City Council


Independent Council Candidate Andrew Stober Endorsed by Nutter and Rendell

Independent at-large City Council candidate Andrew Stober’s unprecedented campaign got a big — if expected – boost today, in the form of endorsements from Mayor Michael […]


The One Race to Watch in November’s Philly Election

Most of the municipal races this year are like the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons: fun to watch, but we all know how they’re […]


Allan Domb: The Condo King

There are two distraught gentlemen in Allan Domb’s lobby, flipping out about the Pope. The date is July 29th, almost two months before Francis and […]


Kane Unveils New “Porngate” Emails

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today. • The more trouble Kathleen Kane has, the more “Porngate” emails she releases. The same […]


The Weekly Brief: How 83 Aliens Are Voting in Philly

1. There Are Dozens of Adarians Registered to Vote in Philly The gist: Ever heard of Adarians? Oh, you haven’t? Weird. They’re a “species of bipedal humanoids from the […]


Darrell Clarke Thinks Philly Schools Need the Firm Hand of City Council

Early this month, we told you about City Council President Darrell Clarke’s clear-cut power play to get Council more leverage over the School District of […]


Here’s the Gap Between the Minimum Wage and Cost of Living in Philly

A new tool by MIT shows the enormous gulf between the minimum wage in and the cost of living in Philadelphia. The state’s $7.25 minimum wage would […]


Darrell Clarke’s School District Power Play

City Council President Darrell Clarke has grown profoundly frustrated with the School District of Philadelphia in recent years. Now he looks poised to turn that frustration into […]


Council’s New Hires: $105K for a Graphic Designer & a Social Media Maven

There’s no arguing that City Council could use a little help with its image. And it’s getting it, in the form of two relatively new […]


Drexel Food Truck Bill Tabled

In June, Councilperson Jannie Blackwell introduced legislation to limit food truck numbers and movement on and around Drexel University’s campus. Earlier this month critics called […]


David Oh Fights for His Political Life

It’s been a bad year for politicians in Pennsylvania, especially those with a “D” next to their names: Kathleen Kane, Chaka Fattah, Rob McCord. The list goes on and on. On Monday, Republican Councilman David Oh reminded the public that […]


Could Philadelphia Afford a $15 Minimum Wage?

The fight for a $15 minimum wage in Philadelphia has picked up a little bit of steam this past year: Protesters rallied for it, City Council […]


New Legislation Could End Drexel’s Food Truck Culture

When Philadelphia city councilman Mark Squilla’s legislation to modernize Philadelphia’s code regarding food trucks and carts passed earlier this year, the Philadelphia Mobile Food Association saw […]


Why Philly’s Special Election Matters

In a special election on August 11th, a small sliver of voters will choose Philadelphia’s three newest representatives in the state House. The winners are virtually predetermined, […]


Will Bill Green and Sam Katz Team Up for Surprise City Council Run?

Bill Green and Sam Katz — two of the city’s most capable and pugnacious political pot-stirrers — are considering running for City Council at-large as a two-man slate […]