Benny’s Burger Joint Celebrating Its Grand Opening This Weekend

bennys-burger-jointThis weekend the former Woolworth’s in Collingswood that housed Blackbird Dining Establishment has given way to Benny’s Burger Joint. Alex Capasso is still the owner but has swapped out fine dining for burgers, shakes, fries, 80s video games and a jukebox.

The menu features half-pound Angus as well as turkey and veggie burgers. Also on the menu are tuna sandwiches, grilled or crispy chicken and what has to be the signature sandwich; the Phony Luke’s a burger topped with roast pork, caramelized onions, provolone and broccoli rabe.

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Blackbird Is Moving to Philadelphia, New Concept for Collingswood


In an email today, chef Alex Capasso told his customers that he is moving Blackbird Dining Establishment from Collingswood to Philadelphia. Capasso says “Collingswood has been great to me over the years but I think Blackbird would be best suited in a more urban setting”.

Capasso isn’t leaving Collingswood entirely. Benny’s Burger Joint will take over 714 Haddon Avenue and the spaces formerly occupied by Blackbird and Capasso’s other restaurant, West Side Gravy. Benny’s Burger Joint aims to open in late July.

No opening timeframe or location has been revealed for Blackbird on the Philadelphia side of the Delaware. And of course there is that pesky other Blackbird in Philadelphia. The vegan pizzeria.

Blackbird Dining Establishment [Official Site]

Five Houses for Sale in Lovely, Close-by Collingswood, New Jersey

Collingswood is a small town a short PATCO ride from Center City, Philadelphia. It’s named after the Collings family, which owned a large farm in the area. Homes date back as far as the early 18th century, although much of the housing stock seems to be Victorian era.

6 East Palmer Avenue
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 1 full, 1 partial
Square footage: 1,221
Extra space: The master suite has two closets and a walk-in shower.
Duly noted: A surprising and tasteful modern renovation opened up the floor plan of this 1925 single family.
Price: $299,900

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Manayunk to Get a New Co-Working Space, Plus the Wild West in Wash West

CBS 3 gets podcasty to talk about the new two-day First Friday in Old City [CBS3]
A Piece Of Wild West History In Historic Wash West [Hidden City]
Collingswood loves its parklet []
Two brothers propose innovative co-working vision for old Manayunk building [Newsworks]
At Maplewood Mall block party, opinions vary about upcoming $2.2 million redesign [Newsworks]
Newest Old Kensington proposal one mega-project too many, neighbors say [Philadelphia Real Estate Blog]

Fourth of July, Philly Style: The Hot Dog Cheesesteak Hoagie


We were there when Dan Levy, Lead National Writer at and hot dog enthusiast created the hot dog cheesesteak hoagie. Today he shares the story on Foobooz. 

What do you do in a town known for cheesesteaks and hoagies when on our nation’s day of independence (and barbecues), when everyone in America is inhaling hot dogs as quickly and consistently as humanly possible? Combine them. Combine them all. That’s what we did at The Pop Shop in Collingswood, NJ a few months ago, accidentally creating the greatest hot dog based sandwich a Philly taste bud could imagine.

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Collingswood’s Bad News Travels Fast and Far

I always thought “no news is good news” meant that, for instance, if your loved one is traveling and he doesn’t call, it’s good news, because hospitals and police offices would call you if something were wrong. But calling is no longer how we communicate: When people were able to Facebook message rather than call (Internet up, cell towers down) after the tsunami, or when someone I know was in jail (!) and had to Facebook message people to get help, I realized we might need to modernize the phrase. Read more »

Eighth-Grade Career Day Made Me Sweat

I’ll admit it. I arrived pretty unprepared for career day at my son’s middle school. I have taught for so long and spoken at so many conferences and book festivals and the like, I figured I’d wing it. I figured: I’m funny; people like me; I know what my job entails; what do I have to prepare? The participating parents met in a classroom in the beautiful sunny library. I noticed that there was a man in an army uniform, a woman in a nurse’s uniform, a woman wearing a necklace that looked more like a piece of art, and … what’s this? A mom with purple hair, awesome boots, and many, many tattoos. Read more »

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