40 LaSalle Hikers Rescued in Kentucky

38 LaSalle University students and three staff members got lost hiking yesterday on Kentucky’s Pine Mountain before being rescued late last night. Stranded for hours, the hikers were eventually tracked down by rescue workers and police, and were brought to a nearby hospital where they were treated for hypothermia, exhaustion and dehydration. One student remains hospitalized. The group was in the area doing volunteer work with a non-profit. [Kentucky.com]

Hoaxmaster Tuiasosopo Had “Romantic Feelings” for Manti Te’o

In an interview with, who else, Dr. Phil, the Manti Te’o Hoax mastermind Ronaiah Tuiasosopo revealed that he was in love with Te’o throughout the time he was faking the voice of Te’o’s fake girlfriend Lennay Kekua. In other words, he  was living vicariously through the fake girlfriend he created, in order to feel closer to the Notre Dame star. Dr. Phil previewed his interview with Tuiasosopo, which airs Thursday, to NBC’s Mike Taibbi.

Here we have a young man that fell deeply, romantically in love. I asked him straight up, “Was this a romantic relationship with you?” And he says yes. I said, “Are you therefore gay?” And he said, “Well, hen you put it that way, yes.” And then he caught himself and said, “I am confused.”

Tuiasosopo also claimed full responsibility, denying Te’o was in on the hoax.

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Man Sinks Halfcourt Shot to Win Car; Car Company Says Foot Was On the Line

Did this lucky, lucky man cross the line (literally)? At a college basketball game in Connecticut, John Queenan hit a halfcourt shot to win a Chevy Cruze. BUT. It appeared his foot crossed the line as he released the shot. After he sank the basket, Chevy mulled their decision for a full day, claiming their insurance people had to fully review the shot to make sure his foot hadn’t crossed the line. Well, Chevy finally relented, likely to avoid the bad PR. But come on. That guy’s foot was clearly over the line! First Dwight Howard, now this guy. What sort of example does this set for the kids? [Hartford Courant]

UVA Lacrosse Murderer Huguely Wants New Trial

George Huguely, the University of Virginia lacrosse player who was sentenced to 23 years in prison in August for beating his girlfriend Yeardley Love to death in 2010, has requested a new trial. His lawyers contend that he was denied the right to the lawyer he wanted, who was sick during the trial. They also allege that the jury was biased against Hugely. Good luck finding a less biased one now. [WHSV]



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