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Does the Chamber of Commerce Have Standing to Challenge Philadelphia’s Wage Equity Law?

Philadelphia’s freshly minted wage equity law was supposed take effect next Tuesday, but the city voluntarily put the brakes on the law pending the resolution […]


City Council Votes to Replace Wells Fargo as Philly Payroll Bank

On Thursday, Philadelphia City Council unanimously approved a bill that will allow the Office of the City Treasurer to replace Wells Fargo as the bank […]

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UPDATED: Council Unanimously Passes Bill Prompted by Gayborhood Racism Complaints

After passing out of City Council’s Health and Human Services committee in a unanimous vote last month, an anti-discrimination bill introduced by Councilman Derek Green […]


City Council Passes Immigration Resolution

Amid heated national debate about so-called sanctuary cities, Philly is making its immigration stance loud and clear. City Council has passed a resolution this week “recognizing […]


South Philly Barbacoa Has Big Plans for 2017

The freedom fighters at South Philly Barbacoa and PAUWR, Cristina Martinez and Benjamin Miller, are organizing Philly restaurants for a May 1st general strike that […]

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Bill Prompted by Gayborhood Racism Complaints Passes Out of Committee

On Monday, an anti-discrimination bill introduced by Councilman Derek Green that would strengthen penalties against Philadelphia businesses that discriminate against their employees, tenants, or customers […]


The Electric-Car Parking Debate Is About Power — but Not the Kind You Think

Let me start this column on City Council’s decision to issue a moratorium on electric car charging station parking permits with a number: $40,000. That […]


City Council Votes to Halt Electric Vehicle Parking Program

City Council voted 11-6 this morning to halt Philly’s electric vehicle parking program. It’s a win for those rallying for more public parking spots in Philly, […]


Philly Lawmakers Weren’t Up for Reelection in 2016, but They Raised $2M

Philadelphia City Council members aren’t up for reelection until 2019, but they raised almost $2 million combined last year, according a report by City & State. […]


I Love My Job: Lew Blum

Is Lew Blum the most hated man in Philadelphia? It’s possible. The 61-year-old owner of Lew Blum Towing is the public face of Philly tow-truck […]


Philly Just Got an Official Kevin Hart Day

July 6th is going to be a great day for Kevin Hart. For one thing, it’s the Philly actor/comedian’s birthday. And thanks to a resolution […]

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City, State Clash Over Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

State regulations regarding the new medical marijuana program could largely prevent dispensaries from opening anywhere in Philadelphia – but City Council is hoping to change […]


State Bill Would Squash Philly’s New Wage Law

The fight against Philadelphia’s new wage law may be far from over, and this may come as no surprise to its Philadelphia backers. Comcast already […]


Report: City Council Members Have Been No-Shows for Ethics Training

Philadelphia City Council members aren’t attending the mandatory yearly ethics training sessions required by city law, according to an Inquirer report. 


Mayor Kenney to Sign Pay Equity Bill

Mayor Kenney’s support for the pay equity bill hasn’t wavered over the last week. He’s expected to sign the bill into law on Monday, the […]