Philly Named Third Worst Large City in U.S.

Depressing screen shot from WalletHub's results.

Depressing screen shot from WalletHub’s results.

This week the personal finance website WalletHub released a report titled 2015’s Best & Worst Large Cities to Live in, and of the 62 U.S. cities with a population of more than 300,000, Philadelphia ranks 60. The only cities that fared more poorly were Memphis (61) and Detroit (dead last).

Now, normally, I’d look at a study like this and say, with characteristic Philadelphian brio, “Screw you, WalletHub! What do you know? You’re just pumping out content-marketing blather so that people will BuzzFeed you. Surely, your ‘study’ is slight, frivolous and easily debunked.”

Not so.

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Chickens! Chickens Everywhere!

Philadelphia chickens! Photographs, from left, courtesy of Taylor Kyuk-White, Maureen Breen, and Linette

PHILADELPHIA CHICKENS: Photographs, from left, courtesy of Taylor Kyuk-White, Maureen Breen, and Linette

Robert Drake is not usually one to complain. The affable WXPN producer and on-air personality — and part-time weather forecaster — is generally a pretty happy guy and a big city booster. A good egg, as it were. But recently, his feathers were a bit ruffled when his neighbor decided to get some new pets: roosters. Read more »

The 25 Most Beautiful Philly Streets

Photo | Megan DeTrolio

Photo | Megan DiTrolio

Okay, so Philly may have a bit of a garbage problem, but let’s give credit where it’s due here: Trash or no, the place isn’t a total dump. Far from it. There are lots of spots in this sprawling city of ours that can make you forget you’re in a city at all. And then there are swaths that are downright beautiful because of their total, classic urbanity. Truth is, any Philadelphian worth her salt can offer up one or a few favorite stretches — that charming brick-paved street, that especially stunning tree-lined block, that teeny hidden, historic warren — without much hesitation. Read more »

5 Rules for Behaving During Philadelphia Street Festival Season

South Street Festival. Photo | South Street Headhouse District

South Street Festival. Photo | South Street Headhouse District

Somehow, I went almost three decades in this city without having to experience a neighborhood street festival.

Actually, it was easy. I grew up in the Northeast and then spent a good chunk of my 20s in West Philly, two of the most insular communities this side of North Korea. (Go on, ask your friend from Fox Chase to meet you in Center City. I’ll wait.)

But now I find myself renting in Queen Village, an apparently popular part of the city with things to offer and visitors to entertain. If last weekend’s record-breaking South Street Festival was any indication, it’s going to be a long, long summer of improvised trashcans and suspicious puddles.

Want to be a good temporary neighbor? Here’s what to remember before you go back to the ’burbs. (Want to be an even better neighbor? Make some room in that fancy crossover vehicle and bring me with you to the promised land.) Read more »

Philly: Stop Tying Your Dog Up Outside Already

I’m one of those women – let’s call them insufferable women – who brings her little dog everywhere.

Murph comes to work with me, goes shopping with me, and occasionally hits up yoga with me. He’s a regular at my laundromat, and as soon as the weather warms up, he’ll reclaim his usual seat on the deck at Bridget Foy’s.

To the absolute horror of my mother, wedding invitations are frequently addressed to “Ms. Monica Weymouth and Murph.” (A joke, perhaps, but it’s not easy to find a plus-one when you own a stroller for your shih tzu.)

I do not, however, walk him over to Super Fresh or CVS, as these places don’t allow dogs — something about health codes and common sense or whatever — and the alternative is leaving him outside. Read more »

No Small Talk: Inside the Mind of a Philadelphian Abroad

Photo illustration | Alex Rehoric; Photo | Shutterstock

Photo illustration | Alex Rehoric; Photo | Shutterstock

I should start by saying that, by Philadelphia standards, I am perfectly nice.

When in my natural habitat, out there in the wild among you people, I’m somewhere between inconspicuous and pleasant. I have been known to save spots in grocery store lines, hold doors on the El and even, on occasion, nod good morning to the new couple in my apartment building.

Considering I grew up in the Great(est) Northeast, this makes me a downright snuggly Miss Congeniality. Read more »

Readers Respond: Here Are 12 More Funny Philadelphia Street Names:


You can’t write a list without someone commenting that you missed something — and that’s exactly what happened with our Big List of Funny Philadelphia Street Names in this week’s Philadelphia Sunday. But that’s good! Because our readers came up with a bunch more funny Philadelphia street names that I neglected to include in my first edition.

I compiled some of your suggestions from comments and tweets, and now we have an appendix to the original article. Enjoy! Read more »

The Big List of Funny Philadelphia Street Names

[UPDATE] We heard your suggestions and have published an addendum to the original list: Readers Respond:Here Are 12 More Funny Philadelphia Street Names

Philadelphia has a lot of streets. As a result, Philadelphia also has a lot of street names. Many of them are pretty ordinary. Second. Broad. Main. Yawn.

But many of our street names are funny. Very funny, even. Some of them are funny because they sound silly. Others have amusing origins. And still others make absurd images pop into our heads. Read more »

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