More Than 700 Evacuated from PATCO Train After Passengers Smell Smoke

Yesterday was a harrowing rush hour for commuters heading back to New Jersey. A PATCO train was evacuated after passengers smelled smoke, leaving hundreds of people stranded at the abandoned Franklin Square station just after 5 p.m. Monday. Officials say a short in the motor caused the smoke, though no train cars actually filled with smoke.

The train’s operator was treated with oxygen and taken to the hospital. Passengers were evacuated to another train that picked up the route. Per Action News, some decided to climb out of the Franklin Square station instead and get rides home.

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Your Average Commute Is Delayed 22% by Traffic Congestion

TomTom, the GPS that you used before iPhones turned into miniature Inspector Gadgets and did everything for you, puts out traffic congestion rankings, and its latest one suggests Philadelphia is not as bad as you’re always complaining it is. Among major cities TomTom surveyed in the US, Canada, and Brazil, Philadelphia ranks 24th of 61. The percentage of your commute time delayed by congestion is 22%.

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MAP: All of Philly’s Traffic Cameras

Never get caught speeding again. The city released the location of all its red-light traffic-enforcement cameras in July; now, developer Ken Lin has fashioned the best-yet map plotting their coordinates. Avoid ‘em, slow dow before, ‘em, whatever. Now you’ve got no excuse.

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Could We See 70 MPH Speed Limits in PA?


From the Inquirer: “Following a national trend, Pennsylvania drivers would be legally permitted to drive 70 miles per hour on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and other interstate highways, under a proposal made Friday by state Sen. Joseph Scarnati (R., Jefferson).”

PA, in case you haven’t been following the speed limit, sets the law at 65 mph and 55 mph in cities. (And given the regular accidents on the Schuylkill and Kelly Drive, let’s keep it that way in Philly.) Elsewise, a new slogan is in order. Joseph Scarnati: a Republican Philly can abide by! Unless our Quaker tendencies get the best of us, that is.

Rain Already Messing With Every Driver in Philly


By the time the roosters had woken up this morning, persistently heavy rains had already taken their toll on morning commuters.

“Two cars, including one that overturned, crashed along I-95 northbound approaching Route 420 (Exit 9) in Delaware County around 4 a.m. As crews worked to clear the scene there were intermittent closures as traffic back up to Ridley Park (Exit 8).”

And then:

“A little before 6 a.m., a vehicle overturned on the Schuylkill Expressway (I-76) eastbound before Gulph Mills causing all lanes to shutdown. Traffic quickly backed up towards King of Prussia.”

And the roads don’t appear to be getting much dryer anytime soon. [NBC 10]

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