Square Pie on the Move


Pizza ovens being delivered to the former Cochon.

Gene Giuffi’s Square Pie takes over their recently closed Cochon location as of tomorrow. Yesterday the ovens made the short move from the west side of 6th and Catharine Streets to the corner of Passyunk and Catharine.

If all goes well, the Best of Philly winner for new pizzeria will be back in business tomorrow for lunch.

Square Pie [Official]

Good News That Looks Like Bad News: Cochon Becoming Square Pie

cochon-940Let’s start with the bad news: Cochon, Gene and Amy Giuffi’s porkerific Passyunk BYO, closed after eight years of service. Yes, that is very sad. Yes, the loss of another French restaurant is a blow. Yes, Cochon will be missed. Especially by dedicated pig addicts.

But there’s a silver lining to this cloud. The Insider is reporting that the Giuffi’s aren’t going to let the space stay dark. Because, you see, they have this other concept. A little place called Square Pie, which just happened to take home a Best Of Philly award this year. And Square Pie will be moving into the former Cochon space just as quickly as the Giuffis can manage it.

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Cochon’s New Fall Menu


There are few things worse than a pig done wrong. You can probably plow through an overcooked chicken. You can even find some semblance of flavor in a rubbery steak. But pork? That’s a no-go. Too long on the flame, and you’ll lose all its flavor, it’ll induce cotton-mouth, and you’ll find yourself chewing, forever, on a piece you had to rip off with your teeth like some sort of barbarian. Pork can only be perfect, and that’s what’s so beautiful about it.

At Cochon, you’ll always find good pork. Especially on their new Fall menu. Check it out after the jump.

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Tomorrow: Cochon Epic Re-Do At Ela


Noted pig-hugger, Jason Cichonski, is not letting the porkish glow of Cochon Epic fade so quickly. For those of you who missed the big event yesterday at the Ritz, he’ll be doing a re-do of all the dishes he and his team prepared for a one-night-only, 5-course pig dinner at Ela tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 30). The price is $45 (with an optional $25 beer and cocktail pairing), and reservations are highly recommended.

Check out the menu after the jump.

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Philadelphia Named Number One Bacon City in USA


We don’t often give a damn about arbitrary lists from national web sites ranking Philadelphia near the top or bottom of some category. But when national real estate site, Estately ranked Philadelphia number one for bacon lovers. Well we admit, they had us.

Among the reasons given for ranking Philadelphia number one:

  • PYT’s bacon taco.
  • Cochon’s deep fried oysters with bacon aioli.
  • Jake’s Sandwich Board’s Turbacon sandwich.
  • And of course, actor Kevin Bacon and his father, city planner Edmund Bacon.

Sounds like solid math to us.

13 Best American Cities for Bacon Lovers [Estately]

Pictured, the bacon shell taco from PYT

Blue Belly BBQ Opens

The new barbecue joint from Cochon‘s Gene Giuffi, Blue Belly BBQ, will have its grand opening tomorrow at 11:30am. Blue Belly brings the love of meats Giuffi has already showcased at Cochon to a new level with American and world barbecue flavors. The menu features smoked meat platters, sandwiches with everything from Jamaican-style jerk chicken to Korean beef and Southern inspired sides.

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Preview Blue Belly BBQ at Southwark

On Wednesday June 20th from 6 to 9 p.m. Southwark will be hosting the good people of Philadelphia Brewing Company and those of the soon-to-be-open Blue Belly BBQ (also the guys behind Cochon) for a summer cook-out. For $35 you get a choice of two meat dishes, two sides, a dessert, and three draft brews. Check out the full menu below.

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Tonight: For the Throng Averse

With #OccupyPhilly and #NightMkt dominating the social media world perhaps it is time to avoid the throngs and head to Cochon where they are celebrating their fourth anniversary.

Get a complimentary IPA or Brown ale when you order the three-course, $30 dinner. And congratulate the Cochon on four years of good cooking. Make reservations by calling 215-923-PORK.

Cochon’s Menu Is Perfect for Fall

Photo by Paul Whiddett

Some restaurants just seem more appropriate for a specific time of the year. Cochon just screams fall to us. Check out the new menu and see if you don’t agree.

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