Our First-Ever Good Comcast Headlines Roundup

We’ve seen a few complaints lately that we only print bad news about Comcast in these parts — and we kind of understand: Comcast is our hometown hero here in Philadelphia, but it’s also a big cable company and people don’t like their cable company, almost ever. So when we go searching for headlines about the company to relay to you, we often end up stuck with a series of stories that must give heartburn to Comcast execs.

We’ll take a day off from that today, and present you with the first-ever presentation of the Good Comcast Headlines Roundup!

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Was Comcast Too Aggressive With Its Merger Defense?

When we posted Comcast’s defense of its merger with Time Warner, we noted that the document — filed last week with the Federal Communications Commission — was “combative in tone and words.”

In fact, that combativeness may work against getting federal approval for the merger, New York Times media columnist David Carr writes today.

A particular problem, he said, was accusing rival companies of “extortion” for opposing the Comcast-Time Warner merger after failing to extract concessions from Comcast for doing so.

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Comcast Names Exec in Charge of Making Customers Less Ragey

Type the words “Comcast sucks” into Google, and 1.17 million results arrive immediately on your screen. The company has almost always had a  problem with the public perception of its customer service — partly because nobody will ever, ever love their cable company — but in this, the year of the Time Warner merger, that perception has gotten way way way out of hand.

So the company is hiring a guy to fix all that.

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10 Reasons Comcast Says It Deserves Merger Approval


It’s serious for Comcast now.

On Tuesday night, the company filed a 324-page report with the Federal Communications Commission, responding to critics — often in combative tone and words, over issues ranging from economics to politics to customer service — and stating why its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable should be allowed to proceed. You can read the entire filing below. Here, in no particular order, are 10 reasons Comcast says the merger should be approved — each indented section is a quote from Comcast’s FCC filing.:

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Discovery Channel Disses Comcast Merger

More opposition to the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, leading off the headlines:

Discovery Channel Says No to Comcast Merger: In a filing with the Federal Communications Commission last Thursday, Discovery Communications, which owns Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and TLC, wrote that the merger could create monopoly-like conditions in the TV space by giving the combined company unprecedented control over advertising, sports programming, broadband speeds, and what TV shows make it into American homes, at what price. The merger, which would tie the biggest and second-biggest cable companies in the country, “could result in lower quality, less diverse programming, and fewer independent voices among programmers,” the statement said. Discovery is backed by Jon Malone, the billionaire former head of Liberty Media and Comcast CEO Brian Robert’s one-time mentor. (Time)

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Could Time Warner Outage Doom Comcast Merger?

Well, that wasn’t helpful.

With the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable headed back into the spotlight this week, millions of Time Warner customers on Wednesday found themselves without service.

Funny thing: “Outage” is just one letter away from “outrage.”

The Christian Science Monitor explains why that’s a problem for the merger:

Detractors of the proposed deal have said that cable consolidation would be bad for users in an age when access to reliable Internet is essential for everyday life. For this reason, Time Warner’s recent outage has added fuel to an already-simmering fire surrounding a merger between the two companies.

Specifically, critics note that consolidation between these two cable giants would mean even more people could fall victim to problems that arise when something goes wrong – such as a cable outage. With fewer options on the table, subscribers would have little choice should they decide they want a more reliable service.

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Politicians, Competitors Line Up Against Comcast Merger


A major step in the proposed Comcast-Time Warner merger is over. The Federal Communications Commission’s public comment period on the merger ended Monday with 65,000 comments filed, the Inquirer reports — many of them flooding in at nearly the last minute before Monday’s deadline.

It appears a lot of the late-arriving commentary was similar to the earlier stuff: Negative. A roundup of the comment headlines:

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Another Bad Comcast Story. Or Is It?

Another day, another awful Comcast customer service story. Or is it?

BGR reports on the plight of Douglas A. Dixon, who posted a YouTube recording in which he spends 90 minutes on a call, “ in which he was shuffled through a whopping six different customer service representatives, none of whom knew how to solve his problem.”

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