Kensington Fuming Over Developer’s Fake “Historical District”

Stonewall Heights sign at 2nd and Norris. Photo by Amy Chan.

There’s a new neighborhood in Philadelphia, kids! Parts of Kensington shall henceforth be known as Stonewall Heights. No, the name change wasn’t voted on by the local residents. And it wasn’t a decree from City Hall. You can thank one guy for the new name: Philadelphia developer Paul Janaitis. Read more »

This Woman Claims She Was Drugged at the Dolphin in August

Hannah Smiley-Jones at the Dolphin. (Photo by Jennifer McDonell)

It has been six months since we first told you about allegations of drugging at The Dolphin and about the resulting police investigation. All told, more than 20 people have said that they believe they were drugged at the popular South Philly bar.

Most of these patrons have not gone to the police, and most do not want to speak publicly about their allegations. But Hannah Smiley-Jones is ready to tell her story. Read more »

Has the Knockout Game Come to Fishtown?

Ted Wisniewski is still in a hospital bed after he was attacked at Front and Girard streets in Fishtown.

When lifetime Fishtown resident Ted Wisniewski went out for drinks earlier this week, he was a sturdy, fun-loving 47-year-old union concrete mason. But now he’s stuck in a hospital bed, confused and suffering from a brain injury. Read more »

Why Philly Refuses to Become a 24-Hour City

Illustration by Gluekit

Illustration by Gluekit

Every so often, an out-of-towner crashes into Philly with a bold new idea. Almost inevitably, said out-of-towner runs into a brick wall. One recent example: An August story in the Inquirer detailed an audacious plan to transform a block in Callowhill into a world-class destination for late-night clubbing. The project — a luxury 16-story residential tower and 1,000-person dance club, complete with a Finnish sound system and bottle service — is the brainchild of a 24-year-old impresario from Connecticut who looks like a postpubescent Rick Moranis. Predictably, Philadelphians ripped the entire concept apart on social media, like pigeons attacking a day-old Amoroso roll. Read more »

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