Connor Barwin, Fletcher Cox Issue Statement


Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Connor Barwin and Fletcher Cox issued separate statements Friday evening amid reports that they were in attendance at Cheerleaders Gentlemen’s Club with Nelson Agholor Thursday afternoon. 

“As a result of my name being mentioned in conjunction with this alleged incident, I would like to clarify that I was only present at the establishment for a very short period of time and have no knowledge about anything that happened after I left the establishment,” said Barwin. I stopped by there for about a half hour to meet my teammates and left around 2:30 p.m.”

Agholor has been accused of sexual assault. A 27-year-old dancer told police that she was raped inside the club about 3 p.m. on Thursday, Philadelphia magazine’s David Gambacorta reports. You can read the full story here.


Eagles Wake-Up Call: On the Player-Fan Dynamic

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Mychal Kendricks‘ “Welcome To Philadelphia” moment came in the aftermath of a home loss a couple seasons back. He heard his name being howled from above the tunnel and against his better judgment, looked up as he was heading off the field.

“Some dude got my attention and he’s like, ‘Kendricks!’ — he was crying — ‘Kendricks! You ruined my liiiife!’ I mean bawling. He was drunk. ‘You ruined my life!’ I’m like, ‘Sh*t, I’m the sad one. We just lost a game.’ That was fairly intense.”

For Najee Goode, it was an attention-grabber of an entirely different variety.

“Man, going up to an autograph signing in 2013 and seeing a chick with body paint on her top half — Eagles body paint. I’m like, ‘These motherf*&%ers crazy,'” he said with a laugh. “I liked it though, but I was like, ‘Damn.'”

Dennis Kelly‘s came in the form of advice via the always civil world of social media.

“Somebody told me to jump off the Ben Franklin onto a bed of spikes through Twitter after a game,” he said. “That was a nice little [piece] of critical feedback.”

None of the dozen or so Eagles players polled by Birds 24/7 have had a similar experience to the one Ryan Howard went through at Citizens Bank Park last weekend when the slumping slugger had a beer bottle thrown at him on his way back to the dugout (though there are members of this coaching staff who would tell you that J.D. Drew isn’t the only one to have Duracells flung in his direction). Such incidents, though, can trigger an examination of the relationship between professional athletes in Philadelphia and the fans. Read more »

Morning Notes: Matthews, Barwin Speak To Bradford

Jordan Matthews and Sam Bradford. (Jeff Fusco)

Jordan Matthews and Sam Bradford. (Jeff Fusco)

Sounds like Sam Bradford‘s silent treatment is reserved for coaches and management only.

Two Eagles players recently told independent media outlets that they have spoken with Bradford while he’s been away from the NovaCare.

“A couple of us have been able to [talk to him],” Jordan Matthews told CSN Philly, “but at the same time, we understand that Sam is Sam. The way everybody else deals with certain things may not be the way that he does. Sam is a very private person. He’s going to do things on his time, and certain people do certain things on other people’s time, it’s just the way it is. You’ve got to understand that he’s not you, and he’s going to figure out what he wants to do. None of us can pull his arm and make him do something…You’ve just got to respect that. At the end of the day, we know we want him here so we just continue to reach out and whenever that time comes we can get it rolling.” Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Potential Cap Casualties

Sam Bradford and Ryan Mathews. (Jeff Fusco)

Sam Bradford and Ryan Mathews. (Jeff Fusco)

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Looking at the Eagles’ 2017 salary cap, they are last in the league with only $5 million available. Is this fallout from the Kelly era, or are these Roseman contracts? What should we expect to see next year, cuts (Peters, Barwin, etc) or restructures (Bradford, etc)? — Shawn

This is why I think the phrase “contract year” is funny.

You often hear it when a player is on the last year of his contract and he’s set to be a free agent, but the reality of the NFL is many players are in “contract years,” even if they have multiple seasons left on their deal. That’s because they can be cut to save money if they don’t appear to be worth their future cap commitment, which is why I think Shawn’s question is intriguing to consider. Even though many Eagles still have multiple years left on their contracts, several of them could be playing for their futures in Philadelphia this year as they try to avoid being cap casualties in 2017. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Barwin And the Defensive End Rotation

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

There were two key differences  between 2014 and 2015 from a pass-rushing perspective, says Connor Barwin.

In ’14, the Eagles played with the lead more — particularly over the first 12 games when they shot out to a 9-3 mark and Barwin racked up 12.5 of his career-high 14.5 sacks. Last season, there were fewer opportunities to just pin the ears back.

The other was depth. The Eagles enjoyed a nice rotation at outside linebacker two seasons ago with Brandon Graham successfully rotating in with Barwin and Trent Cole. This past year, not so much.  Where Graham played 499 snaps (43 percent) in the next-man-in role in ’14, Marcus Smith was in for 127 (10.5 percent) largely unproductive snaps, per Football Outsiders.

“If anything, the last year, we just didn’t have a great guy to rotate with me and Brandon Graham,” Barwin told Alex Marvez and Bill Polian during an appearance on SiriusXM Radio. “And that was a problem. Hopefully this year, moving to a 4-3, we’ll have that with Vinny [Curry] — because Vinny can play first and second down at defensive end.” Read more »

How to Get Connor Barwin to Plant a Tree in Your Backyard — Really!

Connor Barwin with what could be your future tree, Bud. | Photo via Instagram

Connor Barwin with what could be your future tree, Bud. | Photo via Instagram

You know what’s even better than getting a free yard tree from TreePhilly? Getting a free tree from TreePhilly and having Connor Barwin — you know, from the Eagles — plant it in your backyard for you. And surprisingly, this isn’t totally beyond of the realm of possibility!

Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Defensive Line Outlook

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

This week we’ll continue to take a position-by-position look at where the Eagles stand going into the offseason. In the first five installments, we covered the quarterbacks, running backswide receivers, tight endsoffensive linemen and safeties. Now, it’s on to the defensive line.


Asked during an appearance on Daniel Jeremiah’s Move the Sticks podcast to pick one defensive lineman he’d choose to build a defense around, Jim Schwartz offered a response that revealed a little bit about his overall philosophy. Read more »

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