Mark Segal’s Book-Signing

John J. "Johnny Doc" Dougherty, Business Manager of Local 98, Chris Bartlett Executive Director of William Way, and David L. Cohen, Senior Executive Vice President of Comcast Corporation. When Cohen took the podium to pay tribute to Segal, he stated that the only person who bought more books for his "workers' was Dougherty. His two biggest fans.

Wednesday night a room full of movers and shakers gathered at the Independence Visitor Center to pay tribute to a national LGBT trailblazer, Mark Segal, who was celebrating the publication of his long-awaited memoir, And Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality. The night began for most of us crossing the NBC10 picket line of striking photographers; John “Johnny Doc” Dougherty was a few steps behind me, shaking hands with a few of the protestors — members of his union — and giving them his support. In comes David L. Cohen, executive vice president of Comcast, NBC10’s parent company. No problem. Cohen and Dougherty exchanged a handshake, and the two talked for a long time, even posing for a photo for me. Both then joined the long line of other guests waiting their turn for the man of the hour Mark Segal to sign their books.

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For $5, They’ll Cancel Your Comcast Service

With the tagline “bureaucracy made surprisingly pleasant,” AirPaper  has a novel business mission: It’ll cancel your Comcast service for $5 — in five minutes.

To the masses who’ve spent long hours on hold with Comcast, $5 may sound like a steal. Canceling your service likely means waiting on hold for a customer-service rep then being transferred to a supervisor who’ll offer a cheaper price or more services to keep you subscribing. Think free HBO or a lower rate on your Triple Play (even though you never use your landline phone.) Read more »

Johnny Doc’s Union Asks Homeland Security to Investigate NBC10

A Local 98 protest outside of Comcast headquarters.

A Local 98 protest outside of Comcast headquarters.

In order to cover the World Meeting of Families events in Philadelphia last week, including the various appearances by Pope Francis himself, members of the media had to undergo background checks and be individually approved by the World Meeting of Families well in advance. So when NBC10’s camera crews went on strike just before the big weekend, some of us wondered how they would possibly get their fill-in staff credentialed in time. Well, John Dougherty‘s Local 98 union claims it may have the answer. Read more »

Kane Unveils New “Porngate” Emails

Kathleen Kane

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today.

• The more trouble Kathleen Kane has, the more “Porngate” emails she releases.

The same day she was hit with a second perjury charge in her grand jury secrecy case, Kathleen Kane’s office turned over 1,500 previously unreleased “Porngate” emails to the Judicial Conduct Board — these emails associated with an account belonging to Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin.

Kane said the email account contained “racial, misogynistic pornography” and told the Associated Press: “That means that your system, your criminal justice system that you think you have and you think you deserve is not working properly.” The scandal may not end for a long time, yet; there are still a reported 6,000 emails that her office has not yet released. Read more »

Meet the Four Locals Even Richer Than Brian Roberts

From left: Mary Alice Dorrance Malone (Campbell Soup photo); Michael Rubin (Undercover Boss screenshot); John Middleton (AP Photo/Matt Rourke); Richard Yuengling, Jr. (Yuengling publicity photo)

From left: Mary Alice Dorrance Malone (Campbell Soup photo); Michael Rubin (Undercover Boss screenshot); John Middleton (AP Photo/Matt Rourke); Richard Yuengling, Jr. (Yuengling publicity photo)

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts is really, really rich. But he’s not rich enough to make the just-released Forbes 400 list, a ranking of America’s richest people. Read more »

Can Comcast’s New YouTube Rival Save Cable TV?

Introducing Comcast Watchable.

Introducing Watchable.

After months of rumors, Comcast has officially launched Watchable, it’s new YouTube-esc web video service.

Still in beta-testing mode, Watchable certainly has a cool factor, featuring videos from hip content partners like Buzzfeed, Vice, PopSugar and Red Bull. It can be viewed in three ways: On an iOS device, on or via the X1 set top box. It’s all free because Watchable is entirely supported by advertisements. Read more »

Comcast Lets Customers Track Technicians by GPS



One of the biggest complaints about Comcast customer service — long waits for technicians to show up for home service — may soon be resolved.

International Business Times reports: “In dual announcements this week, Comcast Corp. and Dish Network Corp. both said they are rolling out apps that use GPS and mapping technology to offer real-time data about technicians’ whereabouts. The products, the companies say, will help alleviate wait-time frustrations for customers by arming them with information about when technicians will arrive at their homes, thereby taking some of the guesswork out of scheduling and keeping appointments.” Read more »

Comcast Targeting Fortune 1000 for Broadband, Wifi Services



Attention AT&T and Verizon Communications, Comcast Business is aiming its Internet and technology services at the largest companies in the United States.

Comcast’s fast-growing business division has just launched a new enterprise services unit hoping to bring broadband, ethernet, wi-fi and other services to Fortune 1000 companies. It’s a big step for Comcast Business, which saw revenues climb 20.4 percent in the second quarter. Now it’s hoping to bring data services to areas typically serviced by other cable companies. Read more »

Comcast: No In-Home Service Calls During Pope Visit



Comcast has unveiled a new plan for the Pope visit — and you’re not going to like it if your cable goes out.

The company says it will not be offering in-home service calls or doing in-home installations from Friday Sept. 25 to Monday Sept. 28 inside the city’s secure perimeter citing “safety measures and traffic restrictions put in place by the City of Philadelphia,” according to a letter Comcast sent to customers in the area. Customers in other parts of the city won’t be affected. Read the letter below.

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Comcast Introduces Data Caps, New Fees for Internet Usage

(Gil C / Shutterstock)

(Gil C / Shutterstock)

Flat home internet fees from Comcast could soon be a thing of the past — and people who use a lot of data should consider themselves on notice. Do you watch Netflix all day? Do you play video games for hours? Stream TV? Then listen up.

Comcast is rolling out a trial program to add new fees for Internet subscribers who exceed 300 GB of data per month. The fee will be $10 for every 50 GB in data that’s over the threshold. Or they can pay $30 per month to get unlimited Internet service with no data caps. Read more »

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