Hamilton Construction Gets Under Way With Ceremonial Brick-Breaking

(Left to right) Community College of Philadelphia Board Chairman Jeremiah White, Jr, CCP President Donald Generals, Radnor Property Group President David Yeager, City Council President Darrell L. Clarke, Logan Square Neighborhood Association President Drew Murray and City Council member Allan Domb broke chunks of brick wall at today’s “demolition” ceremony to mark the start of construction on the first phase of The Hamilton. | Photo: HughE Dillon

Philadelphia City Council members, Community College of Philadelphia officials, and executives of Radnor Property Group gathered before an invited audience this morning (Sept. 12th) to mark the official start of construction on the first phase of The Hamilton, RPG’s $150 million mixed-use development.

They did so in what remains of the former Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News newsprint transfer facility by swinging sledgehammers into ceremonial chunks of brick wall salvaged from the partially demolished structure.

The portion still standing will become the parking garage, amenity floor and outdoor terrace for the first of the two apartment buildings. Atop this one-story, high-ceilinged base will rise a nine-story, C-shaped apartment tower. In addition to the building lobby, amenities and a 150-space parking garage, the base will also contain 1,600 square feet of retail space. Read more »

Go Residential and They Will Come: CCP’s Plan to Hook Foreign Students

Community College of Philadelphia's Mint Building. (Photo by CCPedu via Wikimedia Commons)

Community College of Philadelphia’s Mint Building. (Photo by CCPedu via Wikimedia Commons)

The area at 15th and Hamilton streets may become “home sweet home” to the hundreds of international students the Community College of Philadelphia hopes to enroll in the near future.

Come 2018, the 1.7-acre space, now a garage and industrial building, will boast an 11-story double tower residential complex, just a block away from the college’s main campus on Spring Garden Street.

The $130 million plan, to be executed by real estate powerhouse Radnor Property Group beginning in 2017, is the college’s response to its sinking enrollment, the Inquirer reportsRead more »

White House Social Secretary Deesha Dyer to Speak at CCP Graduation


From West Philly to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; Deesha Dyer is our own hometown success story.

The Washington Post describes her as “a girl from a hard-knock neighborhood in West Philadelphia who dropped out of college, got a 9-to-5, developed a side-hustle writing about Philly’s hip-hop and soul scene, went to community college, and at age 31 became a White House intern.”

After working her way up the White House ladder from intern in the Office of Scheduling and Advance to associate director for scheduling correspondence to hotel program director to deputy to the social secretary, in 2015 she was named President Obama’s Social Secretary. The Washington Post reports that it’s a role that’s typically held by “upper-class white women with pedigree, connections and political networks.” Dyer is the second black woman to hold the position; she succeeded Jeremy Bernard, who was the first man and first openly gay person to have the post. Along the way she had gained the respect of First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama.

In a White House statement announcing her role as social secretary, Michelle Obama praised “her passion, creativity, public-mindedness and relentless competence” as well as her efforts to “truly make the White House the ‘People’s House.'”

Dyer attributes her career success to her alma matter, the Community College of Philadelphia.  Read more »

CCP, Kutztown U. Get Muzzle Awards for “Stifling Free Speech”

Community College of Philadelphia's Mint Building. (Photo by CCPedu via Wikimedia Commons)

Community College of Philadelphia’s Mint Building. (Photo by CCPedu via Wikimedia Commons)

In the movie business, one award that you don’t want to get is the Golden Rasberry. Known as The Razzies, they are bestowed upon the worst films to hit theaters. Well, it turns out that higher education has a similarly tongue-in-cheek award known as the Muzzles, and two Pennsylvania schools have made the cut. Read more »

WATCH: College Protesters: “We Are #Mizzou”

A crowd of about 300 took to the middle of Broad Street Thursday evening to make a point about student debt and racial inequality.

As part of the Million Student March taking place nationwide, students from Temple, Penn, Community College of Philadelphia, and Drexel began at their own campuses and then converged at City Hall. Their demands are familiar: $15 an hour minimum wage, student debt forgiveness, and free education.

But much of the protest’s focus was on race, especially in light of the recent unrest at the University of Missouri and Yale University. Read more »

CCP Adjunct Professor, Black Lives Matter Activist Suspended After Speaking at Rally

Divya Nair via Facebook.

Divya Nair via Facebook.

Editor’s Note: The headline of this story has been updated to clarify the nature of the rally.

Last Thursday, at a rally initiated by the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, PHL, Black Lives Matter activists and others took to the grounds of Community College of Philadelphia to protest, among other things, the presence of a Philadelphia Police Department recruiter on campus that day. The speakers at the protest included CCP adjunct English professor Divya Nair, and later that same day, Nair was suspended by the school. Read more »

Police: Male in Custody in CCP Incident

Community College of Philadelphia freshman Matthew Liu makes a phone call as students and staff gather on Spring Garden Street. Photo | Jared Shelly

Community College of Philadelphia freshman engineering student Matthew Liu makes a phone call home as students and staff gather on Spring Garden Street. “I just hope she’s not in there,” he says about his sister, a senior. “I was on my way in there and got a bunch of messages from the school and 6ABC. That’s what got me worried.” Photo | Jared Shelly

[UPDATE: 11:39 A.M.] According to police radio, a male is in custody. A police wagon was summoned to 17th street. All parents of students are being directed to 15th and Spring Garden.

[ORIGINAL] The Philadelphia Police Department confirms a report of an armed man at Community College of Philadelphia. Shortly after 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning, police responded to a call regarding the armed man inside the school’s Bonnell Building at 17th and Spring Garden streets.

Read more »

So You Want to Open a Food Truck

ccp-food-truck-940The Community College of Philadelphia is offering classes on how to own and operate a food truck. The course, Mobile Food Management: Introduction to Food Entrepreneurship, begins on Wednesday, September 2nd and according to CCP, it is the only such course offered by an accredited institution anywhere in the United States.

The course is broken down into three sections, each costing $249.

The details »

Community College of Philadelphia: Average Results for Above-Average Cost

Community College of Philadelphia.

Community College of Philadelphia.

The Community College of Philadelphia is delivering average results at above average prices, according to a new report from Pew Charitable Trusts.

Although CCP students earned associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees (from other institutions) at average or below average rates, it’s the most expensive public community college in southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Read more »

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