Comcast Invests $200M BuzzFeed, Olympics Partnership Likely



Comcast‘s quest for a younger online audience is coming to fruition. It’s NBCUniversal subsidiary just agreed to make a $200 million equity investment in BuzzFeed — the ultra-clickable news/content platform famous for headlines like Can You Tell if This Person Just Pooped or Orgasmed and 17 Celebrity Sex Dream Horror Stories That’ll Give You Nightmares.

Call it click-bait if you want, but BuzzFeed reaches over 200 million monthly unique visitors and garners 1.5 billion monthly video views. And it’s quickly ramping up its news coverage in an apparent effort to gain more credibility. Read more »

Council’s “Wish List” for Comcast Includes Better Customer Service, More Wi-Fi

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

As Philadelphia negotiates with Comcast on a new 15-year franchise agreement, members of City Council are making their voices heard in two separate letters addressed to the tech giant.

In the letters, which were obtained by BizPhillyBobby Henon, chair of the Committee on Public Property and Public Works has asked Comcast about the feasibility of providing substantially discounted high-speed Internet access in every recreation center, municipal building, park and shelter in the city. It also wants Comcast to notify customers 30 days before special pricing and deals end — so they’re not surprised when their bills increase. Read more »

Comcast Making $200 Million Investment in Vox Media

Vox Media now has a big investor in Comcast's NBCUniversal.

Vox Media now has a big investor in Comcast’s NBCUniversal.

There’s no doubt that Comcast has high hopes for online media. The company’s NBCUniversal subsidiary has invested $200 million in Vox Media.

The deal gives Comcast and NBCU interest in a diversified online media business with brands like SB Nation, Polygon, The, Eater, Racked, Curbed, and Re/code. It should help Comcast extend its reach with younger, more online-driven audiences. Read more »

$20 Billion Racial Discrimination Suit Against Comcast, Al Sharpton Tossed


A California district court judge has thrown out a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit against Comcast, Al Sharpton and others. The suit was brought by the National Association of African-American Owned Media and Entertainment Studios Networks Inc. who alleged that Comcast and Time Warner Cable discriminated against African-American owned media stations by shutting them out of its TV lineups. The suit was filed in February, before the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal fell through.

The Hollywood Reporter highlighted the case’s major argument: According to the complaint, the two companies “collectively spend approximately $25 billion annually for the licensing of pay-television channels and advertising of their products and services, yet 100 percent African American–owned media receives less than $3 million per year.” Read more »

Pssst. Comcast Is Good at Something

(Gil C / Shutterstock)

(Gil C / Shutterstock)

Next time you’re tempted to grumble about Comcast’s customer service, remember this: At least you’re getting America’s fastest Internet speeds as part of your deal with the company, at least among major providers..

BGR reports: “ this week announced its first-ever awards for ISPs in the U.S. and it found that Comcast’s Xfinity was the fastest overall service with an average download speed of just under 105Mbps and an average upload speed of 12.7Mbps. Read more »

Comcast’s Universal Studios Sets Yearly Revenue Record


It’s been a huge year for Universal Pictures, and now the Comcast subsidiary has announced that it has broken a record for the highest-grossing year ever by a movie studio. Universal grossed $5.53 billion so far in 2015, besting 20th Century Fox which ended 2014 with $5.52 billion.

Interestingly, Universal has grossed more money internationally ($3.59 billion) than domestically ($1.94 billion.) The studio still has 10 more films set to be released, including Straight Outta Compton (the NWA biopic) and Steve Jobs (the Steve Jobs biopic.) Read more »

Comcast Expands Internet Essentials

(ang intaravichian/Shutterstock)

(ang intaravichian/Shutterstock)

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s hard to believe that there are still households in Philadelphia without Internet access. Sure, people can use 3G on wireless devices, but having high-speed Internet in the home makes it easier to do homework, connect with one another and possibly even start a business. Read more »

Comcast Close to $250 Million BuzzFeed Deal, Report


For the past week, rumors have been circulating about Comcast subsidiary NBCUniversal attempting to bolster its online media business. Now, Recode is reporting that NBCUniversal has a “handshake deal” in place for a $250 million investment in BuzzFeed. That would put BuzzFeed’s valuation at a stunning $1.5 billion.

Recode also reports that NBCU is negotiating to invest in Vox Media, although it didn’t put a price tag on the deal.

Read more »

Comcast vs. Amazon for Philly Tech Talent

Comcast-AmazonThere’s a talent war going on in Philadelphia. Last week, Technically Philly reported that Amazon was coming to town for a three-day recruiting fest at the Loews Hotel in Center City. The Seattle-based online retail giant is offering immigration assistance and a “comprehensive relocation package,” to potential employees, Technically reported. It’s holding an invite-only party tonight and will be in town until Friday. Read more »

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