stretched across the sky. And as soon as I posted about it, the conspiracy theories, practical explanations, silly observations and wild guesses started rolling in. Was this some secret government activity? Alien invaders? Something even worse? Read more »

A Year Ago Today, Arlen Specter Died

shutterstock_specterHow time can overshadow just about any legacy. Today, at least among the young, the late Sen. Arlen Specter was known for his failed reelection attempt after opportunistically switching parties, becoming the Democrat he kind of already was from the Republican he had opportunistically run as previously.

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Did H&M Hide Plus-Size Swimsuit Model Jennie?

H&M is a retail giant. No, more like retail Goliath. A Swedish company, it operates more than 2,600 stores in 43 countries, employs more than 94,000 people and is the second-largest global retailer. That’s one giant corporation. So, you’d think they’d have a pretty sophisticated corporate structure, right? In researching a recent ad campaign, I wanted to get a few facts straightened out so I called H&M’s U.S. headquarters in New York. H&M New York oversees 200 stores in the States. Finding a number for them, however, was no easy task. There is none listed on their corporate website so I started with customer service until I got someone to cough up a number. When I called, it rang for a while and then went to this message:

“The mailbox you are trying to reach is full. Call again later. I’ll transfer you.”
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Among Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theorists, Who Had Chechnya?

After the terrorist attacks on 9/11, it took me about three days to find my first full-blown conspiracy theory about the specifics surrounding the event online.  The way the World Trade Center towers collapsed, the story went, clearly indicated a controlled demolition planned by none other than our very own government. It was, in effect, the moment that the national paranoia bubble burst. Read more »

WikiLeaks: Osama Bin Laden’s Body Was Brought to Delaware, Not Buried at Sea

We here at the Philly Post love a good conspiracy theory. After all, Philadelphia is home to one of the greatest conspiracy theories of all time: the Philadelphia Experiment, in which a U.S. Navy destroyer was said to have been rendered invisible. But our new favorite is the one circulating this morning. WikiLeaks has released emails from shadow-CIA firm Stratfor in which that company’s Vice President for Intelligence (an awesome title, we must say) suggests that the Al Qaeda leader’s body was not buried at sea, as the United States government has claimed all along, but flown to Dover, Delaware. [The New American]

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